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The poor peasant was sitting one evening on the hearth and reached the fire, and his wife next to him sat and spun. And he said to his wife: "what a shame that we have no children! Our house is so quiet, and drugie homes and noisy, and fun." "Yes, " answered with a sigh wife - at least one we had the baby, though very tiny, but with a little - I would have been satisfied; we'd both loved it!"

Happened shortly after that his wife had satilla and gave birth to a child, and the child was born healthy body and foldable, but the increase was not more than a finger.

And the father and mother said, "We just myself and wanted, and he must be our sweet baby!" And they called him for his young Boy-with-finger.

They fed him, nothing pitying, but the baby still has not grown and remains as small as he was born; but the eyes had shone with intelligence, and he soon showed himself a clever and truthful small, which moreover was all luck.

Happened one farmer in the forest to gather for cutting firewood, and he said to himself: "it would be nice if someone then how will newblue wood, drove into the forest with the cart". - "Father, " said the Boy-with-finger - cart you I will undertake to deliver; rely on me, it will be in the forest in time".

Dad laughed and said, "Where did you do it? You're too young and therefore can't lead the horse by the reins". "It means nothing, father! And if only mother would hitch the horses to the wagon, I'll get the horse's ear and tell him where she should go." - "Well, well. I'll try it once," said the father.

When the time came the mother harnessed the horse to the wagon and put the boy the horse's ear, and became there a little edit horse - shout at her, then bringing up, holding back. And everything went like clockwork, and the cart went straight path into the forest.

Happened, by the way, so that while the vehicle was turned a corner, and the baby was screaming horses: "Prava, Prava!" - passed by any two strangers. "What does that mean? - said one of them. "Here comes the wagon, and the driver shouts on the horse, and it will not see". - "It is very strange case, " said the other, " come along behind the wagon trail and see where it will stop."

And the wagon drove into the forest and came to the place where the father chopped wood.

When the Boy-with-finger caught sight of his father, he cried: "you See, father, here I come to you with the cart; take me down".

Father only his left hand grabbed the reins, and the right was taken from the ear of the horse his little son, who came down to earth fun-preisely, and sat down on the straw.

When two strangers saw him, they were struck dumb with amazement. One of them took the other aside, and said, "Look, this boy-baby we'd be happy if we were to show him for the money in the big city. Let's buy it!"

They came to the farmer and say, "Sell us this little man; to him we will be fine". "No, " answered the father, " do not sell: this child of my heart, I will not take for him all the gold that is in the world". And the Boy-with-finger, hearing the conversation of a father with strangers, climbed up the folds of the dress to the father on the shoulder and whispered in his ear: "Father, take me, I'll return to you!" Then the father gave him for a large sum of money to these strangers.

"Where we you to plant?" they asked him. "But put me on the field to your hats: I can walk about, and the area around to look, and don't fall out." And so they did, and when the Boy-with-finger took leave of her father, they started.

So they went until dusk, when the baby said to them: "Release me for a moment!" - "Why?" "Need". - "Well, is it worth it to get off? said the man, who baby sat on the hat. "Don't worry about anything; you're like a bird, and from them who misses!" "No! said the Boy with a finger. "I know how to behave should quickly release me."

Nothing to do, had the stranger to take off his hat and put the baby on the roadside field; there he jumped once or twice Yes crept in the direction between the clods of arable land, Yes slipped into the mouse-hole, which is found immediately, and laughingly shouted to the stranger: "Good evening, gentlemen, and without me to go home while the going's good".

They started to run back and forth and poke a stick in the mouse-hole, but all in vain: the Boy-with-finger further and further climbed into the hole, and as soon it was quite dark, they had to go home with disappointment and an empty purse.

When the Boy-with-finger noticed that they were gone, he came out again into the light of God from his dungeon. "On the field in the dark to walk dangerous, " said he; " I'll break his neck or leg!" After that on the way he found an empty snail shell. "Well, thank God, " thought he, " I will spend the night in peace." And sat down in the sink.

He was ready to fall asleep, when I heard that two men pass by and talk among themselves: "How would we manage to get hold of the rich pastor of money and silver?" - "I would have taught you!" - shouted thumb-Boy. "What is it? he suddenly terrified, one of the thieves. - I heard that someone here says".

They stopped and began to listen; then the baby again said to them: "Take me with him, so I'll help you." - "Where art thou?" - "Look at the ground and notice where the voice comes from it," he answered.

Then finally the thieves found it and picked it up. "You, little dranco! How can you help us?" "said they. "But as I get between the iron bars in the pantry pastor and from there you will apply what you give". - "Well, let's see what you can do."

When they approached the house of the pastor, the Boy-with-finger crept into the room and immediately began to cry thieves in a loud voice: "All of you here to submit here?" The thieves were frightened, and said, "Speak softly, not all will awake". But the Boy-with-finger as if not aware of it and yelled: "You what to submit? Do all that here?"

It heard the cook, been sleeping in the next room, sat up on the bed and listened. And the thieves, however, with fear ran from the house and barely could again take courage so that they began to think: "Little plutishka just wants to make fun of us."

They went back to the pantry and whispered to him: "you Fully fooling around, yeah give you us anything at all from there!" Then the Boy-with-finger again shouted as loud as he could: "I will give it all to, put out your hand."

The cook heard these words clearly, jumped out of bed and opened the pantry door. The thieves ran away and was ulepetyvala as if for them the devil was chasing at his heels; and the cook, seeing nobody, she went to light a candle.

As soon as she entered the room with a candle, so immediately the Boy-with-finger slipped quietly out the door and crept to the barn; cook, going along all the corners and finding nothing, he again went to bed and thought I heard her voice and words had seemed to her in a dream.

And the Boy-with-thumb climbed into the hay and sought out a lovely place; and there he thought to sleep till daylight, and then to go home to the parent.

But he was still much to experience! Little did any bed in the world!..

Cook at dawn got up to carry fodder. First of all she went to the barn, where she took a full load of hay and in the place where the poor Boy in his sleep.

But he slept so soundly that nothing was seen or noticed, and woke up only when he was in the mouth of the cow, which had taken him with hay. "Oh, my God! Yes as I woollen mill got?" cried he, however, soon guessed where.

And began to think, how not to get the cow to the teeth, and then still had food to enter the stomach of the cow. "In this room have forgotten, must be cut through the Windows, " said the girl, " and the sun here does not Shine, and candles here do not make!"

In General, the room is not very liked, but only worse was the fact that the top in the stomach but surely more and more hay stocks and therefore in the stomach became tighter. Frightened, the Boy-with-finger and screamed their heads off: "give me more fresh food, do not give!"

The maid just at this time, milked the cow, and when he heard the word baby, and, seeing nobody, he realized this was the same voice that he heard her and at night, I was so scared that fell off the bench and milk shed.

She ran in great haste to his master, and cried: "o Lord my God, the pastor, because cow's something we have to talk!" - "You seem mad?" replied the pastor; but he himself went into the stable, and wanted to see what was the matter.

But just as he crossed the threshold of the barn, thumb-Boy cried out again: "give me more fresh food! Don't give it!" Then the parson himself was frightened, thought that the cow was possessed by an evil spirit, and he ordered her to kill.

The cow was killed, and the stomach, in which sat Malchicks-finger, threw it into a pile of dung. Baby with great difficulty was from the stomach to get out and clear the place; but as soon as he wanted from the stomach to look out into the light of God, came a new trouble: ran up the hungry wolf and swallowed the whole stomach.

But the Boy-with-finger did not lose courage. "Maybe, " he thought, " I'm a wolf somewhere else and be agreed". And cried the wolf from the belly: "Dear wolf! I know where you find the sweet spot!" - "Where could it be?" "said the wolf. "But in such-and-such a house, you can Wade through the sewer, and there you will find bacon, sausages, and all of the cookies as much as you want," and with the greatest accuracy was described to him the house of his father.

The wolf forced himself to repeat it twice, got into the house at night through the sewer and get drunk in the local pantry, how much strength he had. When they had enough, I wanted to get away, but could not: so swollen his belly from food. This Boy-with-finger and counted and picked up the wolf in the belly of a terrible noise and fuss, knocked and shouted that it was urine. "Yes, stop it right now do you? - said the wolf. Because you're so all in the house will perevodish!" - "Anything is possible! - replied the little one. "You probably ate their fill, and I want to have fun!" And he began again to cry out.

This cry woke up finally, his father and mother, he ran to the pantry and began to look into the well. Seeing in the pantry wolf, both ran and brought: husband - axe, and the wife a scythe. "Stay behind, " said the husband to his wife, when they went into the pantry, and if I am he will strike, and it will not die, then you're on it recidivist and rasori his belly slash".

Then heard the Boy-with-finger the voice of his father, and exclaimed: "Father, I am here in the belly of the wolf!" - "Thank God, " exclaimed the father, " our dear offspring again found!" and told his wife to remove the braid so it somehow does not damage the baby.

And then swung the axe and struck the wolf such a blow on the head that he immediately stretched out dead; after that, they find the knife and scissors, cut up the beast belly and again pulled the baby into the light of God.

"Ah, " said the father, ' what anxiety we have felt about you!" "Yes, father, I wandered around the light; glory to God, that again came out into the fresh air!" - "Where have you been?" - "Ah, father, and Mysia hole in a cow's stomach, and the wolf's belly; now anywhere you will not go!" "And we also will not sell you more than anyone, for any wealth in the world!" "said the baby's parents, and kissed, and caressed his boy-baby. They watered and fed, and even a new pair of dress he had made, because his clothes during the journey was quite Perepelkina.

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