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Many years ago there lived a tailor, and he had three sons and only one goat. But this goat was processlevel them all their milk, and therefore to feed her it was okay and daily to pasture. The sons had to take turns.

And then one day the eldest son took her to the cemetery, where grew the finest herbs, and gave her eat and napryagatsya.

In the evening, when it was time to go home, he asked her: "Goat, whether you are full?" And the goat answered:

I am now fed up-fed up,
That can't eat no sheet!..

"Come home," said the man, grabbed her by the rope, led to the barn and tied her there.

"Well, " said the old tailor, - ate whether the goat to the full?" "Oh Yes! She is so full that he could not eat or sheet.

But the father wanted to satisfy himself, he went into the stable, stroked a cute animal and asked, "Goat, whether you are full?"

And the goat answered:
How can I be satisfied?
Did not eat in the day I no sheet!..

"What is this I hear? - exclaimed the tailor, he ran upstairs and said to his son: " Oh you're a liar! They said that the goat is fed up, and he forced her to starve?" And in a terrible anger tore feet from the wall, they beat son and drove him out of the house.

The next day it is the turn of another son, who looked out at the garden fence is a place where it grew only good herbs, and goat all it took.

In the evening, when he wanted to return home, he asked, "Goat, whether you are full?"

And the goat answered:
I am now fed up-fed up,
That can't eat no sheet!..

"Come home," said the man, brought her home and tied her up in the stall. "Well, " said the old tailor, is quite do was feed the goats?" "Oh! said the son. Yes she is so full that doesn't eat her sheet".

But my father decided to try it myself, went to the stable and said, "Goat, whether you are full?"

The goat answered:
How can I be satisfied?
Did not eat in the day I no sheet!..

"Oh, you villain, Ah, wretch! - cried the tailor. - Such a glorious livestock Yes famine to starve!" - he ran up about a foot and kicked the second son of the house.

It was the turn of the third son. Who wanted to do their job as best as possible, took hold of a shrub with dense foliage and let the goat plenty to eat leaves.

In the evening, going home, he asked goats: Goat, whether you are full?"

The goat answered:
I am now fed up-fed up,
That can't eat no sheet!..

"Come home," said the youth, and led her into the barn and tied her up. "Well, " said the tailor, - ate whether the goat to the full?" "Oh, " replied the son, " so it is enough to eat, what not to eat her sheet".

The tailor did not trust his son, went down into the stable, and said, "Goat, whether you are full?"

The evil creature replied:

How can I be satisfied?
Did not eat in the day I no sheet!..

"Oh, you lying scum! - cried the tailor. One other worse and narative! Now you won't let me fool!" and in anger, he ran upstairs
Yes the yardstick so choped son back that he ran away from home.

That's still the old tailor all alone with his goat. The next morning he came down to the barn and began to caress the goat and said, "Well, come, my dear zhivotinku, I will take you out to pasture".

And led her by the rope to the green hedges and began to feed those herbs that are especially loved by the goats. "Here you can eat, how much to thy heart's content!" he said the goat and left it to graze until the evening.

Then he asked, "Goat, whether you are full?"

She replied:
I am now fed up-fed up,
That can't eat no sheet!..

"Come home," said the tailor, and led her into the barn and tied her up. Leaving the barn, he turned round again and said:

"Well, whether you are full now?"

But the goat, and with it so did as his sons, and said:

How can I be satisfied?
Did not eat in the day I no sheet!..

Hearing this, the tailor was stunned: he understood that it is in vain had driven away his three sons. "Wait, " cried he, " ungrateful wretch! To drive you a little! I to you that the mark will put that you are honest tailors will not dare and eyes to seem!"

In a flash he flew upstairs, fetched his razor, lathered the goat whole head and shaved it smoother hands. And as a yardstick to beat her would be too much for her honor, he brought a simple whip and so naglestad goat, that she ran from him with big jumps.

Tailor, finding himself all alone in his house, he fell into great grief, and would willingly returned to her sons, but no one knew where they had gone.

Senior enrolled in the teachings of the carpenter, was the doctrine diligent and obedient, and when the exercise was over, his master presented him with a table, which looks nothing odd was not, and made-he was from the very simple tree; but he had one good property... he only had to put Yes to say, "Table, cover thyself." and immediately on the table will be clean dry cloth, and on it, and a plate, and a knife with a fork, and a plate of fried or baked, but still moreover a large glass of red wine - eyes to the delight, the heart of joy.

The young apprentice thought, "Well, this table will last me for life!" and went to wander through the world, without any concern about how he got the hotel: good or bad if it was and whether it was in her to find something or not.

If it pleases him, he will not go to the hotel, and somewhere in the field, in the woods, in the meadow pulls out a table because of the back, put it before thee, and say, "Table, cover thyself." and will are on the table everything your heart desires. Finally it came to him that he should return to the father, the anger, the old man had passed and that he willingly receive him again into the house with such a wonder as this table.

Happened that on the way back, he came one evening to the hotel, which was crowded with guests: they were welcomed and invited to sit at their table and share a meal. "Well, " said they, " is hardly anything you get here". "No, " answered the carpenter, " why should I have to take away; it is better I will treat you".

They laughed and thought he was joking with them, and the carpenter put his wooden table in the middle of the room and said, "Table, cover thyself." Instantly covered with food, Yes such that they could not be removed and the owner of the hotel, and the guests really from one smell of drool ran down.

"Get here, friends," said the carpenter, and one of the guests did not have to ask twice; all moved to the table, pulled out a knife and began to eat. And more-just wondered what could not dish emptied, as his place of its own accord.

Meanwhile, the innkeeper stood in one corner of the room and watched the affair; he didn't know what to tell him, but he thought: "This cooks good would it do me to have in my household".

The carpenter and his guests had fun and laughed late into the night, until he finally went to sleep; and the young apprentice went well, putting his magic table against the wall.

But the master could not calm down: it occurred to him that in the pantry he had a table exactly the same as this. And so he quietly pulled his table and replaced them with a table of the joiner.

The next morning the carpenter had paid for a night, took a table, never thinking that he was a false one, and went his way;

At noon he came to the father, who received him with great joy. "Well, my dear son, what hast thou learnt?" he asked him. "Father, I have become a joiner." "Good trade, " the old man said, " well, and what have you from their wanderings brought back?" - "But, sir, the best thing I brought this table".

The tailor looked at it from all sides and said, "Well, this stuff is not important - it's just old and crappy stoliczka". - "Why this table is not a simple, " said the carpenter, if I'll tell him that he has to cover, so it will immediately are the best dishes and a wine that the heart poveseley. Now you and invite all our family and friends to you, they shall refresh and patsatsia, my table will give them all".

When all the guests were assembled, he put his table in the middle of the room and said, "Table, cover thyself." And the table and had not moved and was still empty, like any other, do not understand the sacred words.

Then he saw the poor apprentice that table had his gold, and was ashamed of what he in the sight of all was the liar. Mocked him, and had to go home, not Beers and been hungry.

Father again drew his rags and began to portrait; and the son went to a master in the craft.

The second son of a tailor came to the Miller came to him in the doctrine. When years had passed doctrine, the owner of the Miller said to him: "because you behaved well, I'll give the donkey a special breed, such that no cart to haul cannot, nor Cooley drag". - "So what does he fit?" asked the son of a tailor. - "And that from him the gold pouring! "answered the Miller. - You should only put it to spread out a handkerchief and say, "Bricklebrit," and he will fall gold from everywhere." - "A fine thing!" said the son of a tailor, thanked the owner and wandered about the world.

Slightly used, zandonade money, it's worth it just to say to the donkey: "Bricklebrit," and pours gold rain, and to him he had only to pick it up from the ground. Wherever he went, it give only the best and the more expensive the better, because the purse he was constantly full of gold.

After wandering for some time about the world, he thought: "It would now father to find; after all, if I am to him now will come with his ass, he and his wrath will never forget, and I will affectionately".

It happened that on the way he came at the hotel, which was replaced table at his brother. The son of a tailor led the donkey by the reins and, when the owner wanted his ass to take and bind our fellow told him, "don't bother, I his donkey always put himself in the stall itself and tie, because I need to know where he stands."

The owner thought this was strange, and he thought: "Well, if his ass looks, so it does not hurt a lot from him cashing in". But when the stranger put his hand in his pocket, Yes took out two gold pieces, Yes ordered him to buy all the best, the owner and his mouth opened, ran and found him the best that you can get.

After lunch, the guest asked how much he should pay, and the owner did not spare chalk to write - summed up the account so that he had to get a guest a couple of gold.

Well done our put his hand in his pocket, but money in his pocket he didn't have. "Wait a minute, sir host, " said he, " I will go and bring gold". Went and tablecloth with a captured.

The owner could not understand what it could mean; he wanted to know, stole after him, and as the guest shut the stable door on the latch, the master began to peek through skvazhina.

And the guest was spread under the ass tablecloth, shouted: "Bricklebrit!" - and immediately fell in ass gold at the front and rear, and quite a lot it fell to the ground. "Oh, shut it take it! "said the host. Soon he chervonets coins! This purse to be bad!"

The guest paid the bill and went to bed; but the owner made his way by night in the stable, took out of there ass and put another in his place.

The next morning quite early done with his ass hit the road, not knowing that the donkey had his gold.

At noon he came to his father, and he was delighted and took him in. "Well, son, what hast thou made thyself?" - asked the old man. "And Miller, sir, " answered the son. "What hast thou with thee from thy travels brought?" "And only one ass". - "Donkeys here and so pretty, ' said my father, to me, a good goat would be better ass". "Yes, of course! "answered the son. "But my ass is not easy, and strange; just say the donkey: "Bricklebrit", " he will fill me full handkerchief of gold. Call me all the relatives, and I will make them". - "I like that, ' said the tailor, " for then I shall have no need to suffer with a needle?" - and immediately jumped up, he ran all the relatives and all to yourself convened.

When they were all assembled, the Miller, the son of a tailor, asked them to clean the place, spread out his rug and brought the ass in the bathroom. "Now look! he said to them and said loudly: - Bricklebrit!" But no money is not poured, and it became clear immediately that donkey understands nothing in the art of making gold... And that's to say, not everyone is the same donkey has such a gift!

Then the poor face positanos: he saw that he was deceived, and begged apology to the relatives, who had to return home as poor as before. What could I do? Had the old man, the tailor again to take up the needle, and our youth to do service to the adjacent Miller.

The third son was in the teaching of the Turner, and since this craft cunning, and he had more time to study all the brothers. Brothers, however, informed him by letter, how ill they had from the innkeeper, who on the eve of their return home was able to octagate their wonders.

When the third brother graduated from the teachings of the Turner and had to part with him, Turner gave him for good behaviour bag and said, "In this bag is the stick." "The bag I can over his shoulder to hang, and I can be useful, but what does it stick? It only makes it heavy." - "But what, " said the wizard, " if somebody is hurt, you just say: "the Club out of the bag!" - stick out and so are accepted to dance on any back that broken then eight days and the move will fail. And until then will dance until you say, "Stick in the bag!"

Journeyman thanked the master, hung the bag over his shoulder, and when someone came too close to it or meant it in his life, he used to say: "the Club out of the bag!" - and immediately jump out of the club and goes to knock on the backs of dress before even shoot his time; so much so quickly and deftly that before one look will have time to stick it for the other accepted.

By the way the young Turner came in the evening at the hotel where his brothers had been photomagazine. He laid before him his knapsack on the table and began to tell what he had seen strange in the world during his travels. "Yes, " said he, " there are tables that are covered, and donkeys, from which gold pours itself - all this, of course, thumbs up, and I would have just not mind, but all this is nothing before the treasure that I had to buy and carry with him in a bag".

Master and ears pricked. "What could it be? "he thought. Bag-it, must be filled among precious stones; that would be something me and him to snatch control: no wonder they say that all good things are three.

When it came time for sleep, he stretched out on the bench and put his bag under his head. The owner, when he decided that his visitor fell asleep, went up to him, grabbed the bag and began to regularly pull from under the head of the guest, to replace it with another bag.

And Turner has long been just that and waited, and at the same time, when the owner was going to pull the bag stronger, he exclaimed: "the Club out of the bag!" And immediately the stick jumped out of the bag, jumped on the master and give it all seams to cut! The master began to scream and beg for mercy; but the louder he cried, the more they knocked the baton to the beat of the Creek tattoo on his back, until at last he fell in complete exhaustion.

Then Turner said to him: "If you don't back the table himself wishing-and the ass that gold sprinkles, I'll cudgel again to dance on your back". - "Oh, no, ' replied the landlord faint voice, " I will give you back all - led only this cursed cudgel again to jump in the sack."

The man said: "Well, I will have mercy, though, and should not have, but beware of me! and shouting: - a Cudgel in the sack!" - left the owner alone.

The next morning, Turner went to the father with all three oddities.

The tailor was very happy, videosis with him, and he was also asked what he had learned abroad. "Father, I have become a Turner". "Sly skill, " said the father, " what are you with him brought home from his travels?" - "Honey brought I wonder, sir! "answered the son. - Brought the cudgel in the sack". - "What is it? - exclaimed the father. - Was it worth kind of stuff with him to bring! You stick something can from every tree itself to cut down!" - "Oh, no! This will not cut down! After all, this is to say: "the Club out of the bag!" and POPs up the baton, and will set the course to the one who is my enemy, and until then will not leave you alone until he lies on the ground will fall down and will not scream for mercy. Now, you see, with this stick I was able to return and outlandish table, and ass that thieving master were taken from my brothers. Tell me both of them to call Yes invite all relatives: I give and fed but still will fill them with gold full pockets."

The old tailor't quite believe, however, called all his relatives. Then Turner has spread out in the room bedspread, has introduced the gold-ass, and said to my brother: "Well, brother, talk to him".

Miller said: "Bricklebrit," and at the same moment rain fell on the bedspread money and rained until then, until everything has ponabrali himself as much as he could carry.

Then the Turner brought the table and said: "Brother, you talk to him".

And as soon as the carpenter said, "Table, cover thyself." table cover and came to him with the most exquisite dishes.

Then began the feast, some old depakotee has never seen in his house, and all the relatives remained in the collection until late at night, and were all merry and happy.

The tailor was locked in the closet their needles and thread, Arshin and iron - and lived with her sons in clover.

But where the goat was gone, which was the reason that the old tailor had driven away his three sons?

And that's where.

She was ashamed that the head-that she was shaved off, ran in the Fox hole, and pericoronitis there. When the Fox came home, he glows in the dark someone's big eyes; scared the Fox and ran away.

Met her bear, and as the Fox was something tightly confused, the bear and asked her: "why are you such a sour face put on?" - "Oh, ' answered the Fox, " some terrible beast climbed into my hole, and stared at me with its fiery eyes". "Oh! We will now Turner from there!" "said the bear, went along with Fox and looked into her hole, but when he saw the fiery eyes which shone in the darkness, the bear had also trahnul: he did not want to have any business with them in the den of a wild beast, and gave rod from the hole.

Met him bee, noticed that bear on me, and said, "bear, what you were downcast and where are your spirits?" "Well to tell you! "said the bear. "And look you, what a terrible beast with fiery burchelli stuck in hole foxes, and to kick it we can't."

Bee said: "I Pity you, bear! I am a poor weak creature - you do not honor; and yet I think I can help you".

Flew it into the hole, foxes, village goat on the shaven head and stung her so cruelly that she jumped up, bleated: "Me! Me!" and ran like a madman, with all legs...

So to her since and I haven't seen it!

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