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It so happened that God one day decided to walk through the garden of Eden and took with him all the apostles and all the saints, so that in heaven no one is left except St. Peter. The Lord told Peter during his absence no one to enter Paradise, but because Peter and stood on the clock.

A little later someone take postojis. Peter asked: "Who is there and what is needed?" The thin voice answered him: "I am a poor, honest tailor and ask for a pass to Paradise". "Yes, we know you, honest! - said St. Peter. - Honest you as a thief to the gallows, and most probably the paw Zagrebina and where as shrewd about reductions of another cloth! Will not enter you into Paradise - the Lord forbade me to let anyone until he is no". - "Have pity on me! - cried the tailor. Because these small brezosky, which themselves fall away from the cloth, and even for theft cannot read, about them even to say something not worth it. Look, what I limp and bubbles I made the legs from a long way here... How you want me one more ago was? Only let me, I will do all the rough work. I with children ready to Tinker, and swivelneck them to wash, and stores those to wash and wipe, on which they play, and dress them darn".

Saint Peter succumbed to the compassion and pritvoril the door of Paradise to the extent that the lame tailor, thin and skinny, could still slip into Paradise. He had to find shelter in the corner behind the door and there sitting smyrneika and quietly, that it was not noticed when the Lord will return, and not angry at him.

Tailor obeyed, but only St. Peter went outside the door, the tailor had risen from his seat, went round all the corners of the sky and kept looking around with curiosity.

Finally he came to a place where there were many beautiful expensive chairs, and among them the chair of pure gold, decorated with sparkling gems; this chair was significantly higher than the other chairs, and standing before him was a Golden footstool.

It was the chair, on which sat the Lord himself, when he was at home, and from here he could see everything that happened on earth.

The tailor stopped and looked at the chair, because he liked it more than anything else. He looked around and could not refrain from the desire to sit on this chair, climbed up on him and sat down.

Then he saw everything that happened on earth, and drew special attention to the old, ugly old woman who was rinsed linen at a stream and quietly put aside two blankets. The tailor was so angry that he grabbed a Golden bench, and threw it down from heaven on the earth in the old thief. But since he could not return to the bench from the ground, he slipped quietly from his chair, sat on his place behind the door and made as if he and the water is not muddied.

When the Lord God with his heavenly retinue returned to their heavenly rest, then, of course, did not notice the tailor behind the door, but when he sat down in his chair, he saw that the bench when it was not.

He asked St. Peter what had become of the bench, and he knew not what to answer him. Then the Lord asked Peter, not if he let somebody. "I don't know anyone here could come, " answered Peter. "The only lame tailor, setting and now still outside the door".

Then the Lord summoned the tailor and asked him whether he took the bench where he had put it. "Oh, Lord, " joy replied the tailor, " I am the bench, in anger, threw it on the ground in an old woman before my eyes stole two veils at the washing". "Oh you lukavec! said the Lord. "But if I decided to judged as you judge, what would I be with thee-he was supposed to do? What do you think? Because then I'd have here no chairs, no benches or chairs or even Kocherga not left - everything would have to throw at you, sinners! Now you can no longer remain in heaven, go outside the door knowing where you came! Here no one dares to punish, but me, the Lord."

Peter was again sent to the tailor of the doors of Paradise, and as the boots were torn and legs in bubbles, then he picked up a stick and went in to rest, where you sit in the Kingdom of heaven to the pious soldiers and spend time in fun.

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