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Once lived in Switzerland, the old count, who had only one son, but he was stupid and had nothing to learn. Then said the father: "Listen, my son, that I nothing you head to swing can't. We need you here to go to one of the famous teacher; I'll tell him, and he with thee to do."

The youth was sent into a strange town, and remained a whole year with the master.

After a year he came home again, and his father asked: "Well, son, what have you learned? - "Father, I have learnt what the dogs bark," replied the son. "Oh, Lord! Yes do you only this and learned? So I'd rather give to another town, to another master."

And the youth was taken thither, and stayed a year with this master in science.

When he graduated from the doctrine, the father again asked him: "Well, son, what have you learned?" He answered: ' Father, I have learnt what the birds say".

Then the father fell into a rage and said: ' Oh, you lost man, how much have you lost precious time, learnt nothing and not ashamed of my eye to seem! I will send you to a third master, but if you will learn nothing, so I and your father don't want to be called!"

The son and the third of the teachers remained rovasenda year, and when I returned home, the father again asked: "What, son, learned?" The son answered: ' Dear father, in this year I learned to understand that frogs are croaking".

Then the father came in the greatest rage, jumped up from his seat, called his people and said to them: "This man I don't son! I drive it from my house, and command you to take him into the forest and kill".

People brought him out of the house in the woods, but when he was going to kill him, pity defeated them, and they released it on all four sides. And to the father to prove that his orders are executed, they killed a deer, cut off her tongue, pulled out his eyes and brought them to the old count.

The youth wandered on, and came a little later to a strong castle, and began to ask to spend the night. "Well, " said the owner of the castle, if only you want to spend the night in the basement of the old tower, go thither, perhaps; only I warn you that the basement polphonic evil dogs, which bark and howl without ceasing, and require that they dropped the man was, and they immediately tear".

He added that the entire police station was this scourge scared and sad, and yet no one could do anything about it.

The youth, however, was without fear, and said: "put me down into the basement to these evil dogs, and give me something than I would be able to feed them; to me nothing will happen".

As he himself expressed it, he gave him some food in reserve and let him down in the basement of the tower to the evil dogs.

When he went inside, the dogs did not become him to bark, but on the contrary, very gently wagged his tails around him, ate what he brought food, and did not touch on it a single thread.

The next morning, to everyone's surprise he came out of the basement a whole and unharmed, and said to the owner of the castle: ' the Dogs in their own language explained to me why they are in the basement sitting and all terrain in fear hold. They charmed and have a spell to guard this tower is a great treasure, and only then with them, the spell will be removed when this treasure from under the tower would get; and how to do it, I'm also from their speeches understood and listened to".

All have heard this rejoiced, and the Lord of the castle said he is ready for his son in a family to make, if he will happily do it. So the young man went back down to the basement, knowing already what he must do, he did it thoroughly, and brought a chest full of gold.

Since that time, howling, and barking wild dogs became more audible; they had disappeared, and the whole police station was freed from the trouble.

Some time later came into his head that he would travel to Rome.

On the way he had to pass by a marsh, in which sat the frog croaked. He listened and when he became aware of what they were saying, he grew very thoughtful and sad. Finally he arrived in Rome; and there is just about this time the Pope died and the cardinals were in great doubt, to whom they should appoint as his successor.

Finally they agreed that the Pope should be elected who will clearly appear the sign of God's grace.

And just as that was decided, as entered into the Church, the young count and suddenly flew to him two white dove, and sat down beside him on both shoulders. All the clergy recognized therein the token from God and asked him immediately if he / she wants to be Pope? He was undecided, and knew not whether he is worthy of such an honor, but the pigeons were nagarkovil him that he can do it, and he said Yes.

Here he was anointed and ordained to the Pope, and only then discovered that it was so grieved in speeches roadside frogs: they predicted that he, his Holiness Pope will be.

So I had him service in the Cathedral to serve; and he shall in the tooth to push...

Well, Yes thank you, dove rescued: sat on his shoulders Yes cried - all the words he suggested.

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