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One Melnik there lived and all poorer and poorer, and remained with him only mill Yes behind the mill big Apple. He went one day in the wood, and went out to meet him, the old man, whom he had never seen, and said, "Well, what are you working on chopping wood? I'm a rich man will do, promise me only to give what should you have in your mill. "What could it be? thought the Miller. - Nothing like my Apple tree".

And agreed, and the contract was signed with a stranger. And he angrily laughed and said: "in three years I will come to you and take what belongs to me," with that she left.

When the Miller came home, his wife came to meet him, and said, "Tell me, Miller, from whence comes this took us in the house of sudden wealth? All boxes, all boxes at once filled, and yet no one here was not made, and I don't know how this could happen."

He answered: "the Wealth we have turned from a stranger who I met in the forest and promised great wealth, and I him, for it gave the orders that we have behind the mill stands: after all, this big Apple we can of course pay for his treasures." - "Oh, hubby, in a fright answered the wife, ' but it's true, the devil himself was! And not the Apple he had in mind, but our daughter, she at that time was behind the mill and was sweeping the yard."

The Miller's daughter was a girl, and a beautiful and God-fearing; and all these three years she lived without sin and in the fear of God. When passed a conditional time and it was on that day that the unclean was to fetch her, she washed Cisternino and chalk drew around him a circle.

The devil appeared quite early, but could not for her to come close. In anger he said to the Miller, "Get away from it all water that she couldn't wash, and it will not be I have no power". Miller was frightened of his anger and fulfilled his command. The devil came again the next morning; but she wept, her hands, her tears washed away and they were quite clean.

Again he was not able to get closer to it and in anger said to the Miller, "Bran her hands, and not something I can do nothing about!"

Miller was terrified, and answered him: "How can I cut off the hands of my own child!" But evil has threatened him and said: "If not cut off, so for you it will answer, and you're the one I take!"

Scared Miller and promised unclean to obey. And he went to his daughter, and said: "my Child, if I do not cut off both hands, the devil will carry me, and in my terror I promised him that it would do. Help me in my trouble, and forgive the evil that I cause".

She replied, "Dear father, do with me what you will, I am your child". Then she gave him both her hands, and let them be cut off.

And the third time was unclean, but it is so long and so much crying over his stumps made that they had to wash her tears. Then he had to give in and lost it all right.

The Miller said to his daughter: "Thanks to you I got such great wealth that all my life I'll include the best way." She answered him: "Here I cannot stay, I will leave here. Good people will give me as much as I need".

Then she told me to tie her crippled hands behind his back, the sun went away, and walked the whole day until the night.

So she came to the Royal garden and in the moonlight saw that the trees were strewn with exotic fruits. But she could not enter the garden, because there was water. And as she walked the whole day, and no piece in her mouth was not, then the hunger haunted her, and she thought: "Ah, if I were in the garden could get those fruits to taste, and not something I'm going to die".

And she was on her knees, and turned to the Lord with prayer. And suddenly an angel appeared from heaven, locked gateway water, so that the moat around the garden obsah, and she could go walk through it.

And now she went into the garden, and the angel went with her. She saw a fruit tree and wonderful pears; but they were all numbered.

She came to the tree and ate one of the pears from the tree, mouth to quench his hunger, and none touched more.

The gardener saw it, but since about bezruchka stood an angel, he was afraid and thought that this girl is not human, but a spirit of some, and said nothing, neither did he dare speak to the spirit nor to scream. When she had eaten the pear, she was satisfied and hid in the bushes.

The king, to whom the garden belonged to another day went down into the garden, began to think of pears on the tree and one did not count; he inquired of the gardener where she went: and under the tree, it was not seen, and on the tree there.

The gardener replied, "Last night came a spirit without hands and the pears from the tree ate, not tearing".

The king said: "As the spirit moved through the water? And where he went, eating a pear?"

The gardener replied, "who came Down from heaven in white clothes, locked the gateway, and the water stopped, and gave the spirit to pass over a dry moat. As well as the one in the white robe was probably an angel, I was afraid to ask him or scream. When the spirit had eaten the pear, he withdrew again".

The king said, "Well, if it be as thou sayest, I am with thee this night will remain to guard the garden."

Almost stamelos, the king came into the garden and brought with him a priest, who was to join with the spirit in the conversation. All three sat under a tree and began to listen.

In the midnight crawled out of bezruchka from the Bush, walked over to the tree and again straight from the branch, mouth, ate one pear; and beside her stood an angel in a white robe.

Then spoke the priest from under the tree and said, "From God you sent or from the world come from? Art thou a spirit or man?" She answered: "I am not a spirit, I am unhappy, all deserted, except God."

The king said: "If you all left, then will I not forsake thee". He took her with him, took in his Royal castle, loved her for her beauty and gentleness, ordered her to come up with silver hands and took her to wife.

A year later, the king was obliged to go to war, and he instructed the young Queen his mother in the care, saying: "If she gives birth, take care of her and make love to, and immediately let me know about this letter".

Here she gave birth to a fine boy. The mother immediately wrote about the king and told him this joy.

Sent a letter stopped in the path of a stream and fell asleep, tired on the road. Then came the devil, constantly trying to injure the good Queen, and exchanged the letter for another, in which was written that the Queen had brought a monster into the world.

After reading the letter, the king was scared and sad, but he wrote in reply to the Queen looked after and kept it until his arrival.

Went sent a letter back, stopped to rest in the same place and fell asleep again. Then came the devil and replaced the letter in his pocket another letter in which the king was supposed to have ordered and the Queen and her child to death.

The old mother was terribly scared, having received this letter, did not dare to believe him, and again wrote to the king, but received no answer, because the unclean were all replaced letters are sent, and in the last letter from the king was even ordered to send to the king the language and the sight of the Queen in the proof that the penalty over her committed.

But the old mother wept at the thought that blood was to be shed in no powinna; she ordered the night to give yourself a deer, killed her, cut off her tongue, and took out his eyes, and hid them.

Then turned to the Queen and said: "I can Not allow you has been put to death by order of the king, but also longer to stay here you also can't... Go with your child aimlessly and never come here again".

She had tied her child on her back, and went away with eyes full of tears.

She came to the great forest, knelt and began to pray to God, and the angel of the Lord appeared to her and led her to the little house, on which was nailed to the plate with the inscription: "Here everyone can live."

From the hut went as snow white girl and said, "Welcome, lady Queen!" and brought her into the hut. She untied the little boy from the back Bezruchko and put it to her breast, so that he could be satisfied, and then put him to sleep in a wonderful bed.

Then said the poor: "How do you know that I was a Queen?" White as snow, the girl answered: "I am an angel sent by God to watch over thee and thy child."

And remained bezruchka in the house for seven years in succession, and lived without worries, and by God's grace, for her piety she rose again stubby hands.

And the king finally returned from the war, and the first wish of his was in a hurry to see his wife and child. Then his mother-the old woman began to weep and said: "the Evil you people! Why you wrote to me that I should kill two innocent souls! and, showing him the two letters, substituted unclean, he added: " I have fulfilled your orders!" and showed him the proof language and the sight of the deer.

Then the king became even more bitter mother to cry on his unhappy wife and his son, so that even the old mother had pity on him, and said to him: "be comforted; she is alive! I secretly ordered to kill a deer and she got the tongue and the eyes; and your wife I tied her child by the shoulders, told her to go aimlessly, and took with her a promise that never come here come back, because you're so embittered against her".

Then the king said, "let's Go and I'm on the edge of the light white and neither drink, nor I will not eat, until I found my dear wife and children, if only they were not killed or did not die of hunger".

Thereupon the king travelled, and he wandered for seven years, and was looking for a wife in all the gorges and caves, but never found her and thought she was dead. He did not eat and did not drink all these seven years; but God strengthened him.

Finally he came into a great forest, and found in it the little house, on which was nailed a shield with the inscription: "Here everyone can live."

Then came to him from the hut as snow white girl, took him by the hand, led him into the hut and said, "Welcome, Mr. king!" and asked him where he came from.

The king replied: "soon shall seven years ago a Blowjob, as I wander about the world, looking for my wife and child, but I can't find". The angel offered him food and drink, but he did not take, thinking only to relax a little. And he lay down to sleep, and put a handkerchief over his face.

Then the angel came into the room where the Queen was sitting with her son, and called it his Unfortunate), and said, "Go out with your child, your husband came here.

The Queen went in there, where was her husband, and the handkerchief fell from his face. Then she told her son, "Sorrowful, pick up thy father's handkerchief, and cover his face."

The king heard it scurry in quiet drowsiness and again, I deliberately threw the handkerchief from his face.

This annoyed the boy, and he said, "Dear mother, as you say, so I covered the face of my father, when I have no father on earth? I studied prayer: "our father, who art in heaven," and then you said that my father in heaven and that God is merciful! And this stranger I don't know - this is not my father".

Hearing this, the king got up and asked who she was. And she answered: "I am your wife, and this is your son, the poor creature".

He looked at the living hands and said, "my wife's hands were silver. She answered: "These hands have grown with me through the great mercy of God."

Meanwhile, the angel brought from another room and her silver hands and showed the king. Then he saw that it was his dear wife and his dear child, and he began to kiss and be glad, and said: "Heavy stone at me with a load off my mind".

Then the angel of God gave them one meal, and then they went home to the king's aged mother.

And everywhere has been a great joy, and the king and the Queen once again celebrated the wedding and lived happily until his blessed repose.

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