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One poor woman gave birth to a son, and because he was born in a shirt, and it was foretold that he's already in the fourteenth year will receive the king's daughter to wife.

It so happened that soon afterwards the king himself came to the same village and no one knew that he was a king.

He began to ask, what's new, and told him: "Born on these days of the child in the jacket; and who so born, so all the luck! He too is prophesied that in the fourteenth year of king him his daughter to give to wife".

The king, who had a bad heart, this prediction was angry, went to the parents of the child pretended to be gentle and said: "you Poor people, give me your child, and I will take care of it".

First, the parents refused, but as the stranger offered to them for the child's pure gold, and they still thought: "It's lucky he was born, he and so all the luck", then in the end agreed and gave him the child.

The king put in a drawer and went with him potangaroa, until he came to the pool; and there he threw the box and thought, "I have freed her daughter from unwanted groom".

The box, however, is not drowned and became a boat to float on the water surface - and inside it there was not the least.

Floated it on the water and sailed in the vicinity of the Royal capital, to the mill; the mill on the dam he and stagnant.

The employee with the mill, which, fortunately, was standing on the dam and the mailbox noticed, pulled his hook to the shore and thought it to find the great treasure, and instead of opening the drawer, saw him as a nice boy, strong and healthy.

He brought it to the Miller and wife, and as they had no children, they are very this little boy was delighted and said, "God sent him!" And then took care of the foundling, and he asked them grow in every virtue.

It happened that once during a thunderstorm went into the mill, the king and asked the Miller's wife, not the son of whether this grown-up boy. "No, " said they, is a foundling fourteen years ago in his mailbox to our dam brought, and our employee it out of the water pulled".

Then the king saw that it was none other than the same lucky, in the water which he threw, and said, "what lovely, will not be blown away if your kid from my letter to the Queen - I would have him two gold pieces for it gave?" - "Why, if your grace pleases," replied the good people and ordered the boy to be manufactured.

Then the king wrote a letter to the Queen, which was written: "as soon As the boy will bring to you this letter, let him be killed and to hide, and all this must be done before I return home."

Went to the guy with this letter, but he lost, and made his way to evening, and got into a great forest. In the darkness he saw a small light went on it and came to the hut.

When he entered the house, and there sat an old woman by the fire alone. She was frightened boy, and asked him: "How come, and whither?" - "Go with the mill, " he answered, " but the way I hold to the Queen a letter she must pass; but as I got lost in the forest, so is it possible for me to spend the night here?" - "Ah, poor fellow! - said the old woman. "You went into a robber's den, and when the robbers come back, they'll kill you." "And whoever comes, " the boy said, " I am not afraid; yea, and besides, I'm so tired that I cannot go further". Stretched out on the bench and fell asleep.

Soon after this the robbers came, and angrily asked, what is this strange boy was lying. "Ah, " said the old woman, " it is an innocent child in the woods further, get lost, and I have let him come out of compassion: and he sent a letter to the Queen".

The robbers opened the letter and read it to the small boy to kill immediately, as soon as he arrives. Here the robbers had treated him with compassion, and their leader tore up the letter and wrote another in which it was specified that this guy immediately upon arrival to marry the king's daughter.

And so they gave him a full opportunity to sleep on the bench until the next morning when he awoke, the letter gave him and this way he pointed.

Queen on receipt of the letter read it and acted upon therein will is ordered to arrange a lush wedding and marry the king's daughter with lucky. And as the young man was handsome and very affectionate, and she lived with him in full pleasure and consent.

Some time later, the king returned to his Palace and saw that the prophecy was fulfilled, and the luck married his daughter. "How could this happen? he said. Because I'm in my letter a different order given.

Then the Queen gave him a letter and said that he can see what's written in the letter. The king read the letter and was convinced that his letter exchanged for the other.

He asked the young man what had become of the letter entrusted to him and why he replaced it with another. "I know nothing about it, " said he, " except that at night I had replaced when I slept in the forest". Then the enraged king said, "Well, you will not go to waste! Who wants to be the husband of my daughter, that I have to get out of hell three Golden hairs from the devil's head; if you will bring me what I require, stay my husband and daughter."

The king thought so from him forever to get off. But lucky answered him: "I will give you three Golden hairs - I feature something am not afraid".

Then he took his leave of the king and began his journey. By the way he came to a large town, where the porter, the gates asked him what craft he understands and knows. "I know everything," replied lucky. "So do us a favour, " said the watchman, tell us, why our fountain on the market square, which once flowed with wine, now completely exhausted and no longer gives even water?" - "I'll explain, " said he; " only let me come back".

Then he went on and came to another town, and the usher asked him what he craft understands and knows what. "I know everything," replied the young man. "So eh, you explain to us why one tree in our city which once bore Golden apples, and now even a leaf does not?" - "I'll explain, " said the young man, " only wait until I return."

And he went on and came to the great river, through which he must go. Here, the carrier asked him what craft he understands and knows. "I know everything," said the young man. "So eh, tell me why I need your age here back and forth to move and no way to get rid of it?" "You know, " answered he, " only wait until I come back".

Just as he crossed over the river, he found the entrance to hell.

In the underworld the walls were black with soot and soot; and the devil was not at home, and only his mother was sitting in a large chair. "What do you want?" she asked the young man, seemed to him not evil. "Why, I ought to razdavitsa three Golden hairs from the devil's head, " answered he, " I have my wife to leave". - "Well, you are very much wanted, " she said, " if the devil comes back and finds you here, so will cost you your life; but I pity you, and I'll see if I can help it."

She changed him into an ant and said, "Zapolni in the folds of my dress there and nothing will happen bad". - "It's all right, " said the boy, " but it is not enough; I had another thing to know: why the fountain, which first wine beat, now dried up and no longer gives even water? Why is the tree which once bore Golden apples, and now even a leaf does not? And another thing: why one carrier should all go back and forth from shore to shore and had to get rid of it?" - "Tricky you asked me questions, she answered, " but sit smyrneika quietly Yes, Yes, listen to what will be responsible damn, when I have it I will pull out three Golden hairs".

When night falls and the devil returned home. Hardly had he entered into hell, as I sensed that the air was not the same. "I smell, I smell, I'm here man's flesh, " he said. Is there something wrong".

And he went to look in all the nooks and crannies - and found nothing. And his mother let him out: "Just swept everything in the order given, and you again, I'll mess it up! Had inhaled enough of there human meat, so it doesn everywhere and fancy. Sit down and eat your dinner".

When he ate and drank, I felt tired, mother put my head on my knees and asked her to have his head looked.

A little time passed, and as he sniffed and snorted. Then the old woman took hold of his Golden hair, pulled it out and laid it down. "Ah-Ah! - shouted the devil. "What's the matter with you?" - "Yeah, I had a bad dream, " answered the mother, " so I grabbed by the hair". - "What did you dream?" said the devil. "I dreamed that the fountain on the market square, from which once the jet was the wine, suddenly so exhausted that it is now out of it and water does not get... What would this cause?" - "Oh, if they only knew! - answered the devil. - Fountain sitting under a stone toad; and if they are the toad will kill it, the wine then again, the stream beat will be."

Became again his mother in the head to go through, and kicked until he just fell asleep and fell asleep so that the Windows shook. Then she pulled out his second Golden hair. "Ooh! what are you doing?" - angrily shouted features. "Not pocelui on me! "said the mother. - I'm in a dream". "Yes you there again dreaming?" - "Here I dreamt that in a certain Kingdom there is a tree, and that tree before, sometimes Golden apples grew, and now the leaves. What would this could be the cause?" - "Ah, if only they knew she was in charge! - answered the devil. - The wood gnaws at the root of the mouse; just the mouse to kill, and the tree will once again grow apples of gold; and if she would give to be the root of the tree and will completely dry up. But only you, please do not harass me anymore their dreams; and if disturbed, I with you on the ear will finish!"

Mother failed him again to calm down, and she again began to touch his hair until he fell asleep and began to snore. Then she took hold of the third Golden hair and pulled it out.

The devil jumped up, screamed at the top of her voice and wanted her cool to do, but she once again it was diverted and said, "What you will become with these bad-dreams to do!" "Yes, what can you dream?" he asked, curious to know her sleep. "Yeah, I was dreaming carrier, who complained that he was your age falls backwards and forwards across the river to go and nothing he cannot be freed. What is the reason?" - "Uh-Oh, the fool-fool! - answered the devil. "Yes, but it's worth it just to pass the pole in the hands of the first person in his boat to move his head, then he will be freed; and he will have to be at his place by the carrier".

As the mother snatched from the head of all three Golden hairs, and on all three questions were answered, she let the old trait alone and
he slept until dawn.

When the devil had gone out again home, the old woman got a ant from the folds of her dress, and again returned to the lucky his human form. "Here's three Golden hairs, " she said, " Yes and trait responses to your three questions you probably also heard that?" "Yes, " answered he, " I heard and remembered them." - "Well, you got everything you wanted, " she said, " and now you can go your way".

He thanked the old woman for help, left hell and I was glad redesined that it all went so well with hands. When he came to the ferry, he demanded the promised answer. "First perevezu me, " promised lucky, then I will say, as you from your troubles get rid of".

And when he moved it to the opposite shore, he gave him advice line: "How come someone else and wants to come, tell him the only pole in hand.

He went on and came to the town, which was barren tree; and here the porter demanded an answer. So he told him what he had heard from the devil: "Kill the mouse that gnaws at the root of the tree, and it will again bear apples of gold".

Then the watchman thanked him and as a reward gave him two Asses Laden with gold.

At last he came to the city where the fountain is gone. And there too he told the watchman that the devil had said: "toad Sits in the fountain under a stone, you must find it and kill it, and your fountain will again be wine to beat".

The watchman thanked him and also gave him two Asses Laden with gold.

Finally lucky came home to his wife, who heartily rejoiced, videosis with him and hearing what he was all luck.

The king he brought what he demanded three Golden hairs; and when he saw the four donkeys of gold, was quite happy and said, "Well, now all the conditions are met, and my daughter can stay thy wife. But tell me, dear Zatec, where did you get so much gold? In fact there are a lot of treasure!" - "Yeah, I crossed over the river, " replied the father-in-law son-in-law - because the river with him have got it instead of sand lying on the shore". - "What? I, perhaps, from there you can gold be ponerotica?" "the king said, and his eyes broke from greed. "As long as you like, " answered the son - in-law is there on the river and the carrier has; let him carry you to the opposite shore, and there will heap of gold polphonic bags".

The greedy king hastily gathered in the path, and when he came to the river, he beckoned to one of his sent.

The carrier and swam to the Bank, and invited him into his boat, and on the other side it moved; and there gave him the pole in his hands, and jumped out of the boat.

So I had the king for his sins to be on the river by the carrier. Maybe now that the transportation of lives.

I suppose, none of his oar!

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