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In one country's happened to big trouble: appeared in a wild boar that blew up the field from the villagers, cattle were broken and the counter people belly their fangs into. The king of that country promised a large reward to whoever will save his Kingdom from this plague; but the beast was so big and strong that no one dared to go near the forest in which he lived.

Finally the king declared that if anyone boar to be hunted or killed it for such a man will marry his only daughter to wife.

Here and volunteered for this brave deed, the two brothers, children of the poor who lived in the country. The eldest of them was cunning and his mind and went for it out of vanity, and the youngest, simple man, but decided to take it out of the goodness of my heart.

The king said, "To make it easier to track down the beast, go into the forest with two opposite sides."

So they went into the woods is a senior from midnight, and the youngest at noon. And after the youngest was some space in the woods, it was suddenly approached by a man, and in his hand he had a black copeco. The man said, "This copeco I give you, because your heart is pure and good; with this you can boldly attack the wild boar, and it will do you no harm".

He thanked the little man took the spear on his shoulder and fearlessly went ahead.

A little time passed, he saw the beast, who rushed at him, but the man put his spear forward, and the boar in a blind rage, so much jumped on this spear, that it pierced to the heart.

Then the man put up monster on his shoulders, turned to the exit from the forest and was going to carry their prey into the castle to the king.

Coming to the edge of the forest, he saw a house where people were making merry with wine and danced.

And his older brother went there, thinking that the boar-it will not go away, but he first drink for courage!

When he saw the younger brother, who came out of the forest, Laden with his booty, his envious and evil heart gave him no peace.

He called out to him: "come, my dear brother, rest and refresh yourself with a Cup of wine".

The younger brother, suspected no evil, went in and told him about the good man, who gave him copeco in the hands of the boar.

The elder brother was detained him until the evening, and they went out together. When they are already in despair, came to the bridge, thrown across the stream, a senior let younger brother forward and just reached the middle of the bridge, struck him such a blow that the young man immediately fell down dead.

Killer buried his brother under the bridge, then took the boar and brought it to the king, who stated that he had killed the beast; after the king gave his daughter in marriage. And as the younger brother did not come, the senior said, "True, the boar ripped up his belly fangs". And everyone believed him.

But God nothing is hidden, and because of this black deed was to come to light.

Many years later it happened one day that a shepherd was tending his herd across the bridge, and saw under the lying in the sand Belenkaya bone.

He thought that this stone would make a good tip for pipes.

Went under the bridge, picked up the bone and cut from the tip of his horn.

And when he first put the horn to his lips, bone, to the great astonishment of the shepherd, itself from itself began to sing.

Here is what he heard:

Ah, my dear boy!
You listen, buddy:
Me my brother was killed here,
Under molochkom buried.
And myself cheating wives
The Princess picked up.

"What a wonderful horn: himself sings songs! said the shepherd. - I ought to show it to the king."

He came to the king with this horn, and the horn again when the king began to sing its song.

The king understood the meaning of the song, and had caused the ground under molochkom, and there discovered the bones of his dead brother.

Evil brother could not deny his crime, and his living was sewn up in a sack and drowned; and the bones of the murdered younger brother was buried in the cemetery and erected over them a nice tombstone.

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