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One of the master of the ass, which is so many years in succession carried Yes carried sacks to the mill, Yes finally became exhausted and started to become unsuitable to work. The master began to think, how would it feed down to sell; but the donkey noticed that it's not tends to good, ran away from his owner and went on the road to Bremen: there, they say, I'm a city musician.

Was it something on the road and stumbled upon lesavoy dog, which was lying on the road and panting, as if he had run a long way. "Well, what are you so out of breath, Vatika?" said the ass. "Ah, old Yes I weakened and hunting become useless, " replied the dog, " so the owner of my to kill me going! Well, I ran away from home! But I don't know what I will now earn bread?" "And you know that I invented? said the ass. Go to Bremen and are going to be a street musician. We will go together, do also musicians. I will stand on the lute to play while you're in the copper plate to the beat". The dog consented, and they walked on.

A little passed, met on the road the cat, sitting such a gloomy, cloudy. "Now then, what is the matter with you, old shaver?" said the ass. "I suppose not very razveselitsya when your skin ' access will be! "answered the cat. - Due to the fact that I'm getting old and with my teeth blunted and that I would sit behind the stove Yes purr than catch mice, mistress-my wished me to drown. I, of course, she still slipped away and now and not know where to lay your head?" "Come with us to Bremen. You night out what kind of music bred means, and street musicians will come in handy." Cat advice seemed good, and he went with them on the road. We had then our three travellers passed by a yard, and see they are sitting on the gate cock and scream their heads off. "What are you screaming at full throat so that the ears bursting?" asked the donkey. "Yes, that's what I predicted for tomorrow good weather, ' said the cock, because tomorrow Bogoroditsy day; but due to the fact that tomorrow, Sunday, to us, the guests will be, the owner still without pity told me to stab at the soup and me tonight, probably rolled neck. Oh, and I scream at the top of their lungs while you can". - "Oh, what was invented, red head! said the ass.
Yes you'd better come with us to leave! "We are going to Bremen. All this will be better than dying! And the voice you are so sweet: and if we all work together to make music, so this will be very, very bad".

Liked the rooster is offer, and so they all four went next.

However, one day they failed to reach Bremen. In the evening they came to a forest, where he planned to stay the night. The donkey and the dog lay at the root of a large tree, the cat and the rooster climbed into its branches, and the cock flew up even at the very top of the tree, where he just seemed safer.

Before his eyes wide open, he once again looked around in all directions, and it seemed to him that far away something is lit: so he shouted to his comrades that somewhere nearby there is housing, because the flame flickers.

The ass and said, "Well, that's the thing with places to play and edetate forward to lag because it shelter us unimportant". The dog thought that a pair of bones, meat piece it would be very useful.

So they went to the light, and the light shone all the brighter, became more and more and finally they came to a brightly lit home, which was a den of robbers.

The donkey was above all, came to the window and looked in. "You see there. Grey?" "asked the rooster. "What you see? The table was laid, and on it, and eat, and drink, and robbers sitting at a table and feasting. "It would be for us no harm!" said the cock. "Yes, Yes, we would do well to be there!" said the ass.

Then they consulted together how they manage and robbers from home improve...

Finally found a way. The donkey had to rest against the front legs in the window sill, the dog to jump on his back, the cat to climb on the back of the dog and the cock was to fly up and sit the cat on the head. When that was done, on a given signal at once and began his music: donkey roared, the dog barked, the cat meowed, and the rooster began to crow. And then broke into the house through the window, so windowsill rattled.

The robbers heard this violent roar, sprang up from their seats; they thought that the window gets some terrible Ghost, and in terror they fled through the woods.

Here sat the four companions at the table, took over the remains of the meal, and ate as if they had been hungry for a month.

Finished with dinner, all four musicians put out the lights in the house and steel myself to look for bed, each with his own taste and convenience.

The donkey lay down on the manure, the dog took a NAP behind the door, the cat stretched out on the hearth near the warm ashes, and the cock flew up on the hearth; and as they were all tired with his long journey, and fell asleep very soon.

When it was passed midnight and the robbers saw from afar that the lights in their house paid off and all seems calm, then their leader said to them: "Why are we so foolish tossed!" and ordered one of the gang to go to the house and parasnath.

Sent sees that all was quiet, and went into the kitchen to wsdot fire; went to the hearth, and show him the cat's eye for burning coal. He poked at them with sulfuric match to the fire to get it. But the cat joke disliked: as leap as will parknet him in the face and CapNet!

The rogue fright rushed to the postern, but the dog escaped from his seat and bite him in the leg!

He ran straight through the yard past the dung heap, and the ass that would give him the back foot!

On top of all the cock at its hearth from the noise woke up, sat up and yelled at the top of her voice: "Ku-caret-ku!"

Ran the rogue up to the chief and said: "In the house there dwelt a horrible witch! It in my face puffed and his long fingers scratched! And by the door stands a man with a knife - I have them in the leg stabbed! And the yard sack a black monster that me with his cudgel fell. And the top sits the judge and shout: "Let him, the rogue, here!" Barely I am from there and my feet were dragged!"

Since that time the robbers did not dare too and nose to put in the house, and the four Bremen town musicians so it was fond that them there was nothing not to cheat.

Who out there has seen, that I was told of them, and I gave him a service - this tale has folded.

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