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Wow, what an experience it was a small, nice decorock! All she was Mila who only saw her once; but all the sweeter than she was the grandmother who really didn't know what to give her, her favorite granddaughter.

She gave one to her cap of red velvet, and because it suited her was very much to the person and it is nothing else to wear not wanted, and began calling out to her red Hood. Then one day her mother said to her: "Well, little Red riding Hood, here, take this piece of cake and a bottle of wine, bring the grandmother, she is ill and weak, and it will be good. Get outta the house before the heat and, when it comes out, then go annenko and to the side of the road not getting, not something else, perhaps, will fall and a bottle hurt yourself, and the grandmother then did not get it. And when grandma comes, don't forget to say Hello, but not that first all corners to look, and then to my grandmother to come". - "So I will celebrate, as it should," said little Red riding Hood mother and assured her in his word.

The grandmother lived out in the woods, half an hour walk from the village. When little Red riding hood entered the forest, she met a wolf. The girl, however, did not know that it was a fierce animal, and was not afraid of him. "Hello, little Red riding Hood", he said. "Thank you for your kind words, wolf. - "Where are you going so early, little Red riding Hood?" - "To my grandmother". "What are you mumbling under your apron?" "Piece of cake Yes wine. Yesterday we mother baked pies, now sends sick and weak grandma to her to please and force her to back". - "Little red riding Hood, but where does your grandmother live?" "And that's another good quarter of an hour the way further into the forest, under three old oaks; and there is her house around it even hedge of hazel. You must know the place?" said little Red riding Hood.

And the wolf himself thought: "This small, gentle girl - nice will be for me a piece, cleaner than the old woman; it is so tricky affair to foster it, to me both by heart hit".

So he went away some time with the red Cap is near and she began to speak: "Look thou upon these glorious flowers that grow around - look! You, perhaps, and birds do not hear them sing? Go, like in school, there is no turning back; and in the woods, come on, how fun!"

Little red riding Hood looked up, and saw the rays of the sun, prorezalsja through the quivering leaves of the trees, as he looked at the many wonderful colors, and thought: "what if my grandmother brought a fresh bunch of flowers, because it would be too pleased; now still so early that I will always have time for her to come on time!" Yes and ran off the road into the trees, and began to collect flowers. Just tear one flower, she thought, even better, and it will run, and so going further and further left into the woods.

And the wolf ran straight to the grandmother's house and knocked on the door. "Who's there?" - "Little red riding Hood, have you cake and wine, I'm here." - "Press on the latch, " cried the mother, " I'm too weak and can't get out of bed".

The wolf pressed down on the latch, the door swung open, and he went to the grandmother in the house; straight rushed to the bed grandmothers and swallowed her.

Then he put my grandmother's dress and on her head a cap, lay down in bed and curtains around drew.

Little red riding Hood between the ran and ran for flowers, and when they got as much as could carry, then remembered my grandmother and went to her house.

She was very surprised that the door was wide open, and when she entered the room, it all there seemed weird that she thought: "Oh, Oh my, what is this I'm so scared now, but I always love primaziale to grandma!" So she said, "good morning!"

There is no answer.

She came to the bed and pulled back the curtains and sees: lies grandmother, and a cap on the nose slipped, and it seems strange.

"Grandma, grandma? What is it you have such big ears?" "So that I could hear better". - "Oh, grandmother, and eyes you have what big!" - "And this, so I'm better able to consider." - "Grandma, hands-what you got big!" - "This that I'm easier to clasp could." "But, grandmother, what a horribly big mouth?" - "And then, so that I could eat!" And as soon as the wolf said this, as he jumped out from under the blankets and swallowed the poor little Red riding Hood.

Being so, the wolf lay down in the bed, fell asleep and began to snore that is urine.

The hunter took place just at this time by grandma house and thought: "What this old thing so snores, so it does not happen anything?"

He came into the house, walked over to the bed and sees that the wolf climbed. "That's where I got you, old grahovac! said the hunter. Ago I until you get".

And wanted to kill him from a gun, Yes he had the idea that the wolf may be, grandma-then swallowed and that it can even save; because he has no shot, and took the scissors and began to rip open the sleeping wolf's belly.

Just cut up, and saw that there flashed red riding hood; and then he began to cut, and jumped from there girl and exclaimed: "Oh, how I was scared as a wolf in his dark trabucco caught!"

And for Red Hat managed to get out and babysisters and could scarcely catch her breath.

Then little Red riding Hood brought a rush of large stones, which they piled the wolf's belly, and sewed the incision; and when he awoke, he wanted to run away, but could not bear the burdens of stones, he fell down dead.

It's all three were pleased: the hunter immediately stripped off the wolf's skin and went home with her, the grandmother ate the cake and drank the wine which her Red-Cap had brought, and it was finally reinforced and little Red riding Hood thought, "Well, at least now I'll never be in the woods to escape to the side from the road, I shall not disobey more my mother's orders".

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