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One father had seven sons, and daughters-no one, though he very much wanted to have a daughter; and finally came the hope that the family will have to increase, and his wife bore him a daughter. Joy about her birth was very great; but the baby was small and frail, so parents even had to privately baptized.

Father quickly sent one of the boys to the nearest spring water for baptism; and the other six are sent after ran, and as each of them wanted to be the first to scoop up the water, it was found that the mug fell into the water. This is so puzzled that they were standing near the water, and none of them dared to go home.

Waited-waited for their father, at last lost all patience, and said: "Yes, they are the villains, played there, and forgot about the case". He began to fear that perhaps the girl will die in his arms (comm and disappointment of his said: "And for all of them ravens!"

And hardly uttered, before he heard a whistling of wings over his head, he looked up and saw a low flying above him seven black crows. Flew and disappeared.

Parents certainly couldn't shoot them with a spell, and no matter how grieved about the loss of his seven, but their daughter, who soon became stronger and became day by day look better, served them a considerable consolation in sorrow.

She did not know that she had brothers, because parents were afraid with her about it and mention; but as it happened, however, that strangers when it has said once: daughter, they say, and they have very good, and yet she was to blame for the misfortunes of his seven brothers.

Then she was very troubled, and went to her father and mother, and asked if she had brothers and if you are, where have they gone? Here the parents did not dare to hide from her secret; but he said that it happened by the will of fate, and her birth was only the innocent cause.

But the girl every day was alleged that she had been murdered brothers, and set out with the thought that she must rid imposed on them a curse. And until she began to calm down, while slowly not left home and did not set out to wander the wide world to find her brothers, and release them in whatever it was.

She took on the road only a ring from my parents on the memory, a loaf of bread in case you get hungry, a glass of water to quench thirst Yes Stulik, which would Crouch was tired. And she went, she went far, far to the end of the world. She came to the sun, but it was too hot, too scary, Yes, and devoured little children.

Hastily she ran from the sun to month, but the moon was too cold and too looked awful and malicious, and, seeing the girl, he talked: "I smell, smells like human meat".

Ran it from months and came to the stars, which were to her and kind, and gentle, and each sat in their own little chair. And as the rose morning star, it girl and crutch brought and said, "If you have this Kostelka, you do not open the glass mountain, and in the glass-mountain, and there your brothers".

The girl took crutch, wrapped it in a handkerchief, and again she walked to the glass-mountain wouldn't come. Gate inside the mountain were closed, and she thought Kostelka; but when they opened the handkerchief, he saw that Kostelka not there: she had lost on the road the gift of good stars.

What was she to do? I wanted to rescue her brothers, and key to the glass-mountain, and was not!

Then took a good sister knife, cut off one of her little fingers, put it in the door, and succeeded in opening it. When she had gone inside the mountain, came to meet her dwarf and said, "Baby, what are you looking for?" - "Looking for my brothers, the seven ravens, ' answered she. The dwarf said: "Gentlemen ravens are not at home, but if you want to wait for their return, then enter".

Then the dwarf made the ravens their food and drink on seven plates and seven ciarocco, and each plate has eaten sister on the little thing, and from each of the glasses drank a SIP; in the last times was brought down with him the ring.

And suddenly she heard a whistling in the air, and the dwarf said, "Now the Lord ravens are flying home".

And sure enough, came to eat and drink, wanted and looked for their little plates and glasses. Then every one of them said, "Who is it from my plate eating? Who of my glasses drank? It was a human mouth and drank, and ate".

And when the seventh drained his glass of vodka from her and rolled him in the ring.

He looked at him, recognized the ring parent and said, "I hope to God that our little sister was here - then has come for us deliverance."

When they heard these words sister (and she stood behind the door and listened, then went up to them, and all the crows in the same moment again turned to her brothers. And kissing they, and caressed each other, and radestky, waseleski went home.

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