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One widow had two daughters-girls; one was beautiful and industrious; and the other face and ugly, and lazy. But this ugly and lazy was the widow daughter dear, and besides, she was loved, and the other all the hard work was down, and had it in the house of Cinderella. The poor thing had every day to go on a big road, to sit by the well and spin until much that the blood had performed at her from under his nails.

It happened once that the spindle with her was all covered with blood; the girl bent down to the water and wanted spindle wash, and the spindle-it slipped through his fingers and fell into the well. The poor thing cried, ran to her mother and told her about my misfortune. That it was began to scold and so expressed himself ruthless said: "Could the spindle there to drop it, try and get him out of there!"

A girl came back to the well, and did not know what she should do, Yes fright-then she jumped into the well - conceived herself out the spindle to get it. She immediately lost consciousness and when he woke up and came to herself again, she saw that lies on the beautiful lawn that her and the sun fun is shining, and flowers around a lot many.

The girl went on the lawn and went to the stove, which was full loaves of bread impaled. The loaves she shouted: "Take thou us, take not burn: we have already is baked and ready". She came over and shovel has pulinkala them out of the oven.

Then she went on and came to the Apple-tree, and was the Apple tree full of apples, and cried girl: "Obtree me, obtree, apples for a long time I matured". She began to shake the Apple tree, so that the apples with her rain fell, and was shaking as long as there is not a single Apple remained; put them in a pile and went on.

Finally she came to the hut, and saw in the window the woman; but the old woman's teeth great big, and attacked the girl's fear, and conceived it to run. But the old woman shouted after her: "What were frightened, beautiful maiden? Stay with me, and if all the work in the house is good to celebrate will be, and you will be good. See only bed I think stele Yes Perina my usbuy assiduously, so that the feathers on all sides flew: when her feathers are flying, then the white light of the snow goes. Because I am none other than herself Mrs. Blizzard".

The old woman's speech Pospolita girl and gave her so much courage that she agreed to do it in service. She tried to please her in everything and Perina she churned so that the feathers like snow flakes were flying in all directions; but, in life as she is the old woman well, and alarm words she had not heard, and at the table she had just enough.

Spent some time at Mrs. Metelitsa, the girl suddenly became sad and at first did not know what she is missing, finally figured out that just longing for home; she was having none of it was good, but still home she wanted and was pozwala.

Finally, she confessed to the old woman: "I'm at home bored, and I neither right here under your land, and yet would not want me any longer to stay here and pulls me back there with her to see".

Ms. Blizzard said: "to Me it's a pleasure that you once again to his home wanted, and as you I served well and faithfully, I'll show the way to the ground."

Then she took her hand and brought to the big goal. The gate swung open, and when the girl stood under the arch of them woke up on her rain from under the arch of gold so they clung to her that she was all gold covered. "That's it you will be rewarded for your effort," said Ms. Blizzard by the way, has returned to her and the spindle fall into the well.

Then the gates were shut, and the fair maiden found myself again in this world, not far from the outside of the house; and when she entered the courtyard of his cock was sitting on the well, and sang:

Ku-ka-re-ku! Here's miracles!
Our damsel in gold all!

Then went she to her mother in the house, and because there were a lot of gold, and the stepmother, and sister took her very gently.

Told them the girl everything that happened with her, and when the mother heard how she got such riches, conceived and his other daughter, evil and ugly, to get the same happiness.

She is my daughter sat to spin the same of the well; and to the spindle of my daughter's blood was, she had to prick my finger and rastrapati hand in a prickly thorns. Then she threw the spindle into the well itself after him as he jumped.

And got it just as before while her sister, the beautiful meadow, and walked the same path next.

Came to the stove, and screamed her bread: "Take thou us, take not burn: we have been absolutely is baked". And the lazy answered: "well! Will I be for you to get dirty!" and she went forth.

Soon she came to the Apple tree that shouted to her: "Obtree me, obtree soon! Apples for a long time I have matured!" But the lazy replied: "I Really need! Perhaps even that little Apple on my head it will crash," and went his way.

Come to the lady's house Metelitsa, she was not afraid, because I heard from my sister about her big teeth, and immediately came to her service.

The first day she had somehow tried to overcome my laziness and showed some eagerness, and obeyed the instructions of his lady, because her head was not the gold that she was to receive the award; the other day she became rasseyutsya, the third more; and there too, and not wanted in the morning to get out of bed.

And the bed of Mrs. Metelitsa it has not spread as it should, and could not shake it so that the feathers flew in all directions.

Here she is tired of them soon came to her mistress, and she denied her from place to place. Lenvica glad, thought, now her Golden rain will Wake up!

Ms. Blizzard brought her to the same goal, but when lenvica under the gate was, it woke up not gold, and overturned a pot full of resin. "This is your reward for your service," said Ms. Blizzard and slammed her gate.

Came lenvica home, from head to toe resin covered, and the cock on the well, catching sight of her, began to sing:

Ku-ka-re-ku - that's wonders!
Filled the girl with resin all.

And this resin so tight it stuck that in my whole life did not come down, not left behind.

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