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One day he befriends a mouse, the bird and fried sausage, bid and agriculture on the General account and live in peace and harmony, and even the abundance of their God is not offended. The bird took on this work: every day she flew into the forest task to fetch wood. Mouse water wore oven rastoplyalas and the table was laid, and fried sausage cooked.

Whom life is good, so more and more desirable. So what happened.

Met once a bird on the way into the forest other bird and told her, her life, and boasted of their stay.

And counter the bird and tell her that there is nothing to boast: what it is, they say, all work, and the two live there in the hall Yes the outside. Here, for example, mouse: the furnace flooded, water brought and left himself in his room to sleep, until it will call table cover. And sausage? She does all the house sticks out behind the dish looks, and come lunch time, so she is only four times the porridge or vegetables roll - look, they and fatty, and salty, and quite ready, at least on the table give...

Here come the bird home, threw off their bundle, they sat all at table, and after the buffet went to sleep and slept until morning. Whatever, it seems, is not life?

The next day the bird was stubborn and did not want more wood to carry, referring to the fact that pretty much it from their own comrades in the servants was Yes in Durach - not if they want, they say, with her to change and to try their hand at it.

And no matter how much I begged her mouse and the sausage, the bird still insisted!

Nothing to do, I had to try, they cast lots, and the lot fell upon the sausage firewood to carry, and the bird to carry water. What happened?

Sausage went into the wood, the bird made the fire, and the mouse put on the pot in the stove, shoved, and began to wait, when you will return sausage with wood for the next day.

However sausage so long did not come back, that they both bewilderment swept and the bird flew sausage meet. And what?

Not far from the house when the road sees the dog calmly stuff the sausage. The bird was attacked by a dog and was downright reproach this predator in violence; but her words remained with the words: the dog was justified by the fact that found if sausages some anonymous letters in the bag, and therefore decided to take her life.

The bird was very sorrowful, he picked up a bundle of wood upon himself, went home and told everyone what he had seen and heard.

Both they were very sad, but all were determined to stay together and make the best of it.

So I had a bird table cover; and the mouse decided to cook and wanted to emulate fried sausage: "Now ride on vegetables may wallow, so they will settle and will promenade".

But when she climbed into the vegetables, someone caught it and had it with life to part.

When the bird came in and wanted to bring to the table, the stove and the cook was not there.

Bird, confused, everywhere began to scatter brought the wood, began to call and find, but no cook was not found. Meanwhile inadvertently firewood once ignited, the fire broke out, the bird rushed for the water to fill; Yes the bucket at her in the well dropped, and she followed him there, buckets are not pulled, and indeed has not leaked out.

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