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There was once a king's son who fell in love travelled, and had no one with him a faithful servant. And it happened one day that he came into a great forest, and when evening came, he couldn't find himself a shelter and didn't know where he will have to spend the night.

Then he saw a girl who was going to the little hut; and when he came nearer, he noticed that the girl was young and beautiful.

He came to her and said, "Honey, can I have you in the hut find shelter for the night with my servant?" "Oh Yes, " said the girl sadly, " of course, you could find shelter there, Yes I am you would not advise; better not go there." - "Why so?" asked the king's son. "Wherefore, " he answered with a sigh the girl, " that my stepmother chernoknizhnyi and strangers".

Then he saw the king's son, that he had come to the house of the witch; but as it was dark, to go on was impossible, and he was not afraid, he went into the house.

The old woman sat in a chair by the fire and watched her red eyes at the stranger.

"Good evening, " she mumbled and then added gently: - Squat-ka da rest."

She blew up the fire on which was cooking something in a small pot.

The daughter warned both - and the king's son, and his servant - that they do not drink and do not eat because of her stepmother's cooking up some drinks.

And so they slept quietly till morning.

When they got ready to leave, and the Prince was seated on his horse, the old woman said, "Wait a bit, I will lay you a parting pagecom".

While it is the drink was gone, the king's son he could leave, and his servant, lifting rope from his saddle, was left alone at the house, while the wicked witch came with the drink.

"Now, bring me that his master," said she; but to say did not, as the bottle in her hand shattered, poisonous swill sprayed on a horse and was so malicious that the horse immediately fell down dead.

The servant ran after his master and told him what had happened, but didn't want the saddle to throw together with the horse and ran back to the house to remove the saddle from the fallen horse.

When he approached, it really sat a Raven and pocinho it. "Who knows, will get us anything better than this crow," said his servant. He killed a crow and took it along.

And another day they journeyed onwards into the forest, and still couldn't get out of it.

Only when evening came they to the Inn and went in there. The servant gave the Raven master and ordered him to prepare for dinner.

And they didn't know that they are in a robber's den, and now, when stamelos, came twelve robbers to Rob and kill the visiting guests.

But before we get to work, they sat down at the table, and the owner with the witch sat down with them and went for a bowl of soup, which was cut up the meat crow.

And just as they had swallowed a piece of meat, as all fell down dead, because Raven had much to eat poisoned horse meat.

Throughout the house left only one daughter, who was honest, and no evil is not involved.

She opened the king's son all the doors in the house and showed him the accumulated wealth.

But he didn't want anything to take from those, and rode forth with his servant. After long wanderings, they came to the city where she was wonderful with myself and proud she was, and she said publicly announce that chooses for his men, who make it such a mystery that she could not guess: but if you solve - head things off!

She scolded herself for three days to answer, but was so clever that always guessed the riddle before the appointed time. Already nine searchers her hands perished thus, when came the king's son, and, blinded by the incomparable beauty of the Princess, he decided to try his luck, oblivious to the danger that had threatened his life.

Then he appeared before the king's daughter and asked her riddle: "What would it be such: one there was - and no one broke and fell twelve". She didn't know what it could mean, thought and thought, but nothing they couldn't invent.

Ordered to bring all the wise fortune cards, pawed through them from cover to cover, nothing worthwhile in them is not found. In short, the wisdom of her this time was not enough. Not knowing how to help herself, she ordered her maid to sneak into the bedroom of the king's son and hide there behind the curtain and to hear that he is in a dream would be to say, maybe sleepy and talked, and will reveal its mystery.

But the clever servant went to bed in the place of his master, and when the maid slipped into the bedroom, he stripped off her cloak and gave it to rods.

The second night the Princess sent her maid in the hope that she might be able to eavesdrop, but the servant and her mantle and chased from the bed rods.

That's really the third-the night the king's son, and thought that now he can lie down in his bed; and yet, in his bedroom, slipped the Princess, wrapped in a dark grey cloak, and sat down near his head.

And when she thought that he was already fast asleep, she spoke to him and hoped that he, like many others, will be to her in her dream to answer her questions.

He, meanwhile, just never thought to sleep and all was well heard and understood.

Then she said: "no One broke - what does that mean?"

He answered: "a Raven; he ate poisoned horse and so has died". - "He fell twelve? What's this?" - continued to ask the Princess. "And this twelve robbers that meat in the crow tasted and poisoned them died".

Having understood about the meaning of a riddle, she wanted to steal away, but the king's son so tightly grabbed her cloak that she had to throw him in the bedchamber.

The following morning the Princess declared that she riddle guessed, and summoned the twelve judges, in the presence of which it is the mystery was solved.

But the young man asked the judges and to listen. "The night she snuck me into the bedroom, and enquired of me, " he said, " otherwise, it would be my guess riddles!"

The judges said: "Give us some proof of your words."

The servant immediately brought to the court all three of the cloak, and when the judges saw the dark grey cloak, which was usually worn by the Princess, they said to her: "Tell this cloak to embroider with gold and silver, it will be useful to you for the wedding dress".

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