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It happened, however, that the wife of a rich man fell sick; and when she felt that her end was near, he called to his bed only daughter and said, "Dear child, be good and God does not forget, then you will have a helper; and I with the light on to look at you and I always spirit will be with thee". Then she closed her eyes and rested.

Daughter went every day to her mother's grave and was always all good, and God did not forget. Winter came, closed the grave canopy snow, and when the snow had melted from the spring sun, the man married another woman.

The wife brought home their two daughters, white-faced and beautiful in appearance, but the evil and heartless. Then came hard times for the poor stepdaughter. "Is this fool going to have in the room to sit! - talking outside daughter. Who wants to eat bread, that podi earn him: Begone, dish washer!"

They took away her pretty dress, and put on her old grey kirtle, and gave her wooden shoes. "Look at the proud Princess, as she is decked out!" - they began to laugh and took her into the kitchen.

There it was from morning until evening to bear all the hard work, getting up early, before light, to carry water, make a fire, to cook and to wash. Moreover, the sisters tried all sorts of ways to vex her, mocking her, poured into ash peas and lentils, cooked for meals, so that the poor, the orphaned had to choose from ash grain.

Sundown, tired from work, she did not even have a bed, which could lie: it was near the hearth to lie in ashes and sleep. And since it's from ash was constantly covered with dust and filth, the evil sister and called her Cinderella.

It happened once that the father was going to the fair, and asked his step-daughters what he should bring back for them? "Beautiful dresses," said one of them. "Pearls and precious stones," said another. "Well, you Samarasena, the father asked, " what do you bring?" - "Father, bring the stick that on the way back before all lash you on the hat; that is what get me!"

So he bought his two step-daughters dresses, pearls and precious stones; and on the way back, while he worked his way through the green thicket of bushes, a branch of hazel struck him so hard that his hat with him knocked down. The branch he broke off and took with him.

Once home, he gave the daughter that they had wished for, and the Piggy-hazel - twig. Cinderella thanked him, went to her mother's grave, planted on her, his twig and cried so implacable grief for her that her tears and watered the tree. And rose sprig in the whole tree.

Cinderella every day three times I went under a tree, and wept there and prayed, and each time came to the tree and sat Belenkaya bird, and had only poor to Express some desire like a bird now he was executed and dumped her tree that she wants.

It happened, however, that the king of that country started the feast, and the feast that was to last three days; on this day he decided to call all beauties from all over the Kingdom to his son was able to look between the bride. Both called her sisters, on hearing that they, too, should be on the holiday became more affectionate, called and She said, "Rushashi us hair, clean shoes and fasten buckles on them - we go on holiday in the Royal castle.

Cinderella obeyed them, however, began to cry, for she too wanted to go together with sisters and dancing; she even asked stepmother to let her go on holiday. "You, Cinderella, " said she, " thou art all in dirt and dust and also going on holiday! It is up to you, no dress, no shoes and there to dance go!"

When She was no more to ask her, the stepmother said to her: "I poured in ashes full dish of lentils, and if you two hours to manage the lentils from the ashes of poverty, then perhaps go together with her sisters to the feast!"

Poor orphan came down the back stairs and into the garden, and cried in a loud voice: "Dove-holubecki, my fellows, and you all, of celestial birds, come on up, help me, a poor, collect chechevichka:

Those that fit in the pot,
But useless in sobchek.

And came to call her to the kitchen window first two white pigeons, and then the tumblers upland, and then the whole flock all Palecek China and fell to ash. And steel dove nod heads and began to peck at: peak, peak, peak-to-peak; and the others, too: peak, peak, peak, peak - and gathered all the good grain into the dish. And less than an hour, as they got everything ready, and they went out again in the same window.

Brought Cinderella dish to her mother with joy and thought that she would be allowed to go with her sisters to the feast.

But the stepmother said to her: "No, Cinderella, you and dresses are not in store, and to dance you can't, you only laugh will be." When the poor girl began to cry, the stepmother said, "if you give me two dishes of lentils per hour time of ash will choose it, then I'll go." And she thought: "Where did she do this?"

But when she poured out her two dishes of lentils into the ashes, the girl left a black porch in the garden, and cried out: "Dove-holubecki, my fellows, and all of you, birdie celestial, come on up, help me, a poor, collect chechevichka:

Those that fit in the pot,
But useless in sobchek.

And came to call her to the kitchen window first two white pigeons, and then the tumblers upland, and then the whole flock any birds China and fell to ash. And steel dove nod heads and poklevyvaya: peak, peak, peak-to-peak; and the others, too: peak, peak, peak, peak - and gathered all the good grain into two dishes. And half-an-hour passed as they all was ready, and all they again flew in the window.

Suffered poor both dishes to her mother and was glad that she will be allowed to go on holiday with her sisters. But the stepmother said to her: "in Vain you try: you will not go with us; you and outfits and dance you don't know how; we would have to blush for thee."

Turned to the poor thing back and hurried away with her two proud daughters.

Left alone in the house. Cinderella went to her mother's grave under a nut tree, and cried out:

Shake, stripinis you, my little tree,
Spillage on me gold cerebrate.

Then the bird threw her silver dress with gold shoes, embroidered with silk and silver.

The girl quickly got dressed and hurried to the feast. And her sisters and stepmother, did not know, thought it was some strange Princess so beautiful she was in her Golden dress. Cinderella they never came: they thought she was sitting at home, arid picking the lentils from the ashes.

Himself the king's son left the beauty forward, took her by the hand, and all danced with her. Yes never wanted anyone more dance, and her hands out of his hands released, and when he came to it, some of the men, the king's son said, "I want it to dance."

And propasal it until the evening. And when he wanted to return home, the king's son said to her: "I will go with thee, and send thee away". His death as I wanted to see, she whose daughter and what the house originally. But she escaped him and jumped up into the pigeon-house.

Waited a little son, sees the father came, and said to him: "Here there dovecot climbed one beauty!" The father thought, "It's not a Slob?" - demanded the axe da hook, and in half cut the pigeon-house, and it was nobody. And when they returned home, She was still in her dirty dress on the ashes, and near it on the pipe burned dimly a small oil lamp.

Cinderella was prompt: it is on the one hand climbed up into the pigeon-house, and the other went down and disappeared under orisinal came; there threw her rich attire, put it on the grave, and the bird again took this outfit, and She again put on a grey rags and sat in the kitchen on a heap of ashes.

The next day, when the festival began again, and the parents and step-sisters had left home, Cinderella went to the hazel Bush and cried:

Shake, stripinis you, my little tree,
Spillage on me gold cerebrate.

And the bird dropped her dress, richer, more elegant yesterday. And when she is in this dress appeared at the festival, all to admire couldn beauty.

The Prince had been waiting for her, took her immediately by the hand and danced with her alone. When other men approached her to ask her to dance, he said, "I'm with her dance."

On the night of Cinderella has decided to retire, and the king's son went with her and wanted to see into what house she will go down; but she sprang away and ran into the garden behind the house. In that garden grew a fine large pear-tree, and it was a lot of strange pears; and then climbed up the Slob, like a squirrel, and hid in the branches of it; and the king's son did not even know where it went.

So he waited until father came in the Festivities, and said to him: "Here is one beauty from me has slipped away, and it seems to me that she had gone up into the pear.

The father thought, "It's not a Slob?" - demanded the axe and cut down the tree, but the tree was nobody. And when they all returned home, saw a Slob, and as always, its a pile of ash.

She's prompt was: on the one hand on the tree climbed, on the other hand jumped, brought its plumage the bird that was sitting on Oreshina, and again put their old rags.

On the third day, when parents and sisters left home, She again went to her mother's grave and said to the tree:

Shake, stripinis you, my little tree,
Spillage on me gold cerebrate.

Then the bird threw her dress is gorgeous and so dazzling Shine that no one has seen; and to this dress and shoes pure gold.

When she appeared at the festival in this dress, all she marveled at how the miracle.

The king's son with her and danced, and if it came to it, somebody else, he said, "I'm with her dance."

When evening came, She wanted to leave, and the king's son still wanted to go with her; but she quickly escaped him, that he did not keep up with her.

However, he beforehand went to the trick: ordered to smear the whole staircase resin. As ran Cinderella downstairs, one Shoe and stick to the steps. The Prince picked it up, and the Shoe she was small, pretty and all gold.

The next morning he went with this Shoe to the father in the Festivities and said to him: "My wife will be only that which this Golden slipper will fit".

On hearing this, they were glad the two sisters, because they had pretty feet.

The eldest went with a slipper in her room and started to try on when mothers. Began to try on and sees: does not fit in the boot of her thumb, because the Shoe it is too small. So mother gave her a knife, and said, "Cut your finger! Because if you will be Queen, you don't have to walk!"

He listened to the girl, cut the finger, squeezed her foot into the Shoe, bit his lip in pain and went down to the Prince. He took her as his bride, seated on his horse and rode off.

They had to pass by the grave, and on Oreshina two pigeons sitting, and cried:

Guli, Guli, halushki,
The entire Shoe is in the blood:
Leg, apparently, is not in him!
This is not your bride.

The Prince glanced at the foot of the bride and saw how the blood from the Shoe, tech.

He immediately turned his horse, returned the eldest daughter of my parents and said that this is not his real bride: let the other sister try on the slipper.

So she went into her room, and when I began to wear the Shoe, the fingers then she got in, but the heel was too high. Then the mother gave her a knife and said, "Bran piece from the heel! You will be the Queen, you don't have to walk!"

Daughter cut off part of the heel, squeezed, something like a foot in a Shoe, hid the pain is unbearable and went to the king's son. He, as a bride, seated on his horse, and went with her.

But when they passed by the hazel Bush, then sat on her two pigeons and cooed:

Guli, Guli, halushki,
The entire Shoe is in the blood:
Leg, apparently, is not in him!
This is not your bride.

Looked the Prince on the bride's foot and saw how the blood was flowing from the Shoe, and staining her white stocking.

And he turned his horse round, and brought the false bride home. "This is also not true! he said. "Do you have another daughter?" "No, " my father said, " only my dead wife left a sort of small, tanneka Samarasena - so that, of course, you're not the bride."

The king's son wanted always to see; but the old woman said: "Yes, Yes, she is so dirty that it could not dare".

And all the king's son insisted, and had to finally call him a Slob.

She first washed clean face and hands, then went out and bowed to the Prince, who gave her the Golden slipper. She immediately sat down on the bench, took off his wooden Shoe, and put his foot in the Shoe, that her leg was as drenched, and as she rose from the bench and then the Prince looked into her face, he recognized in her the beauty with which she danced, and cried: "Here it is, a real bride!"

The stepmother and two sisters were frightened, and turned white with anger; but the Prince took Cinderella to his horse and took her to his castle. When they passed by the hazel Bush, two white pigeons cooed:

Guli, Guli, halushki,
No more kroposki:
The foot in the Shoe's plenty of room.
Here she is your bride!

And as it cooed, he flew from the trees and sat down to Cinderella on the shoulders, one on the right, the other on the left, and remained on her shoulders.

When it came time to play the wedding, the false sisters came, wanted to cling, as if to show participation fortunately the Festivities.

Here is a wedding procession went to the Church, and the eldest was on the right side of the bride, and the younger on the left; and suddenly dove at each of them picked out an eye.

On the way back from the elder was on the left, and the younger on the right side of the bride, and dove again picked out of each one eye.

So they were punished with blindness for life for their wickedness and falsehood.

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