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Hot summer day sat one the little tailor, cross-legged, on his table by the window; he was in a very good mood and worked with a needle that was urine.

And there just happened that there was a woman on the street and shouted: "Plum jam, plum jam!" This cry portage very much it was; he put his head out of the window, and shouted: "Here go, aunt! There is you the buyer".

Rose Baba on three stairs with her heavy basket to the little tailor into the cupboard and had before him all the pots of jam to set. He looked everywhere and all sniffed, and said finally: "it would Seem a good thing! And Nuka, aunt, OTES me this stuff a lot with four, and then, perhaps, and the whole quarter pound".

The woman, who judging by his Sazavou hoped decently to sell him his goods, gave him the required amount, but went from him very unhappy and complaining.

"Well, now we're going to eat for the glory of God, cheerfully cried the little tailor, ' and as you eat, and power back". Then he took the bread from the cupboard, Otkroy yourself a loaf full loaf and spread the jam on the bread. "It will taste bad, " he said, " Oh, I'll just Dosu first vest, and then takes a slice".

He put a tidbit closer to himself, began to sew, but, wanting to hurry sewing to finish in a hurry, and did the stitches more and more.

Meanwhile, the smell of a sweet spot sensed flies, which a great many were sitting on the walls; their smell has primaril, and they came to a piece of cloud-cloud. "Oh, my God! You who is calling here?" said the tailor, and began to drive away intruders. But flies his language did not understand and did not listen to persuasion, and flew to the piece from everywhere. Then the tailor has not born, he grabbed the cloth, pricked up his ears: here am I, like, had to ask, how will suffice cloth nazisim flies!

Looked, counted and sees seven flies to death killed: immediately and legs stretched out, serdecznie. "This is how I am brave! said he marveled at his good fortune. - About this whole town must know!" And immediately he cut out a belt, stitched it, and on it in large letters embroidered: "the Single stroke seven parivahan!"

"Yes I city! Let the whole world about my exploits knows!" "thought the little tailor, and my heart beating in it from the proud consciousness of his own courage.

The tailor more buckled on his belt and decided to go about the world, because his Studio seemed too small for his worship.

But before you start to wander, he began to fumble around the house, there is there anything that he could take with him on the road; however, he found nothing except cottage cheese, and put it just in case in my pocket. At the gate he saw a bird caught in a Bush, and that he put in his pocket.

And then he went off the road and, as was prompt and on foot easy, and didn't feel any fatigue from walking. The road led him up on the mountain, and when he reached the top, she saw a giant sitting on the road, looking around. The tailor directly approached him, spoke to him and said, "comrade! What are you doing sitting on white light look? So I decided on the light away and travel, trying to get lucky; so do you want with my friends go?"

The giant looked contemptuously at the tailor, and said: "Oh, shit! Miserable wretch!" - "Ah! Here's how! - answered the tailor, and unbuttoned the top dress, and showed the giant his belt: " Well, read what the man that I am!" The giant read: "a Single stroke seven parivahan!" thought that the tailor can beat seven people and has more respect for this kid.

But he wanted to prove him, picked up a stone and squeezed it so hard that the stone water flowed. "Well, try to do it, if you are strong enough!" "said the giant. "Just like that?" "said the tailor. "Indeed, Yes it's our trivia is!" Snatched from his pocket curd cheese, and pressed it with stone so that the juice on the earth sprinkled. "What? I suppose it's better than thy will?"

The giant did not know what to say, and could not believe that this human is possessed such power.

And here is the giant lifted him up a stone from the ground and threw it upwards with such force that it nearly out of sight was, and said, "Well, you, youngster, show us here!" - "Well thrown, said the tailor, ' but your stone yet fell; but I will throw you a stone so that he never again on earth will not fall!"

Put his hand into his pocket, took out the bird, and threw it into the air. Bird, Radchenko that freedom escaped, jumped up and returned no more. "What? What, comrade?" "asked the tailor. "You throw well, " said the giant, " but look, can you carry?"

He brought the little tailor to a mighty oak tree which had been felled and lying on the ground, and said: "If you are strong enough, help me to carry the tree out of the forest". - "Yes, " said the tailor, " you take the trunk on your shoulders themselves usualy, and I will bear the branches and the branches - it's, tea, heavier barrel."

Giant slung the oak trunk on your shoulders, but the tailor sat astride one of the branches, and the giant, who could not look round, had to carry all the tree moreover and even tailor... And the tailor drove himself on a branch, whistling a merry tune: "that's how we found our guys Yes right out of the gate", is trying to show that he has this burden is utter nonsense.

The giant pulled a terrible burden on a decent length, exhausted and said, "Hey, I'm a tree!" The tailor immediately jumped down from the branch and grabbed the tree with both hands, as if he was carrying it, and said to the giant: "I Marvel at you! You're such a big man, and can't sneaking tree to take down!"

They went on and on, reached the cherry-tree, the giant grabbed him by the top, around which were the most Mature berries, bent, gave the tailor to take it in hand and began to treat his berries. But the little tailor was much too weak to hold the tree at the top, and when the giant let go the tree sprang back, and the tailor threw up. When he, however, without any harm to himself jumped again from the tree to the ground, the giant asked him: "What is it? Do you have no power and even the whip in his hand to hold?" "Not in force here it is! boldly answered the little tailor. It's a mere trifle for those seven beats! And I wanted to jump through the tree, because I saw that the hunter was shooting at the bushes. Try you to jump on me!" The giant tried to jump, but still through the tree to jump, and could not have hung on the branches, so that here too the little tailor had gained the victory over him.

The giant said, "as you are such a brave, so go with me into our cavern and paranaque with us!" The tailor agreed and followed him.

They came into the cave and saw the little tailor there about the fire and other giants, and each of them had a roasted sheep, which they devoured.

The little tailor looked round and thought: "Yes, more spacious here than in my workshop. The giant showed him a bed, and said, "Lie down upon it, waspish good". But the little tailor was the bed too great; he had not thought to lie on it, and got myself into a corner.

In the midnight giant, thinking that the little tailor was asleep already sound asleep, got up, took a great iron scrap and one hit persib bed in half, and thought that he was of this quality and spirit broke out.

Early next morning the giants went into the forest, and the little tailor, and forgot; and here he comes, whistles quietly. The giants got scared - they thought that he is now all slain, and scattered.

And the little tailor went his way, aimlessly. Walked for a long time and he finally came to the courtyard of the Royal Palace, and as he order potamilla, then stretched out on the grass and fell asleep.

During his sleep came to him from the king's servants, examined it from all sides, and read on his girdle inscription: "the Single stroke seven parivahan".

"Oh, " said they, " why, what needs this hero come in peace time? One can assume that this is not a simple man." Went and told the king, and expressed the opinion that in case of war this stranger could be very useful and that you release it under no trace.

The king of this Council was the matter, and he sent to the little tailor to one of his courtiers, who gave this instruction: "Go, wait until he gets out of whack, and when you Wake up, suggest him to do in my army".

Sent was about a sleeping stranger, waited until he began to stretch and finally his eyes, then he gave him what was instructed to convey the king. "That's it, I for this purpose I came here, " court answered the little tailor, and ready to enter the king's service." Then his honour took into service, and he has been a special housing.

All warriors Royal were very unhappy with the arrival of a tailor, and wished heartily that he had failed in a far away Kingdom. "What is there to wait for good? "they said among themselves. "What kind, if we quarrel with him Yes he us will fall at every stroke of seven as did not happen! Where's our brother with him to compete?"

Then they decided together to go to the king and to ask him to resign. "We never, " said they, " to serve with a man who in one fell swoop seven beats!"

The king was very sorry that because of this one he should lose all his faithful servants; and he wished that he had never seen him, and began to wonder, as if he is the man to get rid of. But he did not dare directly to give him his resignation: "What kind, he will kill me, and the whole army would kill my, Yes my place king will sit".

For a long time he was trying to deal pondered and came up with finally, how he should act.

The king sent for the tailor and ordered him to say, "if you're such a hero, so I that's what you will offer. One of the forests in my Kingdom settled two giant and enormous harm their theft, murder, devastation and arson. Nobody to them and does not dare to approach, without putting his life in the greatest danger. Now, if you're both giants will overpower and kill, then I'll give you my only daughter to wife, and half of my dowry." When the king proposed that the hundred horsemen followed him and gave him all the support.

"That would be something for a man like me, " thought the little tailor, " a beautiful Princess to pick up. Well, Yes and half also not every day advertiseda!"

And he sent to tell the king: "Well, I beat the giants; and the hundred horsemen, I do not need; who is seven in one fell swoop beats, this may not be a terrible two".

So the little tailor went camping, and the hundred horsemen followed him.

Approaching the edge of the forest where the giants lived, he said to his companions: "stay here, and I'm one somehow with the giants will be managed," and slipped away into the forest, and began to look around. A little later he caught sight of both the giants: they slept under a tree, and snored so that the branches above them swayed.

The little tailor, don't be silly, filled both pockets with stones and climbed the tree under which sleeping giants. Climbing down, he sat on a branch just above them and was there to drop one of them stone by stone on his chest.

For a long time he could not make the giant felt it, but still he awoke, pushed his comrade, and said: "why are You hitting me for?" - "You must have dreamed, " said he, " I never thought you beat". And again they fell to sleep.

Then the tailor threw a stone on the second. "What is it? What you wanted to throw rocks?" "Yes I do and do not throw, ' said the first giant and began to grumble. They disputed, but as they were tired, then fell silent and closed his eyes again.

And the little tailor again for the same started: chose the stone Povestea and threw it with all the strength in the breast of the first giant. "Well, it's too much!" cried he, and sprang up like a madman, and pushed his companion against the tree that the tree swayed.

He did not remain in debt, and they both came in such a frenzy that began to tear trees from the ground and the trees to beat each other, until finally both fell down dead on the ground.

Then the little tailor leapt down from the tree. "More happiness, " said he, " that they are not pulled out of the tree on which I was sitting, not that would have me as a squirrel, another jump: well, Yes we do and prompt!" And he drew out his sword, and struck each of the giants on two good kick in the chest; then came out of the woods to the horsemen and said: "it's done! I got them both too much! And hot it was: they are trees with roots were twisted and they fought back, but nothing could against me to do because I'm in one fell swoop seven beat". "And you are not wounded?" asked his companions. "All right, " said the tailor, " I hair is not damaged".

They did not want to believe him, and rode into the forest there they found the giants bloody, and around them lay uprooted trees.

The little tailor demanded of the king the promised reward, and he has already in his word to repent and began to think how he should sell this man with hands. "Before you get the hand of my daughter and the half of my Kingdom as a dowry for her, " said the king, ' you must perform one more feat. In the same forest yaws unicorn, and much of it we suffer misfortune. Here you islove!" - "One of the unicorn I have less fear than the two giants. Seven in one fell swoop - that's my business!"

He took with him an axe and a rope, went into the forest, and again bade to wait on the edge of those who were ordered to accompany him.

He had not far to seek: the unicorn and soon went out to him, and sprang at the tailor, going immediately to pierce him with his horn. "Wait, wait, be quiet! said the tailor. - So soon-it is impossible!" And while the beast really was he bounced, he quickly ducked behind a tree. The unicorn from the whole run was about to crash into a tree and so firmly stuck in the trunk of her sharp horn that was unable immediately to pull out and stood as if on a leash. "Well, now you will not leave me," said the little tailor, tied a rope to the unicorn's neck, then cut down by the axe of his horn out of the tree trunk and quietly brought the beast from the forest and brought to the king.

The king and then not wanted to honour him the promised reward, and invented the third condition. Before the wedding the tailor was to catch him in the forest a terrible boar, which had done great damage to the forest; the Royal huntsmen should give him assistance in this matter.

"Why not catch? said the tailor. This was a trifling matter!" The Rangers he with him into the forest did not have, and they were happy-radestky, for the wild boar had such was their fear that they had no fancy for him to chase.

When the boar caught sight of a tailor, he frothed at the mouth and bared fangs, rushed at him, intending to knock down with the feet; but our trickster managed to jump into the chapel, standing nearby, and from the chapel immediately jumped out the window. The boar ran after him; but he had already run around the chapel and slam her door; fierce animal caught thus, as in a trap, as its thick and clumsy it could not jump out of the window.

So the little tailor called the huntsmen, and they had their own eyes to see captive animals; and our man went to the king, and he alone, willingly or unwillingly, had to finally fulfill his promise and give him his daughter to wife, and half of the dowry.

If he knew and know that the rewards are not a real hero, a little tailor, he would've been more demanding! Anyway, the wedding was celebrated with great splendour and not a lot of fun and here is a simple tailor became king.

After some time the young Queen heard one night, as her husband was talking in his sleep: "Hey, boy! Sew me a vest and zastapi pants, or I'll lay you a hundred yards!" Tight she knew where her husband was born.

She began the next morning to complain to his father and asked that he saved her from her husband - a simple tailor. The king tried to comfort her and said, "the next night not samukai my bedroom, my servants will be really handy, and whenever he falls asleep, they'll go in, bind him and carry on Board a ship that will take him beyond the sea".

The Queen was delighted, but one of the squires of the old king, who had heard the entire conversation and, moreover, was very loyal to the young king, told him about this idea. "Well, I will be able to cope!" said the tailor.

In the evening at the usual hour he went to bed, and his wife also. When she thought that he had fallen asleep, she got up, opened the bedroom door and went back to his place. The little tailor, who was only pretending to sleep, and he heard it all; and now he began to shout loudly: "Small, sew me a vest and zastapi pants, or I'll lay a yard! I seven broke in one fell swoop, killed two giants, unicorn on the rope to the king led, wild boar caught - so will I be afraid of those who are standing outside my room door?"

When they heard this speech of a tailor, they were attacked by a great fear, and they all ran away, as if was chasing them evil; and no one really never meant more to raise a hand against him.

And so it happened that our little tailor, and all his life until his death remained a king.

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