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In one village there lived a poor old woman; and she once got a whole dish of beans and wanted to cook. On the hearth it inflated decent light, and that he was inflamed fun, threw into the fire a bundle of straw.

When she began to pour the beans into the pot, one Bob quietly slipped off the dishes fell to the floor and stood there beside a straw, and then both jumped and a coal of fire from the stove.

Then the straw and said: ' Dear friends, from whence do you come?"

The coal replied: ' I fortunately escaped from the fire, and if I not get it, my death would have been inevitable had gotten me into ashes burn out".

Bob added: "Yeah, and I also somehow survived; and if the old woman would put me in the pot, you would have me to seethe porridge, like all my countrymen." "And I also was lucky, " said a straw, all my brothers old burned and the wind smoke blew from fifty straws at once took a handful, and finished off. But I still lucky enough - slipped from between her fingers."

"And what do we do now?" - asked the comrades ember.

"I think, " replied Bob, " as we happily managed to avoid death, then we must act together as good friends; and so we are here again suffered some misfortune, we should all work together to leave here and move to another country".

This proposal pleased the other two, and they all gathered together in the road.

Soon, however, they came to a little brook, and as there was not thrown no bridge, no plates, they did not know how to cross it.

Straw occurred wise decision, and she said, "I will lay across it, and you will be able to cross over on me as on a bridge".

That's stretched straw from shore to shore, and ember, hot and skorenko by nature, now decided to run on the newly built bridge.

But when he got to the middle of Yes heard him under the lapping of the water, his fear and overcame: he stopped and did not dare to go any further.

The straw caught fire, broke in two and fell into the stream; ember fell into the water after her, hissed in the water and was gone.

Bob, who care still remained on shore, was as hard to laugh at his friends and laughed till finally burst.

Would he disappear, if only for his happiness did not happen immediately wandering tailor: he rested on the Creek Bank.

Pity it's over Babochka, took out a needle and thread and sewed the two halves.

Bob is very thanked him, but as the tailor has been put in black thread instead of white, since all beans remained black seam in the middle.

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