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Many years ago there lived a king and wisdom in the whole Kingdom was famous for. Nothing remained unknown to him, and it seemed that news of the most secret matters like themselves, came to him from everywhere.

But the king had a strange custom; every dinner, when the table have all been removed and no one but himself at the table had a trusted servant had to give him another dish. But the dish that was closed, and the servant that knew not what was on the dish, and no one knew, because the king did not open dishes and have not tasted it yet remained all alone in the room.

For a long time so did it go, and it happened one day that curiosity suddenly overcome servant at that time, when he took the dish from the king's table, so defeated that he is against him could not resist and took away the dish to her room.

Carefully pretvoriv the door, he lifted the lid of the dish and saw that the dish lies a white snake. He hardly glanced at her, as I could not refrain, not to taste; cut a piece and put it in his mouth.

And just as he touched the food with the tongue, as heard outside the window for some strange whistling of many thin Koloskov.

He went to the window and listened, and then learned that it was the sparrows who talked among themselves and each other were talking about all that they are in the field and in the forest I saw.

After tasting meat white snake, the servant received the ability to understand the language of animals.

It happened that on this very day the Queen lost her most beautiful ring, and suspicion of stealing fell exactly on a trusted servant that everywhere had access.

The king called him, began to scold and shout at him, and threatened him that if he will not tell him the perpetrator of the loss, he will be accused of it and tried. In vain the servant assured that he is not guilty, the king did not cancel its decision.

In fear and anxiety came a servant in the castle courtyard and began to ponder how he should extricate himself from his troubles. And then close tikonko were sitting ducks near running water and rested, then oborachivalas, oglivy feathers their wide beaks; they fought among themselves a Frank discussion. The servant stopped and listened.

They told each other where they have been and where good food is found; and one of them said angrily: "I Have something hard in the stomach, I hastily swallowed a ring which lay under the window of the Queen".

Then the servant at once seized her by the neck, pulled off to the kitchen and said to the cook: "Pririe me this, she quite fattening him up". "Yes, " said the cook, and weighed duck on hand, this did not spare labour to feeding: it is long on the spit to be time." He cut her throat, and when he began to attack, and the ring of the Queen was in her innards.

After that it was easy for the servant to prove his innocence, and as the king wanted to make amends for the injustice he suffered to ask yourself what you want the award and promised to give at his court any, the place of honor, whatever he wished. The servant refused everything, and only asked to give him a horse, Yes a little money on the road, because he wanted to look into the light and away and travel.

When his request was fulfilled, he got in the way, and went about the world.

When this journey happened to him one day to pass by the pond, and he saw in the pond three fish, which are caught in the reeds and fought in it on the lack of water. Although they say about fish, if they're dumb, but the servant is clearly heard their complaints that they have so disastrous to die.

The heart of the young man was compassionate - he fell from his horse, and brought down all three fish with a cane in the water. The fun has zapreshalis, put head out of the water and shouted: "We'll watch and thank you for helping us!"

He went further, and a little later, it seemed to him that he hears at his feet in the sand in someone's voice. Was the young man to listen, and heard an ant king complained: "If we somehow get rid of these people and their clumsy animals! That's at least this stupid horse - presses himself my ants with his heavy hoofs without mercy". The young man immediately turned off the road into a side path and the ant-king cried out to him: "We'll consider in debt you can't stay here."

The road led him to the forest and in the forest he saw old crow and voronica, who was thrown out of the nest, nestlings, saying: "Away from here, good. We really you not to feed now fill. Rather you have grown yourself, tea, can now survive. The poor birds were Lima on earth, beating in the wind, slapping his wings and screamed: "the Poor we, helpless! How can we be impregnated, if still can not fly? One and left us to pacolet here with hunger." So the good young man fell from his horse, killed it with his sword and threw his carcass to the crows for food. Those came on the carcass, were filled and shouted to him: "We'll consider in debt you will never forget!"

Went good fellow on foot, walked, Yes walked, and came in a big city.

In the city the streets were noisy, and people everywhere were Packed crowds, and traveled anyone on the streets on horseback and was cyclical that here, they say, she is looking for a spouse, and who wants to Woo, he must perform a tricky task, and if it doesn't fulfill the need for it to pay with their lives. Many, they say, already tried that task to perform, but only in vain his life lost.

But the youth saw the king's daughter was to such an extent blinded by her beauty that he forgot all danger, went to the king and stated his desire to Woo the Princess.

Here and took him to the sea and threw him a gold ring into the waves. Then the king ordered him this ring to get from the bottom of the sea and to his order he added: "If you're going to dive in and swim out without rings, then you will again drop into the water as long as you don't drown in the waves".

All was sorry about a beautiful young man and left him on the shore of the sea. And there he stood on the shore and wondered how he could be; suddenly saw emerge from the sea bottom three fish, and fish are the ones that he lives saved. The middle one held in the mouth of the shell, which it laid on the shore at the feet of men; and when the sink is raised and opened, it was a gold ring.

The young man was delighted, took the ring to the king and expected that he would grant him the promised reward. But the proud Princess, knowing that he is not her equal by birth, contemptuously turned away from him and demanded that he perform another task.

She went down into the garden, and she threw it ten full bags of millet. "Tomorrow at sunrise, " she said, " he has all the millet to pick up, so that no seed is not lost."

The young man sat down in the garden under the tree, and began to think how he should perform this task; however, all I could think of and was grieved, and expected that, with the rising of the sun will have his punishment.

But when the first rays of the sun sunk down into the garden he saw all the ten sacks standing in front of him full-full, to the last grain! Ant-king had come in the night with thousands and thousands of ants, and the grateful insects with great zeal have worked on the collection of millet and bucked it in the bags.

The king's daughter herself came down into the garden and saw with surprise that the young man has performed a difficult task. But she could not yet conquer her proud heart, and said: ' Although he has performed both the tasks posed to him, but not to visit him, my husband, before he can make me an Apple from the tree of life".

The young man did not know where grows the tree of life, however, took the road and decided to go forth, until it will bear frisky feet. But he had not thought this tree to find.

Here he went and has already passed through three kingdoms, when one evening he entered a forest, sat under a tree and was going to sleep; suddenly hears a noise and rustling in the branches, and a Golden Apple falls right into his hand. At the same time fell down from the tree three ravens sat down to his knee and said, "We are those three little crow, whom you saved from starving to death. When we grew up Yes I heard what you're looking for an Apple from the tree of life, then we flew over the sea, on the edge of the world, where the tree of life and now I have brought you forth this Apple."

Good fellow happy, went back to the beauty of the daughter, and brought her the Golden Apple. Then that I had no more excuses.

They divided the Apple from the tree of life and ate it together; and he filled her heart with love for the young man, and they are indestructible happiness lived to a ripe old age.

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