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In a certain Kingdom there lived a poor man, who could no longer support his only son.

Then he said to his son: "Dear father, you are so bad at life I see that I am a burden; it is better you let me go, and I'll go try himself to earn his bread." Then the father had blessed him with great sadness took leave of him.

And just about this time one of the powerful king was at war with a neighboring state; the young man came to him and went to war.

And when the armies met, and a battle took place, he was exposed to great danger: around him and poured lead peas, many of his comrades were killed.

And when the chief captain was killed, everything was going to run away; but the youth stepped forward, encouraged them with his speech and said: "let's Not let our Fatherland perish!"

Then followed him and all the others, he moved forward and hit the enemy.

When the king heard that he owed the victory, he raised him above all the others, gave him great wealth, and he became the Kingdom's first dignitary.

The king had a daughter who was very beautiful, but she was also very strange. She vowed that will choose his wife and the Lord, who promises her with her living to lie down in the grave, if she died before her husband. "If he I just love, " she said, " of what use to him and to live after my death?"

But she was willing to do the same in the case of the death of her husband and said she was with him will go down to the grave.

This strange vow was scared of the king's daughter all her suitors; but the young man was so captivated by her beauty that he has no looked and became the king to marry his daughter. "Do you know, " asked the king, " what thou must promise?" "I got together with her to lie down in the grave, " said he, " if I will survive; but my love is so great that I am the danger".

Then the king gave his consent, and the wedding was held with great pomp.

Lived a young man with a wife some time in love and harmony, and then it so happened that the young Princess fell ill some very serious illness, and no doctor was able to cure her.

When she died, the young man remembered his promise, and he got frightened at the thought that now will live to lie with his wife in the grave; but it was inevitable that the king had set guards at all the gates, and he had to submit to their fate.

When it was the day of the funeral the corpse was lowered into the Royal crypt, her husband brought there and the entrance to the tomb was shut and locked.

Near the coffin was placed a table, the four candles, four loaves of bread, and four bottles of wine. When this stock is used up, the young man will have to say goodbye to life.

And now he sat there, mournful and sad, ate every day only a piece of bread, drinking only a mouthful of wine and still saw the death that day, he was getting closer and closer.

And now, being trapped in these sorrowful reflections on the fate before him, the young man suddenly saw a snake that had crawled out from a corner of the vault and approach the dead body. The young man thought that the snake crawled up to be the corpse of his wife, and he drew his sword and said, "as long as I live, you will not touch her!" - cut the snake into three pieces.

Some time later, he crawled out and another snake from the corner of the dungeon; but seeing that the first snake is carved to pieces, I immediately crawled into its hole and returned, holding in his mouth three green leaves. Then it took the three pieces of the snake, as they ought to be, and every cut made on the leaf. And immediately the severed parts are fused, the snake stirred and came to life, and both hurriedly crawled into its hole.

The leaves remained on the floor, and the unfortunate young man who had seen it all, it occurred to me that maybe the miraculous power of the leaves, livening up the snake, may similarly be affected person.

So he picked up the leaves and laid one of them on the mouth of his dead wife, and the other two on her eyes. And hardly had he done this, the blood began to turn in her veins and blush again played on pale cheeks.

She sighed deeply, opened his eyes and said, "Oh, my God! Where am I?" "You with me, dear wife!" - he answered, and told her how it all happened and how he had brought her back again to life.

He then gave her some wine and bread, and when she had regained her strength, then rose from the grave, and they went together to the door of the crypt and began to knock and shout so loudly that the guards heard upstairs, and told the king.

The king himself came down and opened the door, and seeing a daughter and son-in-law alive and healthy, was heartily glad that they got rid of the great disaster.

The young man took from the tomb three snake leaves, gave them to his servant and said, "Put them poberejnii and at all times carry with him: who knows, maybe they us again and another time will come in handy."

And I must say that the king's daughter, which the young husband reawakened to life, suddenly there was a dramatic change: it seemed that the heart had gone out of her love for her husband.

When he after some time decided to visit his old father and his wife boarded a ship to go to sea, she forgot all his love and devotion and the fact that he saved her from death, began to show a clear tendency to sailor.

And once, when young her husband was asleep, she is the sailor called, and they both grabbed the sleeping young man by the head and feet, threw overboard a ship at sea. When this deed was done, she said to the sailor: "I will come back and say that her husband is the way he died. And I so to my father prescribe and will vahaly that he will give me to marry you and you will pass with his crown".

But the faithful servant, who saw everything, quietly managed to unhook a small boat from the ship, got into it, swam after his master, and gave the traitors go. He pulled his master out of the water already dead, but with three snake-leaves, which he always carried with you, safely made it.

They both began to row with all their strength, rowing day and night, and the boat raced so swiftly that they previously large ship came to the old king.

He was very surprised that they come back alone, and asked what happened to them in the way? When he heard the wickedness of his daughter, he said: "do Not dare to believe that she could so badly to do; and yet, though soon she will be found out".

And ordered his son-in-law and to his servant to retire to a secret room and shelter for all.

Soon after arrived, and a large ship, and dogsleding came to father with a troubled face. He asked her: "Why do you come back alone? Where is your husband?" - "Oh, father, " answered she, " I come home in the great tribulation: my husband during the voyage suddenly fell ill and died, and if a good sailor has not given me any help, and I also probably has a chance to be; he was present at the death of my husband and can do anything to tell you in details.

Then the king said, "I'll raise your late husband," and suddenly unlocked a secret room and called out his son-in-law and his faithful servant.

Seeing her husband, the Princess, as if struck by lightning, fell on his knees and begged for mercy. But the king said: "there is No mercy! He was ready to die with thee and thee awakened to life, and you've killed it during sleep and therefore must suffer deserved punishment!"

And here she was, along with his accomplice planted in a leaky ship and taken out to sea, where they soon waves absorbed accomplices.

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