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In the great forest on the edge of the forest lived a poor woodcutter with his wife and two children: a boy was called Hansel and the little girl - Gretel.

The poor man was in the family and of sorrow and hungry; and since it is more expensive, he and daily bread are sometimes not used.

So one night he lay in bed, wondering and barocas from side to side from worries, and said to his wife with a sigh: "I do Not know as us to be! How are we children to feed, when and by then there's nothing to eat!" "And you know what, husband, ' answered the wife, " tomorrow quite early bring children into the forest; there'll build them light and each will give one little piece of bread in stock, and then go to work and leave them there alone. They will not find the way home again, and we get rid of them". "No, wife, ' said the man, " I will not do that. Unbearable for me my kids in the woods alone to leave - even, perhaps, will come the wild animals and devour." - "Oh, fool, fool! "she answered. - So perhaps it would be better, as the four of us are going to die of hunger, and you know strohi Board for coffins".

And until his teeth, he finally agreed. "And yet I was sorry for the poor children," he said, and even agreeing with his wife.

And children from hunger, too, to fall asleep, and could not heard what their stepmother had said to their father. Gretel wept bitter tears, and said to Hansel: "Lost our heads!" - Full, Gretel, ' said Hansel, " don't be sad! I will somehow manage to help trouble".

And when her father and stepmother had fallen asleep, he got up, put on her dress, opened the door, and slipped out of the house.

Month shining brightly, and the white pebbles, which were lying in front of the house glittered like a coin. Hansel bent down and scored so many of them in the pocket of his dress, how to get could.

Then came home and said to his sister: "Calm down and fall asleep with God: he will not leave us". And lay down in his bed.

Just as day dawned still and the sun was rising - came to the children's stepmother and tried to Wake up: "Well, well, bodymates, lazy, go into the wood".

Then she gave each a little piece of bread for lunch and said, "Here is bread for lunch, and look before dinner not eat, because it is more-you will get nothing".

Gretel took the bread to go under the apron, because Hansel pocket was polphonic stones. And so they all went together into the forest.

After a little, Hansel stopped and looked back at the house, and then again and again.

Father asked him: "Hansel, what are you going to yawn and fall behind? Allow me here to add step". - "Ah, father, ' said Hansel, " I look at my little white kitten: she was sitting there on the roof, like me forgiven".

The stepmother said, "Fool! Yes it does and does not kitty your and white trumpet shines in the sun. But Hansel had not thought to look at the cat, he just quietly threw out on the street out of your pocket for the stone.

When they came into the thicket of the forest, the father said, "Well, collect, kids, dead wood, and I will make you a light, so you won't be cold".

Hansel and Gretel brought the wood and piled it Gora mountain. The fire was kindled, and when the fire broke out, the stepmother said, "Now, lie down by the fire, kids, and relax; we will go into the forest and chop wood. When we are finished, we will return to you and will take with him.

Hansel and Gretel sat by the fire, and when it was lunch hour, they ate their slices of bread. And as they heard the strokes of the axe, and they thought that their father somewhere here, close by.

And he had picked up-then it's not an axe, but a simple bitches that father tied to a withered tree: his wind swung and hit them on the tree.

Sat they sat, they had eyes to stick with fatigue, and they fell asleep.

When they woke up, there was a dark night. Gretel began to weep and to say, "As we are from the forest go?" But Hansel comforted her: "Wait just a little while, until the month rises, then we shall find the way."

And just as rose in the sky full month, Hansel took his little sister by the hand and went looking for the road on the pebbles, which shone like newly minted coins, and showed them the way.

All night long they walked, and at dawn they came to their father's home. Had they knocked in the door, and when the wife opened the door and saw who was knocking, he said to them: "Oh, you mean the kids that you've had paspalis in the woods? We thought you and not return."

And father very happy: him and so conscience tormented that he left them alone in the forest.

Soon after the need has arrived again terrible, and the children heard the stepmother one night once again began to speak to his father: "once again We all ate; in stock we just polkarama bread, and there too, and the song end! Guys we need to get rid of, and we drive them even further into the forest consider that they too could not find the way home. And then we disappear together with them have.

Hard was the heart of the father, and he thought: "it would be Better if you and the last crumbs had shared with his lетками". But the wife and listen to him didn't want to, scolded him and told him all sorts of accusations.

"He called himself Lactarius, and get in the back!" - says the proverb; and he: gave my wife the first time, had to give up and second.

While the kids were awake and talking listened. When the parents were asleep, Hansel, like last time, got up, and wanted to recruit pebbles, but the stepmother had locked the Door, and the boy couldn't get out of the house. But he appeased sister and told her: "do Not cry, Gretel, and sleep well. God will help us".

Early in the morning the wife came and pulled the children out of bed. They received the piece of bread is still less than what was given to them last time.

On the way into the forest Hansel was akrosil his piece in his pocket, frequently stopped and dropped a crumb on the ground.

"Hansel, what are you all stop and look, " said his father, " go your way". - "I look at my pigeon, which is sitting on the roof and said goodbye to me, ' answered Hansel. "Simpleton! "said the stepmother. - This is not your dove: this tube is white in the sun.

But Hansel still little by little managed to throw all the crumbs on the road.

The stepmother further brought children into the forest, where they had never been.

Again was divorced a big fire, and the stepmother said to them: "Sit for a minute here, and if you get tired, you can sleep a little: we will go into the forest to cut wood, and in the evening, as will finish the work, will come after you and take you with me."

When it was lunch hour, Gretel shared her piece of bread with Hansel, who had his portion smashed it on the road.

Then they fell asleep, and it was towards evening set, and yet no one came to the poor children.

Woke up already, when it was dark night, and Hansel, comforting his sister, saying, "Wait, Gretel, now rise the month, then we all bread krolicki will see that I threw at him and find a way home."

But here is the month came, and they were gathered together in the way and could not find a single crumb, because thousands of birds fluttering in the forest and in the field, has long been the crumbs picked it up.

Hansel said to his sister: "will somehow find the way" - but the roads are not found.

So they went all night and another day from morning to evening and still could not come out from the forest and were terribly hungry, because they had to eat some berries, which in some places were found on the road. And as they tired and languor already barely on his feet kept, then they again went under the tree and fell asleep.

It was the third morning since then, as they left the parental home. They went again through the forest, but how many went all only went deeper into the thicket him, and if he had not come to their relief, they would have them die.

In the afternoon they saw before him a beautiful snow-white bird; she sat on the branch and sang so sweetly that they stopped and began her singing to listen. When he had finished his song, she spread her wings and flew, and they went with her, until we came to the little house, on the roof where the bird sat.

Approaching the hut closer, they saw that she was all out of bread constructed and biscuits covered, Yes the Windows-it was pure sugar.

"Now we will go, " said Hansel, " and let's eat. I now eat a piece of the roof, and you, Gretel, can imagine from the window piece to break it, I suppose, sweet". Hansel reached up and broke off a chunk of the roof to try how it tasted, and Gretel came to the window and began to obgadyat his windowsill.

Here from the hut suddenly he heard a squeaky voice:

Knock-brace under the window -
Who me knocking at the house?

And the kids on it said:

Wind, wind, wind.
Clear skies son! and kept on eating.

Hansel, who roof tasted awful taste, broke yourself a decent piece of it, and Gretel dropped off a whole round okonite immediately from the cabin sat down and enjoyed at leisure - and suddenly sprang open the door to the cabin, and an old woman came out of her, leaning on his crutch.

Hansel and Gretel were so scared that even dropped their tidbits from his hands. But the old woman only shook his head and said, "uh, detusche who it is your business here? Enter here to me and stay with me, evil from me no you won't."

She took the children by the hand, and brought them into his izbushka. There on the table was already rich foods: milk and sugar cookies, apples and nuts. And then the children were fitted with two neat little bed, and Hansel with my sister when I lay down in them, thought that in the Paradise hit.

But the old woman-only pretended to be affectionate, but in fact she was the evil witch that children were trapped and bread to the house of his only and built to lure.

When some kid came in her paws, she was killed, cooked the meat and ate, and it was for her holiday. The eyes of the red witch and not farsighted, but flair they have the same thin, like the beasts, and from afar can smell the approach of a person. When Hansel and Gretel were still only came up to her hut, she angrily scoffed and said mockingly: "These I have got - I suppose, not to escape from me."

Early in the morning before the children were awake, she was already up, and when I saw how they sweetly sleep and as a blush playing on their full cheeks, she muttered to herself: "Tasty it will be a piece!"

Then she took Hansel in his hard hands and broke it in a little cage, and propped it latticed door: he could scream all you want, no one could be heard. Then she came to my sister pushed her and shouted: "Well, get up, lazy-bones, nataska water, cook his brother something tasty: I was put in a special cell and going to fatten. When he fatten, I eat".

Gretel started to cry, but the tears in vain spent she had all that to do what her evil witch demanded.

And now the poor Hansel cook the most delicious food, and his sister was left alone leftovers.

Every morning was the way the old woman into his cage and cried: ' Hansel, stretch me the finger, let your legs soon you will fatten?" But Hansel had pushed her through the bars of the pit, and sighted the old woman could not find his antics and taking a bone for Hansel's finger, and was astonished at the fact that he's not getting fat.

When it has been four weeks and Hansel all still gorged, then the old woman was overcome with impatience, and she didn't want to wait any longer. "Hey you, Gretel, ' she screamed sister - the faster your water: tomorrow I want Hansel to slaughter and cook - what is it there neither is, thin or fat!"

Ah, lamented the poor little sister, when she had to carry water, and what big tears rolled down her cheeks! "Dear God! "she cried. - Help you us! If wild animals killed us in the forest, so we would at least both died!" - "Stop that nonsense grind! - shouted at her the old woman. Anyway nothing will not help you!"

Early in the morning, Gretel had to go out, hang a pot with water and make a fire under it.

"First, let's biscuits, " said the old woman, " I'm furnace flooded and the dough was kneaded".

And she pushed poor Gretel to the oven, from which flames even out out.

"Get in there, " said the witch, " and see whether you have enough in her heat and can be planted in her bread."

And when Gretel leaned over to peek in the oven, the witch was about to close the oven damper: "Let there she baked, and then eat it too".

However Gretel realized that in her mind, and said: "I don't know where to go, how to get to the inside?" "Dorisa! - said the old woman. "But the mouth from the stove so widely that I'd go there to get could", " Yes, going to the stove, and put it in her head.

Then Gretel pushed back the witch that she once found herself in the oven, and closed for the witch chimney damper, and even bolt pushed.

Wow, how scary howled then the witch! But Gretel from the stove ran off, and the wicked witch was there to burn.

And Gretel meanwhile rushed straight to Hansel, opened the cage and shouted: "Hansel! We're saved witches no more

Then Hansel was out of the cage like a bird when she opens the door.

Oh, how they were delighted, as we hugged each other, as was jumping around like kissing! And because they really there was no one to be afraid of, they went to the hut of the witch, in which all the angles were boxes with pearls and precious stones. "Well, these stones even better naked," said Hansel, and stuffed them in his pockets as he stood; and there, and Gretel said: "I want a little bit of these stones to take home," and poured them full apron.

"Well, now it is time to go our way, " said Hansel, " to get out of this enchanted forest".

And they went, and after two hours they came to a big lake. "We don't go, ' said Hansel, - I do not see neither gerlinky, neither the bridge". "And the boat no no, " said the sister. - But there swims a white duck. If I will, of course, she will help us over".

And shouted duck:

The duck is beautiful!
Help us to be forwarded;
Neither the bridge nor gerlinky,
Perevezu us on the back.

Duck immediately to them swam, and Hansel sat down to her back and began to shout, sister, so that she sat with him around. "No, ' replied Gretel, the duck will be hard; it's both of us take turns".

Did a good duck, and after they crossed safely and some time even walked through the forest, the forest has come to seem more and more familiar, and finally they saw in the distance the house of his father.

Then they ran away, ran up to the house, burst in upon him and rushed to his father's neck.

The poor fellow was not a happy hour since he had left the children in the forest; and the stepmother had died.

Gretel immediately emptied all his apron and pearls and precious stones and scattered throughout the room, and Hansel also became their handfuls out of his pocket.

Here it is about the food didn't have to think, and they began to live Yes to live, so enjoy.

My fairy tales end.
Runs through the forest Fox.
Who will be able to catch it,
The coat you've got it.

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