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There was on girl lenvica and spin not the hunter, and like a mother to forced, and get the spin I could not.

Finally, and before it came, that the mother suffered, angry and beat his daughter, and she became the voice of crying.

Just at this time rode past the Queen, and when he heard crying, ordered the horses to stop, went into the house and asked the mother, for which she beats her daughter that her screams can be heard even on the street.

The woman was ashamed to discover laziness of her daughter and so she said, "Yes that does it from the yarn beat - everyone wants to spin Yes spin, and I am poor and can't for her to have flax enough".

Then the Queen answered: "I just love to spin and be more satisfied, when all around me rustle wheel samopal: release your daughter with me in my castle where I have Lino pretty, can spin as much as you want".

Mother was Radchenko, and the Queen took the girl with her. Upon arrival at the castle, the Queen led the girl up and showed her three rooms, from top to bottom full of the most wonderful flax. "That's pereprav me this whole flax, " said the Queen, " and when will purepages, I'll give married to my eldest son shall not see me and that you are poor - your tireless effort to replace your dowry".

The poor girl was terrified: she could not think to pererasti such strength of flax, at least she was over him and three hundred years, sat, and would work from morning till night tirelessly.

Left alone, she began to cry and so for three days he sat, his finger not moving her.

On the third day came the Queen, and was very surprised to see that no napredno; but the girl apologized that she was very homesick, his mother, and therefore does not begin to work. The Queen listened to her, but leaving her, said: "tomorrow you should start to work".

When the girl once again left alone, I did not know what she was doing, and grief came to the window.

Suddenly sees include the courtyard three women: one foot wide-presiosa and prelusory, the other the lower lip is so big that on the chin, and the third the thumb on the hand is huge!

They stopped in front of the window, looked up and asked the girl what she grieve? She began to complain to them for their trouble, and then those offered her his help and said: "If thou us to their wedding invite, we will not be ashamed of and call their aunts Yes at the table with guests put, we are your linen will napratem and then in a very short time". - "With all my heart, " answered the girl; " come in now, and get to work".

Then let it these same women to himself and in the first room, with linen gave them the recess in which they sat down and began to spin. One pulled a thread of tow and twirling the wheel, the other to moisten the thread, the third twisted thread and was tapping his fingers on the table, and as it turns and falls to the ground a known amount of yarn, and, moreover, very thin.

From the Queen she hid her three prah, and when that came, only showed her on a pile of yarn, so she didn't know how to praise it. When the first room was empty, went for a second, and then the third, so that at last all was finished.

Then three women-Diego velazquez. spinner shook hands with the girl and told her: "don't forget to keep your promise to us - including your happiness".

When the girl showed the Queen the empty room and a huge pile of yarn, she began to prepare the wedding, and the groom in advance was glad that his wife is going to have such a skilled and diligent, and delighted she could not. "I have three aunts, " said the maiden Queen, and I seen a lot of good, I can't forget about them in happiness, so allow them to invite to the wedding and put us at the same table". The Queen and the groom said, "Why don't you permit?"

When the event began, three women entered the hall, a very oddly dressed, and the bride, turning to him, said, "welcome, dear aunt!" - "Ah, " said the groom, " how can you be friends with these freaks?"

Then he walked over to one of the three prah, with a wide foot, and said, "how is it that you have feet that big?" - "On the pressure, " said she, " from the pressure.

Then he went up to the second and asked: "Why do you have such a great hanging lip?" - "Licking, " she said, " from wetting".

Then he asked the third: "Why do you have such a great big finger?" "From the twisting thread, " said she, " from the twisting thread".

The Prince was frightened and said to myself: "Oh my-beautiful-wife and not touching the wheel charkas".

And got rid of it from having to spin this obnoxious linen yarn!

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