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There was a man whose wife died; and there was the wife, whose husband died. And the widower is left the daughter, and the widow is a daughter of the same. The girls were between a familiar and together they play for a walk and then went into the house to the widow.

And became a widow to speak of the daughter of widower: "Hark thee, tell your father that I want to marry and then what do you each morning in milk though, swimming and wine drink plenty, and my daughter and the water will be full".

The girl went home and told his father that he said. The man said, "What can I do? Marry - happy, Yes marry same - and aplacasse". Finally, not knowing what to do, he took off his boots and said to the daughter: "Take this boots (in his sole hole), go to the attic, put boots on a large nail, and also pour water into the boot. If the water hold - I'll take a second wife; can't resist - can't."

The girl did as she was told; but water from the soles up, and the hole was covered, and the boot was full to the rim with water. The she went and told her father. He climbed the ladder, and when he saw that she was telling the truth, then he went to the widow, for her hand in marriage and got married.

The next morning after the wedding, when the two girls stood before vdotool daughter stood milk to wash in and wine to drink, and before's daughter - water to wash in and water to drink.

The next morning the water is for drinking and water for washing was the same and before vdotool, and before's daughter.

On the third morning the water for washing and drinking water faced vdotool daughter, and milk to wash in and wine to drink - before's daughter; and so it remained.

The stepmother stepdaughter hated and didn't know how her day worse life to ruin. Moreover, she was jealous because her daughter was beautiful and pretty, and her daughter is ugly and disgusting.

One day in winter when the ground is frozen like a stone, and upon the mountains and valleys everywhere snow lay deep, stepmother made the stepdaughter dress made of paper, called her and said, "Here, put on this dress, go to the forest and bring me a basket of strawberries; I really this berry wanted!" - "Oh, my God, " said the maiden, " but in the winter what is the strawberry? And the ground is frozen, and all snow covered. And why should I go out in the woods in a paper dress? Because the yard is so cold that takes your breath away. Sort of dress and the wind will blow, and the thorns will tear him to shreds in my body." - "I dare you even to contradict? - cried the mother. - Piss off yeah don't you dare me to seem, until you gain a basket full of strawberries!"

Then she gave her another piece of stale bread and said: "This day you can soak". And she thought: "She's in the forest will freeze and will pacolet hunger - so maybe I will never see".

The maiden listened stepmother, put on a paper gown and went out of the house with the basket. Everywhere everywhere and it was obvious that the snow under him not sticking out one green bilinski.

When she came into the forest, she saw a little hut; from the window of the house looked out with three little men. She greeted them and modestly knocked on their door. Those shouted: "Come in!" and she entered the room and sat on the bench near the stove; they wanted it to warm up and eat your bread.

Three tiny little man said, "and Share with us his piece". - "Willing to share", she said, and broke the piece in half and gave them half. They asked her: "What are you doing here in the woods in winter, and even in your little thin frock?" - "Oh, " she answered, " I'm here to get a basket of strawberries and without it not go home".

When she had eaten her bread, they gave her a broom and told her to Go and sweep broom snow around back door".

And just as she went out the door, they began to confer among themselves: "What would give her because she's so nice and kind, and for what had shared her bread with us?"

Then the first said, "I will reward her because she day by day look better will be."

The second said, "I will reward her that she has for every word on the piece of gold shall fall from his mouth."

The third said, "And I will achieve that king will come and take her for his wife".

Meanwhile, the girl did what she was ordered three man: rasmala snow broom behind the hut, and what was there? Ripe strawberries, which was exposed from under the snow its dark red berries!

Rada-Radchenko, she gathered these berries basket full, then thanked the little men and each of them shook hands, and ran home to give her what she wanted from it.

When she entered the house and said, "good evening", she suddenly dropped a piece of gold out of his mouth.

Then she began to tell him everything with her in the forest happened, and that neither the word, then her mouth fell tenner for a tenner, so that soon the whole room was littered with them.

"What kind of importance that it throws money!" said outside daughter. But actually she secretly envied daughter and also had the desire to go into the woods for wild strawberries.

The mother was advised against it: "No, my dear daughter, and cold, and a cold can." But since the all insisted, that at last the mother gave, her a splendid fur coat, which she had to wear, and gave her to himself a slice of bread and butter and cakes to eat on.

The daughter went into the forest and straight to the little house. Those three little men still stared out the window, but she did not bow, and, without bowing to them, not even giving them a glance, went into the house, sat down to the stove and began to be their bread and butter and his cake.

"Tell us!" - shouted to her men, but she answered: "Me and herself a little, so how can I give away going?"

When she its entire stock had eaten, they said to her: "Here's your broom, podi sweep us clean the snow in front of the rear door. "And go and do it yourselves, " answered outside daughter, " I am not your maid".

When she saw that they don't want to give her, she went out to the door.

Then the three little men come to an agreement among themselves: "What would we give for the fact that it is so unpleasant, and her heart is wicked jealous that no one please?"

And the first one said, "I will reward her because it day by day becomes more ugly".

The second said, "I will reward her that she has every word will fall from the mouth of a toad".

The third said, "I will reward her that she will die a shameful death.

And outside the girl was looking looked in the woods strawberry, found nothing and evil, vicious returned home.

And she opened her mouth to tell her mother that in the forest happened to her, as they stood at her on her every word sprang out of the mouth of the toad, so much and so often that it all soon tired.

That was the stepmother even more angry at his stepdaughter, which every day became more beautiful, and thought about how to do her some grievous Woe.

Finally she took the kettle, set it on fire and began to boil wool yarn.

When the yarn precipates, she shouldered it poor girl, gave her an axe and sent it down to the river, let, like, there is a hole will open and all the yarn will rinse.

The stepdaughter was obedient, went to the river and began to cut a hole in the ice.

And when cut, out of nowhere, drove up to the place magnificent carriage, in which sat the king himself.

The carriage stopped, and the king asked: "my Child, who are you and what are you doing there?" - "I am a poor girl and rinse wool yarn".

Then the king felt pity for her and seeing that she was very beautiful, and said to her: "do you want me to go?" - "Oh, Yes, I heartily wish it," she answered, glad that he could flee from the sight of his mother and sister.

And here she sat in the carriage and drove away with the king, and when she came to the Royal Palace, her marriage with the king was celebrated with great splendour, in accordance with those advantages, which gave the stepdaughter of little men in the wood.

A year later the young Queen gave birth to a son, and when the stepmother heard about her great happiness, then came with his daughter to the castle and pretended like he wants to visit a pregnant woman.

When the king has somehow gone away and anyone in the room of the Queen was not the evil woman grabbed the unfortunate head, and her daughter - legs, and threw it out the window right into the river that flowed past the castle.

Then the old woman put her ugly daughter on the bed and covered her with a blanket over his head.

When the king came back and wanted to speak with his wife, the old woman cried out to him: "no, No, now we can't tell you but she is the strongest perspiration, today you should leave her alone."

King nothing wrong came in his head and he went back into the bedchamber wife only the next morning; but when he began to talk with his wife, and she to answer him, he saw that with every word of her mouth jumped out toad, meanwhile, had dropped a piece of gold. Then the king asked what it means; but the old woman said that the Queen of this happened from a strong esparina and that it will pass.

And at night saw a young as sailed out of the river by a groove in Utica and said:

- King, what's wrong?"
Sleep or not sleep for you the night sometimes?

And, receiving no answer, she continued:

- And what to my guests?

Then the student answered:

- Sleeping, that in the churchyard.

And she asked:

- And what to my child?

And he answered:

- "He sleeps in his cradle.

Then the bird turned to the Queen and went to the top of the castle, gave her child up his bed, covered him up again, and then grey Utica sailed through the groove in the river.

So she came two nights in a row, and the third told the student: "Go and tell the king that he picked up his sword, and swung his arm three times on me when I stand on the threshold".

Ran the student and said to the king, and he came with a sword three times and waved them over vision.

And on the third stroke his wife stood before him imaginechina and zdorovenko as before happened.

The king was greatly rejoiced, but he hid the Queen in a special room until the Sunday, which was supposed to be the christening of the baby.

And when the baby was baptized, the king said: "What punishment should designate the person who will take the sleep out of bed and throws him in the water?" - "Such a villain, " said the wife, " it would be best to put in a barrel, lined inside with nails, and the barrel roll you down from the mountain in the water."

The king answered: "You pronounced your own sentence!"

He ordered to bring a barrel, it is planted in her the old woman with her daughter and ordered the hard drive in the bottom of the barrel; the barrel has Katili from the mountain directly into the river.

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