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Somewhere far away, in the fairy Kingdom, lived a husband and a wife, who for many years in a row in vain wanted to have children; wife finally got to hope that God will fulfill her wish.

In the back of their house was a small window, from which was visible excellent garden, filled with the finest flowers and plants.

But he was surrounded by a high wall, and no one dared to go there, because he belonged to the witch, who had an extensive power, and all were afraid.

One day the wife stood at the window and looked out into the garden, and saw a bed, on which grew a beautiful onion bells, such fresh and beautiful her eyes flared up.

And she felt an irresistible urge to taste the salad bulbs garden bells.

Wish every day increased, and because she knew that it was impossible to get it completely broke down, pale and sad.

Then her husband was alarmed, and asked: "what's wrong with you, dear wife?" - "Ah! "she answered. - If I can't eat salad bulbs garden bells that grow in the garden behind our house, I will not survive. The husband who loved her very much, he said to himself: "I will not allow the death of his wife and get these bulbs, why would I at any cost".

In the twilight he climbed over the wall into the garden of the enchantress, hastily dug a handful of rampion, and brought his wife. She at once made herself a salad and ate with great pleasure.

But this dish liked it so much that the next day she still wanted more to eat. For her calm had her husband again to get into the garden.

And he's in the twilight again went down there, but just climbed over the wall, as was very scared, because he found himself face to face with the witch. "How dare you, " she said, angrily glanced at him to climb in my garden? This" you will not be a waste!" - "Ah! he said. - Change the temper justice with mercy; from needs decided on this: my wife saw your bells from the window and so eager that it seems there would be her death, if not give her a salad to eat".

Then the witch postles in anger and said to him: "If it is as you say, I will allow you to pick how many you want bulbs, but only on one condition: you have to give me the child which your wife will be born. She will have me well and I will care for it like a mother".

In fright, he agreed, and when his wife God gave his daughter, appeared immediately sorceress, called baby Bell and took to himself.

Bell was a pretty girl. When she was twelve years old, the enchantress shut her into a tower in the forest, and in the tower had no doors, no stairs, only at the very top a small window.

When the witch wanted to get into the tower, then walked up to her and shouted from below:

Later spit down their!

And the hair of the girls were wonderful, as fine as gold yarn.

Hearing the voice of the witch", she untied their tresses, wrapped them at the top near the window shutter, and then her hair Golden wave was wadali twenty cubits below the window, and the sorceress on them climbed up.

Two years later it happened the forest to pass the king's son, and his way lay past the tower. And he heard the singing tower, which was so nice that he stopped and listened.

It sang a recluse in her solitude she tried to pass the time, amused her sweet voice.

The king's son wanted to climb the tower and looked for the entrance, but the door there was none.

He went home; but the song really touched his heart, that every day he went into the forest and listened to it.

Once he stood near the tower, under a tree, and saw that approached the witch, and heard it shouted from the bottom up:

Later spit down their!

The girl lowered her braided tresses, and the enchantress climbed up by them on the top of the tower.

"If on the top of the tower on this ladder we go, " thought the Prince, " so I too will someday try".

And the next day, after dark, he went to the tower and cried:

Later spit down their!

Immediately went down the spit from the top, and the king's son climbed on him to the tower.

At first she was very scared when it came man, and she is none and eyes have ever seen!

But the Prince spoke to her very kindly, and told her how his heart was touched by her singing and how since then he could not rest until he had seen.

Then she and the fear disappeared, and when he asked if she would take him for her husband, and she saw that he was young and beautiful, she thought, "I'll be sweeter than the old Hosel". The so-called witch.

And she said Yes, and gave him a hand.

She said, "I will gladly go with you, but I do not know as me to go down. When will you come to me, then thou shalt offer every time with him skein silk: I'm out of it I will weave a ladder, and when she is ready I will descend, and you will take me with him on the horse."

They agreed that he would visit her every night because in the morning came the woman.

The witch, for his part, took no notice, until one day a girl asked her: "Tell me, please, Mrs. Hosel, why is it that I am much harder you climb up here on the tower than the young king's son? That in one moment it here!" - "Oh, you godless! - cried the witch. What I hear from you? I thought you from all over the world were removed, and yet you have deceived me!"

In her anger she grabbed lovely girl's hair, wrapped them twice with the left hand while the right took the scissors - and time again! - cut hair, and the lovely braids lay on the ground sorceress. Not UDOVOLSTVIE that the sorceress was so ruthless that took her into the wild wilderness, where she had to live in great grief and hardship.

On the same day, murdering the girl, the witch tower in the evening and secured spit upstairs to the window-shutter, and when the king's son came and cried:

Later spit down their!

then she let the hair down, the king's son climbed up him up, but met not your sweet, and the witch gave him an angry stare. "A-ha! "she said sarcastically. "You came for your darling, but the beautiful bird sits no longer in the nest, and sings no more; the cat has got her, Yes, and you eyes will polycarpe! Yes! You really never see."

The king's son took such sorrow that he, in despair, threw himself from the tower: not killed to death, but the thorns into which he fell, put out his eyes. So he wandered through the forest, eating nothing but roots and berries, and bitterly mourned the loss of his dearest wife.

For many years he wandered about in misery and finally got into the wilderness, where poverty was his sweetheart along with the twins that she had.

Then he suddenly heard a voice that seemed familiar to him; he went straight to the voice and, when approached, Bell knew him and with tears rushed down his neck. Her tears touched his eyes, and the eyes again regained his sight, and he could have them all to see before.

Then he took her to his Kingdom, where he was received with joy, and they began to live a happy and contented.

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