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Brother took his little sister by the hand and said: "Since then, as my mother is dead, there is not an hour of joy; stepmother beats us every day, and when we arrive, she drives us from ourselves kicks off. She feeds us some left over from the buffet of stale crusts, and the little female under the table doing much better: all the same, at least occasionally, she will throw a tasty morsel. God forbid, if our mother knew about it! Come, let us stand together to knock about the world".

And walked, and walked the whole day through meadows, fields and stones; and when it rained sister saying: "And the heaven, and our hearts cry at the same time!"

In the evening they came to a great forest, and they were so tired of his grief, hunger and by far, what has got into a hollow tree and fell asleep.

The next morning, when they awoke, the sun was already high in the sky and hotly warmed the hollow. Then the brother said: "Sister, I'm thirsty, and if I knew then close the key, I would be there now ran and got drunk; I think I heard the murmur of the nearby'. He stood up, took his little sister by the hand, and they went to find the key.

But the wicked stepmother was a witch and saw the children have left home, and herself invisible, as all witches, crept after them and all the keys in the forest was enchanted.

Here they found the key, which was glistening, popyhivaya on stones, and brother wanted much to drink; but the sister heard how key among lapping murmured: "Who I will isopleth water, the tiger will turn! Who I will isopleth water, the tiger will turn!"

Then the sister said: "I Beg you, brother, do not drink, it is not gross turnover savage beast and I devour."

The brother did not drink, though vexed his unbearable thirst, and said, "I'll wait until next spring.

When they came to the second key, sister and in fact among the murmur was heard: "Who me water drunk, the wolf will turn out to be; who I water drunk, the wolf will happen."

And cried sister brother: "Brother, I beg you, do not drink, lest you turn into a wolf and eat me".

Didn't drink the brother and said, "I shall wait for the nearest source, but there will certainly drunk, what would you say: my thirst is too unbearable."

Here they came and to the third source, and sister heard it among the splashing murmured: "Who me drunk, wild goat will turn out to be; who I will get drunk, wild goat will happen."

Sister said, "Oh, brother, I beg you, do not drink, not the wild goat shall turn, will flee from me."

But brother already rushed to the key, leaned over to him and took a SIP of the water, and when the first drop of it hit him on the lips - he's already got the key wild goat.

Cried sister on bewitched brother, and the goat cried too and sat beside her sad, sad. Finally the sister said, "do Not grieve, dear RAM, I'll never leave".

Then she untied her Golden garter and forced her to the goat's neck; then the narwhal sitonik and made from a soft lace. This lace tied the goat and led him forth, and walked and walked in the woods. And now, after a long-long trek they came at last to the little house, and sister it looked; the house was empty, and she thought: "Here we can stay and live".

Then gained it leaves and moss on a soft bed for the RAM and every morning out of the house and gathered to themselves the roots, berries and nuts, and goat brought tender grass, which he ate from her hands and was pleased with it and played around with it.

In the evening, potamousis, little sister, I used to pray, put the head of the goat on his back, as if on a pillow and fall asleep. And if only the brother was his old, human, image, they would not fare well.

And they lived some time alone-all by himself in the wilderness.

Happened, however, that the king of that country started in the forest the great hunt.

Came everywhere the sounds of horns, baying of dogs, and joyful cries of the hunters far resounded through the forest, and goat heard all this and I really wanted him to be. "Ah, " he said to the sister, - do let me show hunting. Do not stay here!" and begged her as long as she didn't let go. "Only look, " she said to him, - in the evening come back to me, because I from these evil hunters will be locked, and that I've learned so postojis say: "Sister, let me in," and if you won't say, and my door will be opened to you."

So popped the kid out of the house, and he was so good, so fun in the fresh air! The king and the servants noticed a beautiful animal, and started in pursuit of him, but could not catch, and when it was thought that he had them in his hands, he jumped through the Bush and disappeared.

A little dark, he came to the house, knocked and said, "Sister, let me in". Then was he opened the little door, he had jumper in the house and the whole night was resting on his small bed.

The next morning the hunt continued again, and when the kid heard the sound of horns and porcine Rangers, he became anxious and said: "Sister, unlock me, let me out". The sister opened the door and said, "come back this evening and certainly don't forget his words.

When the king and his huntsmen saw again the RAM with the Golden auracom, they all rushed in pursuit of him; but he has been remarkably swift-footed
and prompt.

The whole day they chased him; finally in the evening surrounded him, and one of the Rangers hurt it a bit in the leg, so that he was lame and ran not so fast.

Then behind him stole one of the Rangers to the house and heard the goat said: "Sister, let me in," and saw the door before it opened and again closed.

The huntsman all is well remembered, went to the king and told him what he saw and what he heard. Then the king said, "Tomorrow will gig".

And sister was terribly frightened when she saw that her fawn injured. She washed the blood from his wounds, put it to her herbs and said, "Go to your bed, my dear goat, to getting better."

The wound was, however, so slight that goat in the morning it is not felt.

And when he heard a confused murmur which came from the forest cheerful sounds of hunting horns, he said, "can't sit still at home, I have to be there; I do not so soon they will be hunted".

Sister began to cry and he began to speak: "they will kill you now, and I'm here in the forest, alone and abandoned all: I won't let you you today." - "So I will die before my eyes you grief! "replied Buster. When I hear the sound of hunting horns, then I there the soul is torn!"

There he saw the sister that you can't hold it, and with great reluctance opened the door for him, and the truth is, merry and cheerful, waved in the forest.

King, just saw it, said to his huntsmen: "Now chase him on the trail the whole day till the night, but to no one no harm done."

And when the sun set, he said to the huntsman, on the eve watched Buster: "Well, come on, show me the forest house".

Finding himself before the door, he knocked, and cried: "Sister, let me in".

Then the door opened, the king entered the house and saw there a girl of great beauty. She was frightened that I was not a RAM her, and the man with the Golden crown on his head. But the king looked kindly at her, held out her hand and said, "don't you want me to go to the castle and be me Milou wife?" "Oh, Yes! "the girl said. But the truth is should be with me here I will not leave". - "Let him be unto thee, " said the king, " while you live, and let him have just enough".

Meanwhile, the RAM arrived, and sister again tied it on a cord, and he took the string in his hands and went along with the fawn of the forest house.

The king has taken the beauty with him on his horse and rode off in his great castle, where the wedding was held Bohatyriova, and sister became Queen and long lived with her husband in full satisfaction; and fawn all cared and took care of him, and he jumped himself to freedom in the castle garden.

But the wicked stepmother where the kids went into the world, she thought sister, probably wild animals killed in the forest, and brother, obrechenny in a wild goat, shot by hunters.

When she heard that they are so happy and that they live well, envy and enmity spoke in her heart and would not let her rest, and she was just about to think like them both again to make miserable.

Mother-daughter stepmother, evil, a mortal sin, and, moreover, and the one-eyed, began to reproach his mother and said, "I might be the Queen, not the girl". - "Sidi Yes, be silent, ' said the old witch, pleasing her, the time will come, so I'll use".

After a certain time the Queen gave birth to a nice boy, and the king is just at this time the hunt was...

Here is the old witch and took on the appearance of korolevyi maid, entered the room, where lay postpartum women, and said, "here you are, the bath is ready, it will be useful to you and will give you new strength; come quickly, while warm water.

The daughter had her immediately at hand; together they demolished the sick Queen in the bath and lowered her into the tub; then closed the door firmly and ran out of there. In the bath and threw up such an infernal fire that the beautiful young Queen had inevitably there panting.

When this was done, the old witch took my daughter put on her cap and put her in the bed instead of the Queen. She gave it, and the image and appearance of the Queen, just as she was crooked on one eye, and remained; and in order that the king hadn't noticed, witches daughter had to lie on that side, on which was krivoglaz.

Sundown, when the king came back and heard that he was born son, he was delighted with all my heart and wanted to go to bed and look at his lovely wife.

Then the old witch hastened to cry: "for God's Sake, lower the curtain, the Queen still should not look at the light, and, moreover, she needs rest."

The king moved away from the bed and knew that it was not his wife, and the other front, the Queen.

In the night when all were asleep, the nurse who was sitting in a baby in a cradle and only one awake in the whole house, saw that the door opened and the real Queen entered the nursery.

She took the child from its cradle, laid it on the arm, and gave him drink. Then she sent him a pillow, put it back in the crib and covered her with a blanket. Do not forget it and the RAM, went into a corner, where he lay, and patted him on the back.

Then she's in deep silence again went out the door, and the nurse the next morning he asked the guards never came there anyone in the castle at night and received the reply: "No, we've not seen".

So she came many nights in a row and never have uttered a single word; the nurse saw her every night, but nobody dared nothing about what to say.

After some time the Queen during his night visit spoke and said:

That, my dearest child? That, my RAM?
Come back twice and retire.

The nurse did not answer her nothing; but when she was gone, the nurse went to the king and told him all.

The king said, "my God, what does that mean? The next night I will spend at the cradle of the son".

And exactly, in the evening he came to the nursery, and at midnight again appeared to the Queen and said:

That, my dearest child? That, my RAM?
Will come again and I will be able to retire.

And then began to fuss with the child, as in the previous visit, and then disappeared. The king did not dare to speak with her, but did not sleep in the next night. And again she repeated:

That, my dearest child? That, my RAM?
I came in last time - go to rest.

Then the king could not refrain, rushed to her and said: "Thou art none other than my dear wife" And she answered: "Yes, I am your dear wife," and in the same moment by the grace of God, the life returned to her, and she came before king fresh, rosy and healthy.

Then she told the king about the wickedness that was made over her wicked witch and her daughter. The king has ordered both lead to the court, and there was over them spoken sentence. The daughter was awarded to withdraw into the forest, where it had been torn to pieces by wild beasts; and the witch was burned, where it was burned. And when witches were only one ash, wild goat ceased to be a werewolf and again became a young man; and brother lived with sister together happily until they die.

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