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Lived in the white light of the rooster with hen. So said the Cockerel hen: "Now is the time to nuts to ripen; let us go to the mountain and enjoy them to the full, until all protein not've handled quite a few". - "Okay, " said the hen, " will potechin trabucco".

And they went up on the mountain, and as the day was bright, and they remained there until the evening.

And, right, I don't know whether they ate too tightly or arrogance they were seized, but did not want them to return home on foot, and the cock had to make a small cart from a nutshell.

When the cart was ready, the chicken now she sat down and said to the cock, "Hey, yoke up yeah take me there". "What up, ' said the cock, ' I better walk then go home than to get going. No, between us such a bargain was not. The coachman still, perhaps, ready to be on the box to sit, and to a pull - disagree!"

Meanwhile, while they were arguing, " they duck: "Oh, you thief, who you let into my hazel on the mountain go? Till now will pay for it!" and with an open beak swooped down on the cock. However, Cockerel, don't be embarrassed, pecking duck in the belly, and then so bravely attacked her with his spurs, that she began to beg for mercy and willingly pledged in the form of punishment to carry the load.

Then the rooster climbed up on the box with the coachman, and let's play: "Duck, alright all blades!"

Driving part of the way, they met two other travelers, a pin and a needle.

Those shouted: "Stop, stop!" and started to say that here, they say, now it gets dark, and then they step not step forth, and dirty, they say, is very on the way - so couldn't they also in the wagon to pronostics, and they tailor the hotel at the gate stagnated and some beer was zapozdaloe.

Cock, seeing that they're skinny, places will not take a lot, took them both in the cart, but with the persuasion, that they neither he nor his hen on her legs did not come.

Late at night they arrived to the hotel, and as they did not want to go further at night, and duck barely on his feet stuck on one side, then another fell, and turned into the hotel.

The innkeeper first started to break down and say that, they say, in the house there is no place, and I thought visitors, people do not important; then, however, gave up on their sweet talk, on the promise that here, they say, he will get an egg that a chicken road was demolished, besides duck and he may also retain, and that, like, every day on the testicle bags...

Gave up and let them spend the night.

Of course, they told themselves serve him dinner and that dinner had a proper honor.

Quite early in the morning when it was only slightly brasiles and still slept, Cockerel woke chicken, pulled out an egg, prolevel him, and together they had Breakfast and egg half threw it on the hearth.

Then went to the needle, which was still asleep, took her by the ear and put in a pillow masters ' chairs; finally reached pins, took it and stuck to the towel owner, and themselves, as if nothing had happened, let God's feet!

Duck slept under the open sky in the yard, heard them the slip, and also cheered; ratnala any stream, and floated down the course and where the speed came from! Not that the wagon to haul!

Just two hours later rubbed his own master eye on his feather bed, washed up and only wanted to uteritis towel, as the pin scratched his face and held a red scar from ear to ear. He went into the kitchen and wanted a straw to smoke; but just walked over to the hearth, both eggshell as jump him in the eye... "what is today, all my mind goes!" "he said to himself angrily dropped grandfather's chair, but immediately jumped up with him and cried: "Ah, Ah!" because the needle is very painful (and not in the head) stung.

Then he got angry and became in all of these tricks to suspect these immigrants, who on the eve arrived so late: went and looked - and there was no trace of him.

Here he gave his vow never to let himself under the roof of all villains, which consumes a lot, not paying anything - Yes, even in the form of gratitude starts here on what things.

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