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There were once a king and Queen; they lived in perfect harmony and she had twelve children - and all were boys.

Here the king and Queen says: "If the thirteenth child you bear will be the girl all twelve boys will kill order and wealth she had more, and all of our Kingdom it belonged".

He was told to prepare twelve coffins, which were filled with shavings, and in every even small pokoinickaya shalowitz laid; by his order these coffins were put in a special locked room, the key of which the king gave to the Queen and nobody told how to Express.

And now the mother was on the whole days to mourn, so that his youngest son, who was always with her, she is his Bible and called Benjamin), asked her: "Dear mother, why are you so sad?" - "Dearest child, " said she, " I dare not to tell you this". But he wasn't far behind her as long as she went, not unlocked the room, and showed him the twelve coffins ready, filled with shavings. And said to his mother: "my Dear Benjamin, these coffins your father ordered to prepare for you and your eleven brothers, because he decided that if I ever have a girl, all he tells you to kill and in these coffins to bury".

She said all this, and cried; and the son comforted her and said: "do Not cry, dear mother, we somehow themselves think and themselves from him leave."

And she answered him: "Go forth with his eleven brothers into the woods, and let one sit constantly on the highest tree, what in the woods there, and let him look at the castle tower. If I ever have a son, then I'll have to put on the tower the white flag, and then you all can safely return home; if born a girl, then I'll have to put on the tower red flag, and then run as soon as possible, and God bless you. Every night I would get up and pray to God for you: in the winter, so there was light, around which you could get warm, and in summer to heat you overcame not". After she had blessed his sons, and they went together into the forest. All of them, taking turns, climbed on the highest oak and stood on the alert, and looked at the tower of the castle.

When it has been eleven days and it was time to go to Benjamin, he saw that the tower raised some flags, but that was not white, but red-bloody flag, all of them calling to death!

As soon as the brothers heard that, they all bristled with anger and said: "are we condemned to death because of the girls?! So we swear that we will avenge ourselves: wherever we met a girl on our way - it must perish from our hands."

Then they went deeper into the forest, and in the most remote forest thicket found a small enchanted house standing empty-pythonic.

Then they said, "Here we will stay, and you, Benjamin, the youngest and weakest, should be constantly and do housekeeping; and we others will be around the prowl, and get food".

And so they wander through the woods and began to shoot hares, wild goats, birds and pigeons - what foods were good: all that they endured to Benjamin, and he really had them to make lunch, which they all could be satisfied.

So they have lived in this house for ten years, and years have passed for them.

Daughter, whom she gave birth, had meanwhile to grow and was a good girl and himself Krasotka, and in the forehead of her burning gold star. One day, when the castle was a large wash, she suddenly saw among the twelve men's linen shirts and asked her mother: "to whom do these twelve shirts? Because the father they are too small".

Then the mother with great sorrow answered her: "my Dear child, these shirts your twelve brothers". "Yes where are these twelve brothers? I was never heard." The mother replied: "God knows where they are now. Roam anywhere in the world."

Then she took the girl by the hand, and, opening the sacred room, showed her the twelve coffins with chips, with ethologically. "These coffins, " said she, " were designed to thy brethren; but they secretly left before you were born".

And told her how it was.

Then the girl said: "Dear mother, do not cry, I will go and seek my brothers."

And so she took the twelve shirts and left the castle, and directly entered the great forest.

She walked the whole day and in the evening she came to the bewitched house. Entered the house and found a boy who asked her: "Where you go and where?" and was astonished that she was so beautiful, and dressed in Royal dress and on her forehead was burning star.

Then she answered: "I am a king's daughter and looking for my twelve brothers, and will go though on edge of light white, until I find them." At this she said to the twelve shirts that belonged to the brothers.

Then Benjamin saw that it was their sister, and said: "I am Benjamin, your younger brother."

And she began to cry from joy, and Benjamin, too, and they kissed and caressed each other from the heart.

Then he said, "Dear sister, there is some obstacle... Because we promised that every girl we meet, must die, for we because the girls had to leave our Kingdom". And she: "So what? I will gladly die if his death I can deliver my twelve brothers". "No, " he answered, " you shall not die; sit down here under this tub and sit until eleven brothers; I with them will somehow work out."

So she did.

With nightfall came back and the rest of the brethren from hunting, and dinner was ready. And when they sat at the table, then said, "hear What's going on?" Benjamin replied, "Don't you know anything?" "No," replied the; and Benjamin continued: "How is it? You roam through the woods, and I sit at home, Yes, more than you know!" - "Well, tell us!"

And he answered them: "But promise me that the first girl, who we will meet, will not be killed?" "Yes, Yes, " they all cried, " she should be pardoned. Well, tell me!" Then he said: "Our sister is here!", and he lifted up the tub, and she went out from under him in their rich clothes with the Golden star on her forehead, and she was beautiful, delicate and slender.

And all of them she was overjoyed, rushed to her neck, kissed her and loved with all my heart.

And so she remained with them for Benjamin their house and began to help him in his work. The eleven still went into the forest, and beat every game, wild goats, birds and pigeons to them what to eat, and sister with brother Benjamin took care that their food to cook.

She gathered wood for fuel and herbs for seasoning and pots near the fire moved and dinner was always on the table when they returned home her eleven brothers. It is generally observed order in the house, and the bed they were laid neatly and Belenko, and the brothers were pleased with it and lived with her in great harmony.

After some time it happened that Benjamin and sister had brothers prepared a great feast, and when they were all together, sat down at a table and ate eat and drink.

And behind the enchanted cottage was a garden and in that garden grew twelve lilies. Sister decided brothers to give pleasure, to break these twelve flowers and wanted each of them to bring to flower after dinner.

But as soon as it flowers plucked in the same moment her twelve brothers were changed into twelve ravens and flew over the forest, and the house and garden are gone like it was never there.

And appeared the poor girl was alone in the wild forest, and when he looked around, he saw near the old woman to her and said, "my Child, what is this thou hast done? Why you picked these twelve white lilies? Because these flowers were your brothers, and now they are forever turned into ravens".

The girl replied to her with tears: "Wow, there is no means to save them?" "No, " answered the old woman, one and only one tool in the world, and it is difficult that you are this means they will not deliver... You got herself seven years to be mute, must not speak or laugh, and if you're even a single word will Prasonisi, and up to seven years will be lacking at least one hour, all your work is gone, and one word will kill all your brothers."

Then the girl said in his heart: "I probably know, that will save his brothers, and went through the woods, found a high tree, climbed it and began to spin, and neither spoke nor laughed.

Happened, however, that one king went into the forest to hunt, and that king was great Greyhound, which ran to the tree on which the maiden was sitting, was about it, whining and barking up. Drove up to the tree, the king, saw the king's daughter, a beautiful girl with the Golden star on her forehead, and was so charmed with her beauty that he called to ask her, not if it wants to be his wife. He said nothing, only head nodded. Then he climbed up the tree, took it out, placed her on the horse and brought home.

The wedding was solemnized with great magnificence and fun: but the bride did not say and did not laugh.

When they are two years lived between themselves in full agreement, the stepmother of the king, the evil woman, was on the young Queen to whisper and to slander the king: "took you from the forest simple indigent, and who knows what she godless involved in secret from us! If it's just dumb, and not able to speak, so she at least might laugh; but those who didn't laugh at that, of course, a bad conscience!" The king did not want to believe it, but the old woman insisted on, and accused her of so many atrocities that the king finally let himself be persuaded and sentenced her to death.

In the courtyard of the Royal castle was divorced a big fire on which she was to be burnt: and the king stood at an upper window of the castle and looked through her tears at all these preparations, because he still loved his wife.

When she was tied to the stake and the fire long red tongues began to lick the edge of her garment, expired last moment cherished seven years.

Then the air was a whirring sound was heard, and twelve ravens appeared over the fire and fell to the ground: and just struck the earth, turned to her brothers, whom she had been his salvation. They have scattered the fire, extinguished the flames, untied sister from the pole and began to caress and kiss her.

Then, when she could open her mouth and speak, she told the king why he was dumb and never laughed.

The king rejoiced when he learned that she was innocent, and they all lived together in harmony until his death.

But the wicked stepmother was put on trial, and the court awarded her put him in a barrel of boiling oil and poisonous snakes, and she died an evil death.

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