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There was an unusual musician, and what happened to him once one leaves the cat alone to walk through the woods, and thought it all a thought, but when he already changed his mind, then said to himself: "I'm Bored here in the woods one - let me give yourself some friend will get". And pulled from behind his back and a fiddle and began playing on it so that the hum went through the trees.

A little time has passed, sees, flees the wolf from the thicket. "Ah, the wolf is coming! This friend I don't need that," said the musician. But the wolf approached him and said: ' dear musician, you're such a good score? I would like to learn." - "Wonder whether to learn? - replied the musician. "You only have things to do that I'll bid you." "Oh, Yes I do, as a disciple of the master, all will obey," replied the wolf.

The musician bade him follow, and when they had gone part of the way together, they came to an old oak tree, which was hollow inside, and cleft in the middle. "Behold, " said he, " if you want to learn to play the violin, Luggage front paws in the crack".

The wolf obeyed, and the musician quickly picked up a stone and with one blow so hard he scored both his paws that he had to stay there as a prisoner. "Wait here until I again cannot come here," said the musician, and went on his way.

Some time later he again said to himself: "I am here in the woods bored - maybe I another friend was going to get," he took up the violin, and her sound was heard in the forest.

Out of nowhere, the Fox from behind the trees slipped. "Ah! Fox here runs! said the musician. And such a friend as I have no need of thee". The Fox came up to him and said, "Dear musician, you're such a good score? I should like to learn that too". - "Easy to learn, " said the musician, " you only have to do all that I command". "Oh, Mr. musician! answered the Fox. "I'll obey, as the student listens to master. - "Come along with me," said the musician.

After walking part of the way along, they came to a footpath on both sides of which grew high bushes. Here the musician stopped, on the one hand paths bent walnut tree top to land on the very tip of his foot came; and then with the other hand bent similarly, another tree and said, "Well, now, little Fox, if you want me to learn something new, so give me left foreleg".

Fox obeyed, and the musician tied her paw to the left tree. "Fox, " he said then, " let's go right paw". And that was tied to the right tree. And when he had examined nodes was convinced that they were tied tightly, then released trees from under the feet of those straightened up and lifted the Fox up...

Swayed honey, spun! "Wait here till I come back again" said the musician, and went his way.

And again he said to himself: "I'm Bored in the woods, I need to get a friend," - took up the violin, and the sound of her again announced the woods.

And from the forest the hare runs. "Well, the hare runs! said the musician. "I did not want to cause". - "Oh, darling musician! said Bunny. - What are you doing well? I would don't like to learn." - "Soon learnt, " said the musician, " all the power that you followed all my orders". "Oh, Mr. musician, " said Bunny, " Yes I will obey in all things, as a disciple of his master."

They went on the way, reached the open space in the forest, where stood an aspen tree.

The musician tied Bunny long braid at the neck and at the other end was fastened to the ASP. "Well, alive, fun, Bunny, alscace twenty times round the tree, " cried the musician, and the rabbit obeyed, and when he twenty times jump on the circle of the tree, the braid twenty times round the tree acralius, and the rabbit turned to him tightly bound and could pull and tear as much as you want - only the braid cut him deeper into the soft neck. "Wait there, when I get back here!" said the musician, and went forth.

The wolf, meanwhile, fought, and were torn and tooth stone tried, and he succeeded in that unleashed legs and pulled them out of the cleft. Ardent and angry, he hurried after the musician, ready to devour him. As caught sight of his Fox, let's scream and shout, that is urine: "Brother wolf, come to my aid, I am a musician cheated!"

The wolf bent down, trees down, and gnawed the rope and freed the Fox, who went together with him and also wanted to take revenge on the musician. They found and hare bound to ASP, also freed him and then together they began to search for his enemy.

Musician, meanwhile, on his way through the forest once again began to play on his violin, and this time he was lucky. The sound of his skipity heard a poor woodcutter, which immediately Willy-nilly left his work and came with an axe under his arm to listen to the music.

"Well, finally comes to me a real friend! said the musician. - I'm of the person sought, not wild beasts". And he played so well, so intimately, that benackova and places to go could not, as if enchanted, and his heart was so happy...

Just at this time came the wolf, the Fox, and the hare, and the man immediately noticed that they have evil in mind. Then he raised his glittering axe and stepped forward, as though to Express: "Who decided against it, the beware, that with me will have to deal with."

Then the animals were strufoli and ran back into the forest, and the musician also played thanks to Woodman for their protection and went his way.

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