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There was once a peasant who had driven his cow to the market and sold her for seven thalers.

On the way back he had to pass a pond, from which far around could be heard croaking frogs: "AIK, AIK, AIK, AIK!" - "Well, " he began to say to himself, " grind on empty: seven thalers I have received, not two!"

Approaching the water, he cried to them, "you Stupid beast! I suppose you know better than me? Seven thalers, not two!"

And frogs-all on his own: "AIK, AIK, AIK!" - "Well, if you don't believe, so I'll consider it".

Pulled money from his pocket and counted out seven thalers, laying out on twenty-four a penny each.

But the frog did not agree with him and again pulled the same song: "AIK, AIK, AIK!"

"If so, " cried the man, in his anger, " if you think to know better than me, so here you are, treat yourself!" and threw them all the money into the water.

He stood on the shore for some time and was going to wait until they can cope with the account and return the money to him, but the frog insisted, still continuing to wail: "KVA, kVA, kVA", - Yes, and money too, he did not return.

Had he waited a long time, until the evening came and took him to go home; then he scolded frogs and cried to them: "Oh, was forced! Ah, you Fathead-eyed! Snout-then you have a wide and scream you are ready, so you are in the ears of cracks and seven thalers do not know how to count! Or you think I'm here I will stand and wait until you get done?"

And walked away from the pond, the frogs, then after him: "Kwa, kwa, kwa," so he went home disappointed.

Some time later he bargained yourself a cow, killed her and started to expect that if he could profitably sell its meat, he
so many helped out for him, how much did it cost him two cows, and even hide his profits would remain.

When he meat was approaching the city, before the city gates came across a whole pack of dogs who came running here. And ahead of all the huge hound; and jumping around meat, and raznochinets, and barks: "give, give, Give!"

As she jumped and kept barking, the man and said to her: "Well, Yes! I see that you're not without reason say, give, give, and because of Govedarci want... Well, good I would be, if I just took and would give you the beef!"

And hound all the same: "give, Give". "Yes, you tell me: you're not going to eat itself, and companions will answer?" - "Give, give", - barked still a dog. "Well, if you insist, I'll beef will leave; I know you and know who you are; but I warn you: three days that I was ready money, not that you have bad: you and me here to bear."

Then he unloaded the meat and turned home, the dogs fell upon her and loudly barked: "give, Give!"

Man, from afar while listening to this law, said to himself: "Look, now all from her his share require; well, for me all this one big answer."

When three days had passed, the man thought: "Tonight I have money in my pocket," and was quite delighted. However, no one came and no money was paid. "Not for someone now to be relied upon," said he at last, losing patience, and went into the city to the butcher and began to demand from him their money.
Butcher first thought it was a joke joking, but the guy said "Jokes aside: I need money! Does your big dog three days ago, not dragged here my bat cow?" Then the butcher grew angry, and seized a broomstick and kicked him out. "Wait! "said the man. "There is justice in the world!" and went to the Royal Palace and asked to borrow the king for an audience.

Brought him to the king, who was sitting there with his daughter, and he asked him what his damage was suffered.

"Ah, " said the man, " frogs and dogs have taken from me what is mine, and Reznik me for this stick was regaling," and told in detail how it happened.

The Princess heard his story, he could not endure laughed, and the king said to him: "Judge your case I can't; but you can take my daughter to wife; she had never laughed, but today you made her laugh, and I promised her that a wife who will be able to laugh. Well, that and thank God for your happiness!" "Oh, Yes I do and don't want to marry her! - answered the man. - In my home I have one wife, and that one me nowhere. If I am on your daughter getting married Yes you will return home, so me on their corners, that is, to place the order?"

Then the king was seriously angry, and said: "You're a bully!" - "Oh, Mr. king! "said the man. - Of course the case: the pig is not silk, and bristles!" - "Okay, okay, " replied the king, " I have another reward will appoint. Now piss off and come back in three days, then you all five hundred odeplot full".

When the man came out of the castle, one of the Royal guards said to him: "You are our Princess laughed, too, right, will get a good reward." - "I think that, " answered the man. Five hundred I will be paid". - "Hark thee, man! "said the soldier. - I fraction. Well, where do you find such a lot of money!" - "Isn't for you - wherever you go! Get two hundred! So finally come around to the king in three days and tell you it is so much to pay".

Jew-usurer that occurred nearby and who their conversation ran after the peasant, grabbed him by the coat, and says, "Oh, you lucky! I give you money to exchange, I'm their little thing MyPlace, where are you with these great thalers to bother?" - "Jew, " said the man, ' three hundred still have your share, just pay me now in coin, in three days the king you will pay".

The Jew was delighted with the profit and paid the man the entire amount erased blind peanuts such that the three were worth two good ones.

After three days the man according to the order of the king appeared before his clear eyes.

"Well, take off his coat off, " said the king, " he must get his five hundred". - "Ah, " said the man, " these five hundred already does not belong to me: two hundred I gave the sentinel, and three hundred the Jew has changed me a little thing, so in fairness I really don't get should not".

And sure enough, came to the king and soldiers, and the Jewish usurer and began to demand their share in the reward of the man, and received the blows. The soldier that it was familiar, and he brought out his portion of the shock patiently; and the Jew all the time plaintively cried: "Ah, Wei world! Ah, what a strong thalers!"

King, of course, laughed at the joke man, and as the anger-it was, he said, "So how do you your reward lost earlier than received it, I will reward you otherwise: go to my Treasury and get you money as you want".

Man did not make himself do this twice, and had stuffed into their deep pockets, how many got. Then went to the hotel and started counting the money. The usurer there crawled up behind him and heard he was grumbling to himself: "this trickster-king still held me. Give it to me money myself, so I would, at least, knew that I have. And now, as I can probably know how much I haphazardly into his pocket filled?" - "Ah-Ah, " he salaatul himself a Jew, " he's irreverent dares to talk about our sovereign! Run and Snitch on him, and then I reward you will get and he will be punished."

And exactly when the king heard the words of the man, he went into a rage and ordered to go and bring the guilty.

The man ran to the man. "Please, " he said, " immediately to Mr. king; as it is, and go". "No, I know better, as a king should go, " answered the man. First I tell myself to sew a new dress. Or do you think that the person who has so much money in your pocket, you may go to the king in some junk?"

The Jew saw that the man was stubborn and without a new dress for the king will not go; and yet, perhaps, the anger of the king will be held: neither him awards, no man, no punishment will be. So he drove up to the man: "I'm from one of friendship can for a short time wonderful dress to lend; why not serve for the soul!"

The peasant did not mind, put on a dress and went into the castle.

The king asked the man of the report in those irreverent speeches, of which the Jew had informed him. "Ah, " said the man, " why, very well-known case: this type whatever you say, you lie... he can truth wait? Here it is, perhaps, will say that I dress put on". - "AI Wei! What is it? - cried the usurer. Unless the dress is not mine? Did I not one of friendship you have lent on time, so you might before the Lord king to be?"

Hearing this, the king said, "Well, somebody from the two of us - or me, or the man - he still cheated!" And ordered him to count fraction defective thalers.

And the man went home and in a new dress, and with the money and said to himself: "Well, this time I guess at the time was purafil".

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