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There was once an old king, and he got sick, and came to him: "See, I lie on my death bed not to rise too me with him." Then he said: "Bring me my faithful Johann!"

This Johann was his favourite servant, and was so called because all his life he served the king faithfully.

When he came to the bedside, the king said to him: "the Surest Johann, I feel that my end is approaching, and I have no other care than care for the son, he is still very young and will not always be able to live by the mind, and if you do I will not promise to teach him all he needs to know Yes don't want to be his guardian, so I won't have to close my eyes in peace."

Then respond faithful Johannes: "I will not leave and will serve him faithfully; and though they had to pay with their lives".

The king said, "Well, then, I can die in peace and with the world. - And then went on: " After my death you should show him the entire castle, all the rooms, halls and basements, and all the treasures which it contains; but the most extreme of peace in a long corridor he does not show, in which hid the image of the Princess with the Golden roof. As soon as he sees this picture, he will ignite the maiden passionate love; perhaps even in the faint fall Yes it in all sorts of danger will climb. From all this you have to save him".

Faithful Johannes once again swore the old king that will keep his Covenant, and he began gradually to subside, and leaned his head on the pillow, and died.

When the old king was buried, faithful Johannes told the young king what he had sworn to his father on his deathbed, and added: "All promised him that I will faithfully perform and you will also serve as he served him, even if it cost my life."

When the usual time of mourning had passed, faithful Johannes said to the king: "Well, now it's time for you to explore all that you have inherited; I will show you the whole castle thy father."

And he took him everywhere, up and down, and showed him all the wealth and all the wonderful rooms of the castle; not showed only one rest, in which was hidden the image of the Princess with the Golden roof.

But this image was so placed that if you open the door, it was obvious; and it was so well done that it could be mistaken for a living creature, and had to confess that the whole world was nothing no sweeter or more beautiful than that of the female image.

The young king could not, of course, not to notice that the faithful Johann everything passes by one door, and asked: "Why do you tell me this don't unlock?" - "Behind that door, " said Johann, " there is something that you may fear".

But the king said to him: "the castle I saw, but because I wish to know what there is behind the door!" He approached the door and wanted to open it by force.

Then faithful Johann became his hold and said, "I am thy father before his death promised that you will not see hidden in this alone; I know that you and me this could lead to great disasters". "Oh, no! "answered the young king. - If I don't get that in this rest, I probably will die: I and day and night shall live in perpetual anxiety, while the eyes will not see what is hidden there. 't come, and know, as long as you're not otomodachi this door!"

Then faithful Johann saw that the king's adamant, and with great sorrow and a heavy sigh and looked out at the thick bundle coveted key. Tomkow the door, he hurried to enter first, and thought to cover the image, so it is not evident to the young king, but all in vain! The king raised himself on tiptoe and looked over his shoulder. And as soon as he saw the image of the beautiful king's daughter, which was fine and then all glittering with gold and precious stones, and fell down in a swoon.

Faithful Johannes picked it up, blew on the bed and began to worry: "This happened in trouble! Lord God, what will come of it?!" And began little by little to unsolder the king's wine, until he completely recovered.

The first word of the king was: "Ah! Who is this beauty?" "Is the Princess of the Golden roof, " answered the faithful Johann. "My love for her is so great, " said the young king, " what if every leaf on the tree had its own language, and all of them together could not Express my love; my life I will devote to get her hands on. You are my most faithful servant, and I should get some help".

Faithful servant long pondered how he should proceed with this matter, because it was hard to even get the opportunity to see the Princess.

Finally, he still came up with a way of action and said to the king: "the king's daughter lives in the Golden house: tables, chairs, dishes, bowls, cups and all utensils with her gold. You have in the Treasury there are five barrels of gold; so tell your goldsmith masters one of these barrels of gold to reforge into all the dishes and utensils to be made out of gold all the birds of the forest and different wild animals. She will like it, and we with you all it will take with him and go to her to try his luck".

The king at once ordered to convene all masters with his Kingdom, was forced to work day and night, until finally they had not processed all the gold in a lot of beautiful things. When it was all loaded on the ship, faithful Johannes put on the merchant's dress, and the young king also had to follow his example, so that no one could know. Then they sailed across the sea and floated along it, till he reached the town where lived the Princess of the Golden roof.

Faithful Johannes asked the king to stay on the ship and await his return. "Could be, " said he, " that I am the Princess will bring with him to the ship, and therefore take care to put everything in order, all the gold utensils place and the whole ship priobresti". Then he got in your apron various gold items, disembarked on land and went to the Royal castle.

When he came to the courtyard of the castle, he saw that the well sits a beautiful girl with two Golden pails in hand and draws these buckets of water. She already wanted to move away from the well, filled a bucket brightly shining in the sun by the water, but turned to see the stranger and asked who he was. He replied: "I am a merchant," and, opening her apron, gave her one eye to look at their goods. Then she exclaimed: "Oh, what glorious Golden things!" and a bucket placed on the ground, and became all the goods go through, piece for piece.

Then she smacked: "This is all we need to show the Princess that loves all jewels of gold! You have it all now will buy". And she took him by the hand and led him up the stairs of the castle, because she was a servant of the Princess.

When the Princess looked at the product, it was very pleased with it and said, "It's all so beautifully done that I have you all will buy". But true Johann answered: "I am only the servant of a rich merchant, what I have here captured with him, is negligible in comparison with what is in my master on the ship! It certainly can be called the most expensive and the most artistic of all that ever was made of gold".

She had wanted her all brought into the castle, but he replied: "a lot would have to spend days, Yes, I confess, you are in the castle, perhaps there would be and place to place as many treasures". This, of course, even more aroused her curiosity and desire, so she finally said, "Lead me to the ship, " I want to see the treasures of thy Lord".

Then faithful Johann took her to the ship and was recrudescence, and the king, seeing her, convinced that her beauty was even greater beauty of its images. He just thought his heart would break to pieces!

She ascended the ship, and the king led her into the cabin, and faithful Johann remained on the deck near the steersman, and ordered to sheer off: "Put all the sails, the ship crossed over the waves like a bird through the air". And the king is meanwhile showed her in the cabin all the gold utensils each piece separately - dishes, bowls and cups, birds gold, timber and any strange beast.

Many hours passed in this review, and to his great delight she did not notice that the ship has long sailed on the sea.

When she visited last thing she thanked the merchant and came home; but, priblizali to Board the ship, he saw himself away from the shore: the ship in full sail flew in the open sea. "Ah! - she exclaimed in fright. - I lied, I stole, and I fell into the hands of the merchant! Oh, better to die!"

The king took her by the hand and said: "I am no merchant, but a king, and its kind is not below you. And if I decided to kidnap you trick, so it's only excessive love for you. First time seeing your picture, I even fainted fell!" When the Princess with the Golden roof heard this she was comforted and felt in your heart inclined to him, and willingly agreed to be his wife.

But it came to pass at that time when they raced in the open sea, faithful Johannes, who was sitting on the bow of the ship and something nagrywanie the violin, seen from above in the air three ravens that flew behind the vehicle from the country of the Princess. Then he stopped playing and tried to listen what they are talking among themselves (well he understood their language).

One Raven exclaimed: "Oh, my God, and he is carrying the Princess of the Golden roof. "Yes, " said the other, lucky lucky, Yes will take?" The third stood up: "And yet it is in his hands and sits in his cabin. Then again, the first carried on the conversation: "what's the use? Little will they approach the shore, will run out to meet him horse Golden-red suit, and the king will want to sit on it, and if it succeeds, then the horse will swing with him on the air and had never let him see more of her intended".

The second said, "And unless there is no salvation?" "Oh, Yes! Now if the other instead of the king will be able to jump on a horse, pull out of the holster the pistol and death will kill red horse, then the young king is saved. But who is to know? And even if you visit and tell the king, that will fossilized from the toes to the knee".

Then spoke the second: "I, perhaps, know more of this. If the horse is slain, the young king will still not achieve the hand of his bride. When they were come into the castle, where the dish will be rich wedding shirt for the groom, sethotkey, but in fact is a solid resin and brimstone! How it will wear, so it will burn him to the bone!"

The third Raven stood up: "Really, there is no salvation?" "How not to be? answered the second. If someone wearing gloves, grab this shirt and throw it into the fire and it will burn, and the young king is saved! Yes that's the use? He who knows it, Yes the king will say, fossilized from the knees to the heart.

Then spoke the third: "I know more! Even if dressing gowns shirt and will be burned, yet he will not see his bride: when after the wedding will begin the dance, and the young Queen to dance, she suddenly turns pale and falls dead, and if anyone would not think to raise her from her right breast to suck three drops of blood and spit them, it will die. Well, if someone found out, will give this mystery, the whole will fossilized, from the domes to his hand on her leg".

Potolkovat all this together, the crows flew forth, and faithful Johann perfectly understood the whole conversation, but have since calmed down and sad; he knew that if he did not reveal his master heard by him, then the young king is threatened with great plagues; and if you will have to pay with their lives.

Finally he said to himself: "Though himself to die and have to stand up for his Lord!"

As soon as they landed on the shore, happened exactly what was foretold by the ravens: out of nowhere, appeared before the king wonderful horse Golden-red suit. "That's great! "said the king. - A horse and I will go to the castle." And he brought was his foot in the stirrup, but true Johann quickly jumped into the saddle, grabbed the pistol from the holster and put the horse on the place.

Then cried all the rest of the servants of the king, which, of course, were not very inclined to correct Johann: "What a shame to kill such a beautiful horse! He was appointed to take the king from the shore to the castle!" But the king said, "if you please be quiet and leave him alone; it is the surest my Johann, and who knows why he did it?"

Here they entered into the castle, and there in one of the hall on the dish was quite ready shirt for the groom and at first glance seemed to be woven of silver and gold. The young king hurried to the dish and wanted to take the shirt with meals, but true Johann removed him, he wadded up the shirt in his hand, quickly held it up to the fire and allowed to burn to ashes.

The rest of the servants they began to grumble and said, "What is it? So he and the Royal shirt burned!" But the young king and then said: "Who knows why it should, " leave him, because this is my surest Johann".

Here is the wedding started playing: started the usual dancing, and the bride was also to participate in it, and Johann everything carefully followed her and watched her face. Suddenly she sees - she turned pale and dropped dead on the floor. Then he quickly jumped in front of her, picked her up, carried in a separate room, put it, was beside her on her knees and sucking away from her right breast three drops of blood, spat at them. She immediately began to breathe and woke up; but the young king saw everything, and not knowing, why did the faithful Johannes, was wroth with him, and cried: "Throw him in prison!"

The next morning the court judged faithful Johannes, and he was led to the gallows; and when he stood on the top of the stairs and inevitably had to take the penalty, he said: "Anyone sentenced to death has the right to the word before the execution, can I use this right?" "Yes, " said the king, " of course I can!"

Then faithful Johannes said: "I have been wrongfully convicted: I was always left you faithful." And then told how the sea he overheard the conversation of the three ravens and according to this he was forced to do.

Then the king cried: "Oh, my surest Johann, you are pardoned! Pardoned! Keep it here soon!"

But true Johann at the last words of his speech fell to the earth dead and turned to stone.

The king and Queen very much about him grieved, and the king said, "Oh, I could so bad reward for such great devotion!" And ordered the petrified image of Johann put it in my bedroom next to the bed. As soon as that happened, look at it and cry, and say, "Oh, if I could once again revive you, my most faithful servant, Johann!"

After some time the Queen gave birth to twins, two boys, who began to grow and to please their parents. One day, when the Queen was at Church and the twins sat and played in the bedchamber of his father, he is once again in deep sorrow looked at the petrified Johann and cried: ' Ah, if I could once again revive you, my most faithful Johann!"

And suddenly the stone said: "Yes, you can revive me if you donate what you prefer anything else." "Oh, all that I have, " cried the king, " all to you, I am willing to sacrifice!" And the stone went on to say: "If you own hand cut off the heads of thy two sons and vimages me with their blood, then I'll live again".

The king at first feared, when they heard that he should own hand to kill his dear children, but then I remembered about the great devotion of the faithful Johannes, and that for his sake he sacrificed his life, drew his sword and chopped off the child's head. And when he is blood-covered petrified Johann, life returned to the stone, and faithful Johann stood before him again cheerful and sensible.

He said to the king: "Your loyalty to me may not remain unrewarded!" and with these words he took the heads of the children, put them back in place, smeared cuts their blood and they suddenly came to life, began to jump around and play like them nothing bad happened.

The king was delighted, and when he saw that the Queen returned from the Church, then hid and faithful Johannes, and two children in a large closet.

When she entered, he asked her: "do you Pray in the Church?" "Yes, " she answered, " but I was constantly thinking about the right Johann, who because of us had work for himself in trouble". Then he said: "my Dear wife! We can give him back his life, but with a high price - the price of life both our sons!"

The Queen turned pale and terrified in his heart, but said: "We owe it to him to do it for the sake of his great devotion.

Then he was glad that she thinks of him at the same time, she went to the closet, opened it and took from him and the children, and faithful Johann and said, "praise God! And he saved our son returned to us!" Only then he told the Queen all that had happened. And from that time they lived in great prosperity until his death.

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