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There was an old goat, and she had seven kid, and she loved them, as any mother of my kids loves.

Once I had her in the woods to gather for food, and so she called all of his kid and said, "Dear children, I have in the woods to visit, you without me beware of the wolf! After all, if he gets here, he'll eat you all and with the skin and coat. This villain often pretends to be, if he is not a wolf, but you'll see in a rough voice and his black paws".

The kid answered: ' Dear mother, we will posturesense, and you can go about us not being anxious".

Then the old goat bleated and calmly drove off. A little time passed after her departure, like someone knocked at the door of their house and shouted: "Tomkies, cute Petushki, your mother has come and every one of you for the gift brought".

But kossacki on rough voice realized that it came to him wolf, and cried to him: "I will Not Atacama we're not our mother! The voice is thin, tender, and your voice is rough! You are the wolf!"

Then the wolf ran to a shopkeeper and bought him a large piece of chalk, ate his voice was thin.

Came back to the door, knocked at it and shouted: "Tomkies, dear children, your mother has come, all you fair had brought.

But he leaned his black paws on the window sill, the children saw it and shouted: "I will Not Atacama, our mother has not black feet like you! You are the wolf!"

Then the wolf ran to a Baker and said: "I hurt my leg, vimage me her test." And when the Baker had fulfilled his desire, the wolf ran to the Miller and said: "Talus me paws white meal".

The Miller thought: "that's Right, wolf started some platnu," and started to plead, but the wolf said: ' If you do not, then I will eat you".

Then the Miller was trahnul and whitening his paw by Musica. These are-they are people!

So went the villain for the third time to the same door, knocked and said, "Tomkies, Petushki, your dear mother of volatilise and each of you brought to GOSTINICA from the forest".

Kossacki shouted: "First show us what you have paw, that we might know if you are our dear mother!"

Then he showed them paw at the window, and when they saw that it was white, then they believed his words and opened the door. And went-that - a wolf!

Kossacki was scared to hide tossed. One sprang under the table, the other sat on the bed, the third climbed into the stove, the fourth escaped to the kitchen, the fifth hid in the cupboard, the sixth under the trough, the seventh - case time for weights. But the wolf all they were looking for and very they are not there, one after the other he swallowed his mouth, and only the youngest could not find in the watch case.

Nakushalis fill, he calmly walked out of the house, stretched out on a large meadow under a tree and began to fill.

Shortly after returned the old goat of the woods home. Oh, what she saw there! The house door wide open: chairs, benches overturned, the trough in chips broken, blankets, and pillows from the bed polybrene.

She sought her children, but nowhere to find I could not. She began to preklicati by name, but no one answered.

Finally, when she came to the youngest, a tiny voice shouted to her: "Dear mother, I sat in the watch case".

She immediately got out her baby and heard the story about how the wolf had come and had eaten all the other kid. Can you imagine how she wept over her poor detushek!

Finally the old goat in the great sorrow of his went out of the house, and the youngest kid ran behind her. Just as they came to the meadow, goat saw that the wolf was lying at full length at the tree, so snores, it branches from his snoring swaying.

The goat went around and inspected him on all sides, and saw that his bloated belly, something is stirring. "Oh, Lord, she thought, I don't mine if it's the poor kids? They had supper, and apparently they are running".

Then she sent the kid home for scissors, needle and thread.

Then she cut up the monster's womb and just cut up one kid really put out his head; and as he began to cut farther, all six kids jumped out one by one from the wolf's womb, and all were running and intact, because the monster in his greed has swallowed them whole.

It was a joy! And they began to caress to his mother, and priplyasyvaet around her like a tailor at the wedding.

And the old goat said, "Now, go, gather me some more pebbles, we will navelim the wicked Severine in the womb until it sleeps".

Seven of cosmetochem hastily brought stones and piled them in the womb of the wolf, how many got. And the old goat still rather sewed him a cut, so he didn't noticed and didn't move.

When at last the wolf has slept, he rose to his feet, and as the stone cargo aroused in him in the stomach, intense thirst, then he should have to get the key and get drunk. But just as he stepped over a few steps, stones, steel in his belly tapping each other and to pozvyakivat one another. Then he exclaimed:

There roaring that there roar,
That pulled the womb I?
I thought, this six kids,
Hear now - it rocks rattle!

And when he came to the key and leaned into the water, intending to drink, the heavy stones he was pulled over, he fell into the water and died an evil death.

And seven of costock, seeing this, ran to his mother crying "Wolf died! Wolf drowned!"

And with her mother happily danced around the key.

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