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One father lived with his two sons. The eldest was clever, witty, and every deed he was progressing well in hand, but the younger was stupid, and could learn could not.

People said, looking at him: "father yet not be too many troubles!"

When I had to do something, all had one senior to work; but he was timid, and when his father behind something sent late sometimes, especially at night, and if, moreover, the road passed by a cemetery or other terrible place, he answered: "Oh, no, father, I won't go there! It is very scary to me."

Sometimes, when on the evening of the fire-place were the tales from which the frost on his skin, the audience shouted: "Ah, what passion!" And the younger listened, sitting in his corner, and nothing could not understand what it meant: "Here are the rest of them: scared, Yes scared! And I was not a bit scary! And at all I do not know how to be afraid. Should be, it's also one of those tricks that I know nothing about".

Once said to his father: "Listen, you, over there in the corner! You grow up and power gain: should be there and you can learn some skill to earn their daily bread. See how is working your brother; and you, right, the gift of bread to feed the need". - "Oh, father! replied the man. - I would very much like I learn something. Yeah if it comes to that, would love me to learn fear: I don't know how to be afraid."

The older brother laughed, hearing these words, and thought to himself: "God bless my soul! What a simpleton brother I have! Nothing good from it will not work. Who wants the hook to be the pre-STI back!"

The father sighed, and answered: "Fear-you still will learn, Yes bread myself not earn this".

Shortly after came to visit the sacristan, he was the old man to complain of my grief: not adapted-de his son to any fact, knows nothing and doesn't learn. "Well, just think: when I asked him what he would become the bread to earn, he replied that he would very much like to learn to shudder." - "If this, the only thing was, " replied the Sexton, " I try to teach him. Send him to me. I vividly process".

The father was glad in the hope that small something will break.

So the Sexton took him home and asked him to ring the bell.

In two days he woke him at midnight, and bade him arise and go up into the Church tower and ring; and he thinks: "Well, you learn as you now fear!"

Crept softly forward, and when the guy upstairs, turned to take the rope from the bell in front of him on the stairs against the Dormer Windows have found someone in the white.

He shouted: "Who's there? But he did not answer, and did not stir. "Hey, answer me! - yelled the boy. Or get out while the going's good! There's nothing for you here at night to do."

But the clerk was standing motionless that the boy took him for a Ghost.

Again addressed him the guy: "What do you want here? Answer if you are honest small; not then I will reset the stairs!"

The Sexton thought: "Well, it's you, buddy, just say so," and uttered no sound and stood as if made of stone.

And for the fourth time cried the boy, but again did not achieve a response. Then he ran to him and pushed him down so that, having counted a dozen steps, it stretches in the corner.

Thereupon he rang the bell, went home, went, without a word, into bed and fell asleep.

Long the Sexton's wife waited for her husband, but he did not come back. Finally she got frightened, she woke up the boy, and asked: "do you Not know where my husband is? He has just before you went up to the bell tower". "No, " answered he, " but on the stairs against the Dormer Windows stood someone, and since he would not answer me, nor go away, I took him for fraud and led him down the stairs. Go here, look, isn't that him was. I would be sorry if that's a bad happened to him". Rushed over to the deacon's daughter and found her husband, broke his leg, lying in the corner and groans.

She brought him home and hurried with loud shouts to the boy's father: "Your son has done great trouble: my husband threw it down the stairs, so heart broken leg. Take the villain out of our house!"

The father was terrified, he ran to her son and blamed him: "What kind of leprosy disgusting! Ali you he was tricked?" - "Ah, sir, just listen to me! replied the man. I'm not to blame. He stood there in the darkness, as if what evil meant. I didn't know who it was, and I entreated him three times either to speak or to go." - "Ah, " said the father, " from you I have nothing but unhappiness! Get out of you with my eyes, see I don't want you!" "Will your father, okay! Wait only till dawn: I'll go myself, I will learn to fear; perhaps, know at least one science, which I will feed". - "Learn what you want, I don't care, " said the father. "Here's fifty thalers, go with them on all four sides and no one dare to Express, where you come from and who is your father, for I do not ignore". - "Yes, father, if nothing else from me is not required, everything will be in your opinion. I can easily follow.

At dawn he put the guy fifty talers into his pocket, and went forth on the great highway, and continually said to himself: "if I could but shudder! If I could but shudder!"

Came to him a man, on hearing these words, and together they continue the path.

Soon they caught sight of the gallows, and said to his companion: "you See, there is the tree where seven with a rope loop has Spanelis, and now learn to fly. Sit down under the tree and wait for the night - not too many fear!"

- "Well, since only in this case, " replied the youth, ' it is not difficult. If so I will soon learn how to shudder, and then thou shalt have my fifty talers: come tomorrow early in the morning here to me."

Then he went to the gallows, sat down beneath it, and waited till evening. He was cold, he lighted himself a fire, but at midnight was so little wind that the guy and the fire could not warm up.

The wind swayed the hanged corpses, they managed to hit my friend on the other. And I thought the guy: "I'm cold even here, by the fire - what do they feel cold and dangle up there?"

And as he felt pity for them, he raised the ladder, and climbed up, unbound one of them after the other, and brought down all seven. Then he stirred the fire and raszagal them all around so they could warm up.

But they were motionless, so that the fire caught their clothes. He said to them: "Hey, you, watch out! Not you again I will hang up!" But the dead never heard, was silent and did not burn their rags.

Here he became angry: "Well, if you to be careful of do not want, I to you not the assistant, and I don't want to burn with you". And he hung them up at the same place. Then he sat down by his fire and fell asleep.

In the morning came to him met people for money and said, "Well, I suppose you know how to shudder?" - And - "No, " answered he, " how was I to know it? These guys that hang out there, even the mouth did not open, and so stupid that they let on their bodies get burnt rags".

Then saw a passer-by that the fifty talers him this time don't have to get, and went away saying, "I haven't seen!"

The youth likewise went his way, muttering continues: "Ah, if I fear grew!"

Heard this the coachman, who was striding behind him, and asked: "Who art thou?" - "Don't know," answered the youth. And the trooper continued, "Where are you from?" - "Don't know". - "Who is thy father?" "Do not dare to say." - "What are you mumble to himself?" "I see, would that my fear was overwhelming, Yes no I cannot fear to teach," replied the guy. "Not shallow nonsense! "said the cabman. - Well, go with me, I'm just the place put".

The youth went with the Waggoner, and in the evening they arrived at an Inn where they wished to pass the night.

Entering the room, the youth again said quite loudly, "If I could but shudder! Oh, if only I could but shudder!"

On hearing this, the master laughed and said: "If that is your desire, there ought to be a good case." - "Oh, shut up! interrupted his mistress. How many crazy daredevils have already paid for it with her life! It would be a pity if this kind young man stopped to look at white light".

But the guy said, "no matter How it was painful, yet I want to learn to fear because I am for this, and took to the road".

Did not give it rest to the owner, until he told him, that not far away is an enchanted castle, where no wonder fear to learn, if only to stay there for three nights. And the king had promised his daughter to wife one who on a dare, and she was the most beautiful maiden the sun shone on. In the same castle guarded by evil spirits countless treasures. If anyone in the castle will spend three nights, these treasures will get him and any poor they will be enriched. Many young people had gone into the castle, but none returned.

The next morning was the guy to the king and said to him: "If I were allowed, I would spend three nights in the enchanted castle". The king looked at him, and he so liked what he said: "Thou mayest three, but certainly inanimate and take them with him to the castle."

The guy replied: "Well, I ask for a fire, a turning lathe, and machine together with the cutter". The king had still light to carry it all in the castle. To night was the youth went up and made himself a bright fire in one of the rooms, placed beside him joinery machine with cutter, and sat behind the lathe.

"Oh, if only I could but shudder! he said. - Yes you can see, I did not learn it".

Around midnight, he should have more to poke his fire, and began to fan the flames, when suddenly from one corner I heard "meow, meow! As we are cold!" - "What shout, the damned fool?! "he cried. - If you are cold, come, sit down by the fire and warm yourselves".

Scarcely had he said that, two great black cats came with one tremendous leap to him, sat down on either side and looked savagely at him with their fiery eyes.

A little later, getting warm, they said, "Man! Not going to play if we are in the cards?" - "Why? - he answered, - I do not mind; but first let me see your feet. They stretched out their claws. "Hey! "said the guy. - Claws you hurt long! Wait, I must first cut them for you".

With these words he grabbed cats in the neck, put them on the cutting-Board and clenched his in their paws. "I saw your fingers, " he said, and held my fancy for card-playing". He killed them and threw them into the pond.

But when he finished with the couple, wanted again to join his fire, everywhere, from every angle, polystachya black cats and black dogs on the red-hot chains, and all arrived it arrived, so he really had nowhere to go.

They are very roared, advancing on the fire, scattering the wood and was going to completely disperse the fire.

He watched for a minute quietly on their scuffle, and when it became unbearable, he seized his cutting-knife, and cried: "Quick, evil wretch!" and rushed at them.

Some ran away, the others he killed, and threw into the pond. When he returned, he again made the fire and warmed himself. Sat, he sat and his eyes would keep open no longer, was his desire to sleep. As he looked around and saw in the corner of the large bed, he said, "well, here it is just in time!" and lay down.

But no sooner had he eyes to close, when suddenly the bed itself began to move up and drove around the castle.

"That's okay! he said. - Yes is it possible Posiva? Touch it!" Then rushed to the bed, just in her six harnessed, at full speed, through the rapids, the stairs up and down...

But suddenly hop, hop! bed was overturned legs up and for a guy like Gore leaned.

But he poxviral quilts and pillows, came out from under the bed and said, "Well, will be with me! Let's riding who wants!" Then he stretched himself by the fire, and slept till daylight.

In the morning the king came, and when he saw him lying on the ground, he thought the evil spirits had killed him and he was dead. "I wish good boy!" "said the king.

Heard this guy jumped up and said, "Well, in trouble yet!"

The king was surprised, they were glad, and asked how he was. "Well, " answered he, " already gone one night, and two others will".

Walked the guy to the innkeeper, and the eyes stared: "I Never expected to see you alive. Well, have you learnt do you fear?" - "What! "said the guy. - All in vain! I wish someone would tell me".

On the second night he again went up into the old castle, sat down by the fire, and once more began his old song: "if I could but shudder!" Around midnight, got up there and noise, at first softly, and then louder and louder; then again all was silent for a minute, and finally from the pipe to the feet of the guy fell with a loud cry of polchlopek. "Hey! - cried the young man. - It would still mate! This is too little".

Here again the hubbub rose, there was a roaring and howling, and the other half fell down likewise. "Wait, " said the guy, " I for you the fire a little will inflate!"

Once that is done and looking back, he saw that the two halves had time to grow together and in its place sat already strangpressens people. "That, brother, good! "said the guy. - Bench-my!"

The man wanted to push him away, but the guy did not succumb, strongly moved him, pushed from the bench, and seated himself again in his place.

Then on top attacked one after another, a lot of people. They brought nine dead men's legs and two skulls, and set them up and played skittles.

The guy also wanted to play. "Hey, you, listen! "he asked them. - Can I join you?" - "If thou hast any money". - "Money enough, Yes your balls are not quite round".

Then he took the skulls and put them in the lathe and trimmed them around. "So, " he said, " now they will roll better!. Go ahead! Now for the fun!"

He played with uninvited guests and lost a little, but when it struck twelve, everything vanished. He lay down and quietly fell asleep.

Next morning the king came to inquire: "Well, what happened this time?" - "Lost skittles, two Thaler lost!" - "Do not you be afraid?!" - "Well, here's another! "said the guy. - Amused, and only. At least I know what fear is!"

On the third night he sat down again on his bench and said quite sadly: "Ah, if only grew my fear!"

A few minutes later I was six tall guys with a coffin. "Ho, Ho, " said the guy, " Yes it is, perhaps, brother, cousin, who died two years ago! He beckoned with his finger, and cried: ' come, come, brother!"

The coffin was placed on the floor, he went to it and took the lid off the coffin lay dead. He felt his face, but it was cold as ice. "Wait, " he said, " I'm a little warm!"

Went to the fire, pogrel hand and pressed it to the face of the dead man, but he was cold still.

Then he took it out, and sat down by the fire and laid the dead man on her lap and began to RUB his hands to restore the circulation.

When this did not help, he had the idea that warm up well, if the two of you go to bed; he carried him to his bed, covered him over and lay down next to him.

A little later the deceased was warmed and stirred. "You see, brother, ' said guy, " I not warmed you."

But the dead man suddenly stood up and shouted: "Ah! Now I'll strangle you!" - "What? Suffocate?! So what's your gratitude? Get again in your coffin!"

And the guy raised the dead, cast him in a coffin and shut the lid; then entered the same six porters and carried the coffin.

"No one scolds me fear, Yes, and that's it! "said the guy. Here I shall never learn!"

Then a man entered another huge all others, and look perfect monster: it was the old man with a long white beard.

"Oh, you miserable creature! "he cried. - Now you will soon find out what fear is: get ready to die!" - "Well, not very hurry! "said the guy. - If I have to die, so without me, it will not be". - "What I will take with him!" said" monster. "Gently, gently! So you went! I'm not weaker than you, and perhaps even stronger!" - "We'll see about that! "the old man said. If you will be stronger, I will let you go; come with me, we will try."

Then he led him by dark passages to a Smith's forge, took an axe, and drove the anvil with one blow to the ground.

"Eka wonder! I can do better than that!" said the youth, and went to the other anvil.

The old man was beside him, wanted to look on, and his white beard hung down. Then the youth seized the axe, split the anvil with one blow, and struck it the old man's beard. "Now you, brother, caught! he said. Now you have to die!"

He took an iron bar and became them to beat the old man till he moaned and did not plead for mercy, promising to give him great riches.

The guy pulled the axe out of the crack and freed the old man. The old man led him back into the castle, showed him in one of the cellars of three chests full of gold, and said, "One third belongs to the poor, the other for the king, the third one is you."

At this time struck twelve, and the boy was left alone in the dark. "Somehow get out of here," he said, fumbling found the way back to my room and slept there by his fire.

Next morning the king came and said, "What now then, I suppose, have learned you fear?" "No, " answered he, " and know I do not know what fear is. Visited here my late cousin Yes lammergeier some came and showed me down a lot of money, and fear me no one taught".

Then said the king: "Thank you! Have you saved the castle from the evil forces. Take my own daughter to wife!" - "This is all very well, " answered he, " but I still don't know what it means to tremble with fear!"

The gold was brought up from the dungeons, and the wedding celebrated; but the husband of the Princess, no matter how loved his wife, and however he was happy, everybody was saying, "Oh, if that would only get me fear! If but shudder!"

It's finally she was angry at. The maid it was said to the maiden: ' I will help those in need! I suppose, learn and he tremble with fear."

She went to the stream which flowed through the garden, and had a whole bucketful of gudgeons brought to her.

At night, when the young king was sleeping, his wife was to draw the clothes off his blanket and poured him a whole bucket of cold water with the gudgeons, and danced around him.

Woke up here young and cried: "Oh, scared me, scared me, wife, sweetheart! Yes! Now I know what it is to shudder!"

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