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On the edge of a great forest there lived a wood-cutter with his wife, and had an only child - a three year old girl. They were so poor that even without bread sat and didn't know what to feed a baby.

Once the woodcutter, suppressed their own business, went to work in the forest. He stood there chopping wood, when suddenly there appeared before him a beautiful tall woman with a crown of bright stars on the head and said, "I am the virgin Mary, mother of the Christ child. You are poor, burdened by poverty. Bring me her child: I will take her with me, I will be his mother and care for her".

He listened to her woodcutter brought his child and gave it to the virgin Mary, who took it with him to heaven.

There the child fared well: ate sugar-cakes, and drank sweet milk, and her clothes were of gold, and angels played with him.

When she was fourteen years old, called her one day to the virgin Mary and said, "Dear child, I have a long journey, so take into thy keeping the keys of the thirteen doors of the Kingdom of heaven. Twelve doors can open and see all the splendor, but the thirteenth door that this little key belongs, is illegal for you to unlock! Not Oteri it, lest you be you with unhappy!"

The girl promised to be obedient, and then, when the virgin Mary was gone, she began to examine the abode of the heavenly Kingdom.

Every day she unlocked one door until the round of the twelve. In each sat Apostle in the midst of a great light - and she rejoiced in all the magnificence and splendor, and the angels who always accompanied her, rejoiced with her.

And now there zamknutu only one forbidden door; she wanted to know, for it is hidden, and she said to the angels: "all open I its not going to go there I will not, and will only prietary so much that we even in the crack could have something to see." - "Oh, no! answered angels. - It would be a sin: the virgin Mary has forbidden, it can threaten us great unhappiness."

Then she was silent, but the desire in her heart is not stopped, and gnawed and encouraged her, and gave her no peace.

And then one day, when the angels had gone away, she thought: "I am alone now and could look there: no one will ever know".

Found it the key, took it in his hand, put in the keyhole and inserting turned. Then the door sprang open and she saw there the blessed Trinity, sitting in fire and brilliance. A moment stood the girl in amazement, and then lightly touched my finger to the lights, and her finger was quite Golden.

Then she felt an intense fear, she quickly slammed the door and ran away.

But whatever she did, no matter how rushed - not passed her fear, the heart continued to beat and could not calm down; and the gold was gone from his finger, as she no soap and rubbed it.

Soon returned virgin Mary from his travels, called the girl and demanded back the keys of heaven.

When the girl gave a bunch, looked her virgin eyes and asked: "hast thou Not opened the thirteenth door?" - "No".

Then she laid her hand on heart, felt it beating, and saw that the prohibition was broken and the door was unlocked.

Another time he asked the Queen of Heaven: "Really have you not done it?" "No," replied the girl again.

Then looked the virgin on her finger, Golden from touching the fire of heaven, and saw that the girl had sinned and asked her for the third time: "You just didn't do it?" And for the third time said the girl, "No."

Then said the virgin Mary: "You disobeyed me, and besides lied, and therefore no longer worthy to be in heaven!"

And the girl fell into a deep sleep and when she awoke she lay down on the ground, in the midst of a wilderness. She wanted to call for help, but could not utter a sound. She jumped and tried to run, but in which neither side was turned, everywhere in front of her there were standing by a wall of thick thorns, through which she could not get.

In this wilderness, where she was imprisoned, there stood an old hollow tree: it had to be her home. She crept back and slept in the hollow, when the night come; there in the rain and the storm found herself a shelter.

But it was a miserable life - cried the girl, remembering how happy she had been in heaven, and how the angels had played with her.

The only food served her roots and berries. In the fall she gathered the fallen nuts and leaves and carried them in his hollow: nuts ate in the winter, and when everything was covered with snow and ice, she crawled like a poor little animal, all these leaves to shelter from the cold.

Her clothing was soon rent and rags fell from her body. When the sun again began to warm, she came out of his hiding place and sat down under the tree, covered with his long hair, as with a cloak.

So she sat year after year, experiencing the pain and the misery of earthly existence.

One day, when the trees again dressed in fresh greens, the king of that country, hunting in the forest, pursued the wild goat, and as she ran away into the bushes that lined the clearing with an old tree, he fell from his horse and his sword cut through his way in the thickets.

Finally broke through the jungle, he saw a wonderfully beautiful girl sitting under a tree and from head to toe covered in her Golden hair.

He stopped, silently, with amazement gazing at her, and then asked: "Who are you and why do you sit out here in the desert?"

She said nothing, because the mouth could not be opened. The king continued: "wilt thou go with me to my castle?" She answered only by a slight nod of the head.

Then took her king on his arms, carried her to his horse, and rode home with her, and when he reached the Royal Palace, ordered her to be dressed in magnificent clothes and gave her all things in abundance. And though she could not speak, but was so beautiful and charming that he began to love her with all my heart and a little later married her.

He passed about a year, and the Queen gave birth to a son. And so at night, as she lay alone in bed, appeared to her the virgin Mary and said, "If you give me the whole truth will tell and Polynesia that opened the forbidden door, I will open thy mouth, and will return to you the gift of speech; but if you're in sin will persist and persistently deny his guilt, I will ask you for your newborn baby".

The Queen was able to tell the truth, but she persisted and again said, "No, I did not open the forbidden door." Then the blessed virgin took from the hands of her newborn baby and disappeared with him.

Next morning when the child was nowhere to be found, there arose a murmuring of the people, "the Queen de ogress, native child brought forth". She heard nothing to argue against it could not; the king did not want to believe it, because he loved her so much.

A year later another son was born to the Queen, and again at night went in unto her, the Holy virgin and said, "I Agree have you to repent that opened the forbidden door? Confess - so I'm even thy firstborn will give up and return the gift of speech; but if you persist in sin and deny his guilt is taken away from you and this newborn baby". Again answered the Queen: "No, I did not open the forbidden door." And took the lady from the hands of her child, and ascended with him into heaven. The next morning, when again it turned out that this child was gone, the people have openly said that the Queen had eaten his, and the councillors demanded the trial of her.

But the king loved her so much that he would not believe the charges and ordered his advisers under pain of death that they stutter did not dare.

The next year the Queen gave birth to a beautiful little girl - Yves third time appeared to her the night of the blessed virgin Mary and said, "Follow me!"

Took the Queen by the hand and led her to the sky and showed her there her two older children: they met her cheerful laughter, playing holding an Orb of the Holy virgin.

Rejoiced the Queen, looking at them, and the blessed virgin said, ' Would still not softened your heart? If you admit to being opened the forbidden door, I will give you back both of your sons".

But the third time the Queen answered: "No, I did not open the forbidden door."

Then the lady again lowered her to the ground and took her third child.

The next morning when the news spread about the disappearance of newborn king, the people cried out aloud: "Queen - ogress! It should be put to death!" And the king could no more resist his advisers.

Dressed over Queen of the court, and as she could not a single word in defense of her to say, she was condemned to be burned at the stake.

Piled firewood and when around the Queen, firmly tied to the post, from all sides began to rise the flames melted the solid ice of her pride and remorse filled her heart.

She thought: "Oh, if I could just before his death, to repent that opened the door!" Then came back to her voice, and she cried out loudly: "Yes, the blessed Mary, I did it!"

And at the same moment poured rain from heaven and put out the fire; dazzling light shone around convicted, and the virgin Mary came down to earth with her novorojdennomu daughter in the arms and two sons on the sides.

And said to her mistress gently: "Who confesses and repents of their sin, that sin is forgiven!"

Gave her a virgin all three children, returned the gift of words and blessed her for life.

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