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The cat met the mouse and sang so much to her about the great love and friendship that the mouse consented to live with her in one house and make the overall economy. "Yes, here in winter you need us to prepare supplies and not have to starve, " said the cat. "You, little mouse, cannot because everywhere to go. That look, will end up being in the mousetrap please".

Good advice was accepted and reserve bought the rest of the fat. But they knew not where to put, until finally after the long debates cat said, "I don't know storage space for better Church: from there, no one will dare to steal whatever it is; we'll put the pot under the altar and get there before we really need it".

So the pot was placed in storage in the right place; but a little time has passed since I wanted the cat to taste fat, and she said to the mouse: "that's what I was going to tell you, mouse: I intended to sister cousins christening; she gave birth to a boy, white with dark spots - so I gossip going. You let me go today, guests, and even household one pozajmis". "Yes, Yes, ' answered the mouse, ' go forth with God; and if that is delicious to eat happen, remember me: I wouldn't mind a drop of sweet red christening wine".

They were all fiction: the cat had no cousin, and no one called her christening. She went straight to the Church, stole to the pot of fat, began to lick at it, and licked off the top of the fat. Then I walked on the roofs of the town, looked around, and then stretched in the sun, licking every time he thought of the pot of fat.

Only flowered in the evening she returned home. "Well, you're back, " said the mouse, " that's right, a fun day spent". "Yes, well," replied the cat. "And what was the name of the newborn?" - "Top-off", - replied the cat. "Top-off?! - exclaimed the mouse. "That is a very strange name! Is it a usual one in your family?" - "What does that matter? said the cat. "It is no worse than Krasnograd, as your godchildren".

A little later, again defeated the cat's desire to eat. She said to the mouse: ' You must do me a favor and once again the one to take care of the farm: I again invited to the christening and can not refuse, because the newborn mark is: white ring around the neck".

The good mouse consented, but the cat behind the city walls slipped into the Church and ate with podgorska fat. "That's really it, nothing so delicious as that herself in the pleasure will eat," said she, very pleased with his act.

When she returned home, the mouse asked: "Well, how was this child called?" - "Half-gone," replied the cat. "Half-gone?! What are you saying?! Such a name I never heard, and I bet that he and the saints-no!"

And the cat soon again drool ran down, wanted to eat. "God loves the Trinity! she said the mouse. Again I asked to be godfather. Cub all jet black and only feet from him white, and all body not a single white hair is not there. This happens in two years time: would you let me go there." - "Top-off, Seredka... " answered the mouse. Is such strange names that I think takes". "You sit at home in your dark-grey fur coat and his long Kosice, ' said the cat, and prejudices: that means the day is not to leave the house".

The mouse in absence of the cat removed all of the rooms and the whole house was put in order, and the cat-gourmet licked clean all the rest of the fat. "Only on the soul and calm, when all you eat," she said to herself, and only late at night, came home, fed-presita.

The mouse at once asked what name had been given to the third child. "It is you, it is true, did not like it, " replied the cat, " baby named Posledice". "Posledice! - exclaimed the mouse. Is the most suspicious name. I something is still not met. Posledice! What does that mean?" She shook her head, curled herself up, and lay down to sleep.

Since then no one cat is no longer called christening, and when winter came around the house and couldn't find anything to eat, the mouse remembered their stock and said: "Come, miss, reach to store our pot of fat, so-delicious meal". "Oh, Yes, answered the cat, is delicious! As tasty as if you own the subtle pull-tab in a window stuck".

They went, but when we got to the destination, they found the pot, though, and in its place, but it was empty. "Ah, " said the mouse, ' now I see what happened: now I see what you are to me a true friend! You all took off when the christening went: first broach, then to seragaki got, then..." - "hold your tongue, do you?! - cried the cat. "One more word and I will eat you!"

The little mouse in the language of spun: "Posledice!" and barely escaped her this word, as in one leap jumped to her cat, grabbed her and... swallowed.

That's it! What in the world does not exist!..

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