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In old years, when it was worth only to wish for something and the desire was fulfilled, there was light on the king; all his daughters were one more beautiful than the other, and only the youngest daughter was so beautiful that even the sun, so many experienced any miracles, and then wondered, illuminating her face.

Near the Royal castle was a large, dark forest, but the forest under an old Linden tree was dug a well. On hot days came the Princess in dark forest and sat down by the cool of the well; and when she became bored, she took a Golden ball, and threw it and caught it: it was her favorite pastime.

But now it came to pass that planted the Princess's Golden ball has been extended to handle it, and missed, hit the ground and rolled straight into the water. She followed him with her eyes, but, alas, the ball disappeared in the well. And the well was so deep, so deep that the bottom was not visible.

Was here she crying, crying, crying louder Yes horesta and could not be comforted.

Crying she poured, as suddenly hears a voice: "what's the matter, Princess? From thy weeping and in the stone a pity." She looked to see how her voice sounds, and saw the frog, who stuck his thick ugly head from the water. "Oh, it's you, old vodola! "the girl said. - Cry me about my Golden ball, which fell well". - "Calm down, don't cry, " answered the frog, " I can burn your help; but what will you give me if I'm a toy will get?" "Yes whatever you want, dear frog, " said she, " my clothes, my pearls, semi-precious stones, and even bargain and the crown of gold that you wear."

And answered the frog: "you don't need me one of your dresses, or pearls, or semiprecious stones, nor for your Golden crown, but if you gave me love and would I be everywhere for you to attend, to share your games, your table to sit near you, to eat from your Golden plate, drink from your piles, sleeping in your bed: if you give me all this promise, I am ready to go down the well and get you out the Golden ball".

"Yes, Yes, " answered she, " I promise you everything what you want, if only you give me only my ball bigwigs".

And she thought: "Empty goroda stupid frog! Sit him in the water with similar Yes kakati, where it can be man's companion".

With the promise, the frog disappeared in the water, sank to the bottom, and in a few moments again emerged, holding in the mouth a ball, and threw it on the grass. Was thrilled with the joy she saw again her lovely toy, picked it up and ran skipping. "Wait, wait! - cried the frog. "Take me with you. I can't run like you."

Where there! In vain after her blow in the throat croaked the frog: not listening to the fugitive, and hurried home and soon forgot the poor frog, who had nothing again to get into your well.

The next day, when the Princess of the king and all the courtiers sat at the table and began to eat from your Golden plate, and all of a sudden smack, smack, smack, smack! - someone zaslal down the marble stairs and got to the top, began to knock at the door, "Princess, youngest Princess, open to me!"

She jumped up to see who would be there so he could knock, and, opening the door, he saw a frog. Quickly slammed the door she again sat down, and terribly frightened she became.

When the king saw that her heart fast beating, and said: "my Child, what are you afraid of? Not the giant do what is behind the door and wants to kidnap you?" - "Oh, no! "she answered. - Not giant and ugly frog!" - "What did he need from you?" - "Ah, dear father! When I was in the woods yesterday, sitting at the well and played; dropped my Golden ball in the water; and as I am very wept bitterly, the frog I took him out; and when he became insistent demand that we be henceforth inseparable, I promised; but I never thought he could out of the water to go. And here he is now here at the door and wants to come here."

The frog knocked again and the voice gave:

The Princess, the Princess!
What are you not open?!
Ile had forgotten promises
The cool waters of the well?
The Princess, the Princess,
What are you not open?

Then said the king: "What you promised, and should do; go and open!"

She went and opened the door.

The frog jumped into the room and, following on the heels of the king's daughter, hopped to the chair, sat down beside and cried, "Lift me up!" The Princess all waited, until finally the king ordered her to do it. Barely a frog on a chair landed, he was already on the table naprosilsya; put on the table, and it's still not enough: "Priding here, " he said, " its saucer gold closer to me so that together we ate!"

What to do?! And it played the Princess, though with obvious reluctance. The frog eats the food on both cheeks, and the young mistress of the piece in the throat did not interfere.

Finally, the guest said: "Akusala I, and tired. Take me into her own room Yes make his bed down, and will go here we are with thee to sleep." Cried the Princess, and scared she felt the cold frog: and touch something before him afraid, and he's still on karolinina soft, clean bed to rest!

But the king grew angry and said, "Who are you in need help, that you then despise not good.

She took the frog with two fingers, carried upstairs and poked into the corner.

But when she lay down in the bed, crawled up the frog and says, "I'm tired, I want to sleep in exactly the same way you do: pick me or I thy father will complain!" Well, here she was angry to the extreme, grabbed him and threw what was urine on the wall. "Tea now will you calm down, you ugly frog!"

Falling to the ground, turned into a handsome frog Prince with beautiful affectionate eyes. And he was by the will of the king sweet friend and husband of the Princess. Then he told her that the wicked witch spells changed him into a frog, that no one in the world except the Princess, unable was from a well to rescue and that tomorrow they will go together into his Kingdom.

Then they fell asleep and the next morning when the sun awoke, drove up to the steps of the carriage the octagon: horses are white, with white ostrich feathers on their heads, harness all of the Golden chains, and behind stood the young servant of the king, his faithful Henry.

When his master was changed into a frog, faithful Henry was grieved because ordered to do three iron hoops and put them in her heart that it was not torn apart by pain Yes Kruchina.

The carriage was to take the young king in his native Kingdom; faithful Henry had planted in her young, was again on the carriage and was glad-redesined the deliverance of his master from the charms.

They drove part of the road, when suddenly he hears the king's son behind some crackling sound, like something had snapped. He turned and shouted:

There was a crunch, Henry? Really coach?
- No! A she, my Lord... And this
Burst Hoop iron on my heart:
He Astragalus it, Lord, how
That's well cool you were signed
And the frog will stay forever doomed.

And again, and again snapped something in the way, and the king's son in these times, too, thought that breaks down the carriage; but the split hoops at the heart of faithful Henry, because his master was now freed from the spell and happy.

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