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Cat Simon's cat)
Short animated cartoons

The author of this funny cat is a British animator Simon Tofield. A series of cartoons about a cat inspired by his own Pets - cats Hugh, Jace and Messi. Cartoons created using Adobe Flash.
In fact, the cat Simon is the most common cat who craves affection and attention from the owner, loves to eat, but sometimes gets into funny situations.

Cat Simon's cat)<br>Short animated cartoons
Cat Man Do (Catman-up)
Let Me In! (Let me in!)
TV Dinner (Lunch in front of the TV)
Fly Guy (fly guy)
Hot Spot (Hot spot)
Snow Business (Snow Affairs)
The Box (Box)
Cat Chat (Cat chat)
Lunch Break (lunch break)
Santa Claws (Saints claws)
Sticky Tape (Sticky tape)
Hop It (Jump over them)
Hidden Treasure (Treasure)
Cat & Mouse (cat and mouse)
Double Trouble (Double trouble)
Catnap (Cat sleep)
Fowl Play (Game game)
Shelf Life shelf)
Tongue Tied (Tongue swallowed)
Window Pain (Headache with window)

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