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Heroes of the short cartoon "cat Simon's cat)"
How to draw

Author of a series of cartoons about funny cat - British animator Simon Tofield is created for fans of the cat a few lessons, he teaches how to draw the cat, and other characters from the animated series.
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Heroes of the short cartoon "cat Simon's cat)<br>How to draw them
Simon Draws: Simon's Cat (Simon draws: the cat Simon)
Simon Draws: The Kitten (Simon draws: kitten)
Simon Draws: The Hedgehog (Simon draws: the hedgehog)
Simon Draws: The Dog (Simon draws: the dog)
Simon Draws: Rabbits (Simon draws: the rabbits)
Simon Draws: Simon (Simon draws... Simon)
Simon Draws: Mice (Simon draws: mouse)
Simon Draws: Toads & Frogs (Simon draws: toads and frogs)


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