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What are your shoes?

"Shoes don't lie!" so he called his book the American caricaturiste Mimi pond. She believes that shoes for girls are not just a matter of fashion or style. They talk about its owner, about her character and habits of all or almost all.

Low shoes with lacing, thick-soled. The girl who wears them, knows what he wants. It goes its way, bypassing the beaten track. She is ambitious, energetic, and successful.

Your shoesBoat. Prefer this Shoe shines in all situations. She's a good role in welcoming hostess, understanding partner and a successful business woman. She doesn't like surprises, she has a very specific view about life and how to build it.

Your shoes><i><b>Loafers. </b></i>Do not despair, it is best to consult it! Wearing this kind of footwear she will give you good advice. Her analytical thinking, she will easily solve any problem. It never leaves composure. The partner can always rely on her friends to count on her help in difficult situations. Her dream house, surrounded by trees, and children with higher education. </p>
<p><b>Boots with laces. </b> This girl reminds me of Mary Poppins. Without any effort on their part it is always in the spotlight. This place is nature. </p>
<p><i><b>Athletic shoes (sneakers, sneakers). </b></i> Their owner is a good friend, completely independent and always in search of adventure. Nothing can stop her. Her life motto - forward, forward and forward. </p>
<p><i><b>Patent leather ankle boots. </b></i> A girl who loves to change the image, always ready for the unexpected. Bright, cheerful, versatile and full of vitality, temperament, which sparkles as it boots. Who wants to go near it, must be flexible and have a sense of humor. </p>
<p><i><b>The studs. </b></i> Girl living on a Grand scale. She likes champagne, parties, guests, attends exhibitions, enjoy the views, which escorted her, and always keeps his finger on the pulse of time. </p>
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