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Alexander Shibaev


It is not known what happened
Only the letter got lost:
Jumped into someone's house
And hosts in it!

But barely walked
The letter-the bully,
Very strange things
Started happening.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cried the hunter: " Oh!
Dveri chasing me!

Doll dropping from his hands,
Mary rushes to his mother: -
There creeps green lMC
With a long mustache!..

Look, guys:
PAki grew up in the garden!

The snow melts. A flowing stream.
On the branches fully inthe Racha.

We collected cornflowers.
On the heads of us shchEnki.

On the yellowed grass
Drops Lesin their leaves.

Old grandpa Groin
On Kohhe rode on horseback.

Mama bpoints went
The road along the village.

Bug BUdku did not finish:
Reluctance. Tired of.

Mike wood does not have sawed,
The stove toakami stoked.

The blue sea in front of us.
Flying mAiki over the waves.

The doctor recalled uncle Mitya:
- Don't forget about one thing:
Be sure to take
Ten CAPEL before going to sleep.

Sat in loWku - let's go! -
On the river there, here.

In the swamp there are no roads.
I toWKam - Skok Yes Skok!

Impaled metate,
On it I am very angry!

On inthe OLK - cream,
cottage cheese, milk.
Would love to eat
Yes to get hard...

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