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The native language, be friends with me!

Alexander Shibaev


The Letter A

"A" is the beginning of the alphabet,
The fact she's famous.
And it is easy to learn:
Leg raises are widely!


Letter B

It is"W" "K",
A beetle and poliwka.


The Letter T

"T" - in antenna has become
And on the roof myself.


The Letter F

The owl in the book having flown,
Pretended to be the letter "f".


The Letter

Look at the wheel -
And you will see the letter "O".


Letter Yu

To "On" was not left, -
Tightly to the column will beat.
Oh, look what happened:
Happened... the letter "u"!


The Letter P

The letter "P" in the sports hall
The bar was called.
Well, well, don't be lazy -
Come be tightened Yes!


The letters S and C

That's what the "U" and "C":
With kogotkom at the end,
Claw-scratchy -
As a cat's paw.


The letters N and

"H" wearing a belt,
And wearing a belt.
The letter "H" is put on evenly,
The letter "And" - obliquely.


The Letter Th

You give her a hat give -
Will be a short letter "And".


The Letter X

"X" all goes, goes, goes -
Places that I cannot find?..


The Letter G

And, like poker,
Gorbit back the letter "G".


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The letter "e" on "With" marvels,
As if looking at himself in the mirror:
"The resemblance is certainly
Only no language!"


The Letter M

Joined hands friends
And said, "You Yes I am
We're it." Meanwhile
Turned out the letter "M"!


The letters L and H

"L" foot ball is kicked.
"H" to catch it wanted.
Waiting and waiting and waiting.
'm tired of waiting,
But the ball still no sign.


The Letters W, E, E

Look at the letter "W" -
The letter is very good,
Because of her
You can make the "E" and "E"!


The Letter I

The letter "I" walks proudly.


Letter D

"D" stands, and very firm!


The Letter S

Poor little letter "S"
Wandering with a cane, alas.


Letter B

The letter "B" with a large abdomen,
In a cap with a long visor.


The Letters B, B

SOFT SIGN lives carelessly,
He had no cap goes on forever.
And stubborn HARD SIGN
The cap is the only way.


The letters R and

Sleep went girlfriends,
Took lush pillows:
"P" - one and the letter "B" -


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