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Experience with light refraction


Turncoats, or pencil-worm

What you need to prepare

Transparent glass jar with water, tightly closed lid.

The experiment

Put on the table a white sheet of paper on top of the pencil sharpened end to itself. Take a jar of water and look at the pencil through it, as shown in the figure.

What happened?

In the Bank the pencil will turn over sharpened end into the other side.

Turn the jar in different directions, bringing it closer to the pencil, then shut. The pencil immediately begin to twist and squirm, as a living.

Put it next to other items and see how they will squirm.

The thunder and lightning. Experiments without explosions (Series Masterlike", 2000)

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Anna J.
2012-12-30 20:32:53
Great!All experiments here are very interesting.
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