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Predatory sea anemone and Bluebeard

What you need to prepare

On the sheet of thin paper with a width of 20 cm and height 15 cm cut thin strips (the thinner the better), not doresa to the edge of the sheet Until 2-3 cm between the edge of the sheet. Put on the table (see figure.). The strips will bend down like this marine sea anemone flower.

The experiment

Scratch magic wand on wool and povodi over stripes. Try to push the stick to the inside of the flower.

What happened?

Sea anemone
Looks like a real sea anemone.
Supelco sea anemones surround the mouth and
send him food.

Strips will flutter like a sea anemone and the truth is under water. As these predatory tentacles, the strips will bend and stick to the stick. Instead of sea anemones can make a fantastic villain Bluebeard, gluing the strip to the tennis ball and drawing the eyes, nose and eyebrows.

The thunder and lightning. Experiments without explosions (Series Masterlike", 2000)

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