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Experience with static electricity


Spinning, spinning

What you need to prepare

Paper, a needle and an eraser.

The experiment

Cut a strip of paper the width of 1-2 cm and a length of 10-15 cm, Sogni around the edges and in the middle, as shown in the figure. Stick a needle sharp end into the eraser. Ravnovesie the workpiece on the needle.
Prepare a magic wand, Portree on a dry cloth and held it to one of the ends of the paper strip on the side or top, not touching her.

What happened?

The bar will turn to swing up and down, swings, or will be spinning like a carousel.

And if you can cut from thin paper butterfly, the experience will be even more interesting.

The thunder and lightning. Experiments without explosions (Series Masterlike", 2000)

Your comments:

2014-06-01 17:33:51
And how to explain the fact that I have a piece of paper twists, when I'm just on the sides of your hands put.
2014-04-25 16:40:49
cool happened
mouse Wisla
2013-12-29 22:16:35
yeah very interesting
2013-12-19 19:21:57
nicho the well normic*
2013-10-30 16:48:58
Yeah cool ralna
2012-11-09 04:24:17
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