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In autumn, the trees make us happy Golden, orange and purple tints of the leaves. Did you know that yellow and red pigments do not appear in the leaves in autumn, and there always? They just masked a lot of green pigment chlorophyll. And in the autumn become visible once the chlorophyll is destroyed.

The chlorophyll in green leaves is contained in special cells - chloroplasts

However, they can easily be distinguished by the following simple experiment.

If the green parts of plants to throw in strong alcohol, they begin to fade. Alcohol, in turn, on the contrary, fast greens. The process of discoloration of the leaves is due to the fact that chlorophyll is soluble in alcohol. This process goes even faster when heating or even careful boiling alcohol on a water bath. Strong alcoholic extract of green leaves when viewed her in transmitted light looks emerald green. In reflected light it's fluorescent (glows) cherry red.

Pour in the hood a little bit of gasoline. Shake the mixture. After some time you will notice that the gasoline, which is lighter than alcohol, POPs up. A layer of alcohol will remain at the bottom. When this gasoline will have an emerald color, and alcohol... take Golden yellow color! This happened because with chlorophyllum moved into alcohol and other pigments sheet - yellow xanthophyll and orange carotene. Adding gasoline chlorophyll moved in gasoline phase, and yellow pigments remained dissolved in alcohol.

Department of chlorophyll from yellow pigments based on the fact that he is better soluble in gasoline than in alcohol.

The process of separating substances with a solvent (in this case the extraction of chlorophyll with alcohol), which we conducted in this experience called extraction.


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