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Squirrels rabbits were treated,
Them carrots were served,
All the nuts themselves ate
And you led commanded.

In the circle is wide, I see,
Got all my friends.
I for you, my friends,
Make the cakes:
Quickly you need to bake,
You go, Zatoichi oven!

Took Egor in the corner of the axe,
With the axe went into the yard,
Began to fix Egor fence,
Lost Egor axe.
That's looking so far...
Look and you axe!

Worried wolnosci:
- How to be us without tubs!
All the mushrooms in tubs,
Forgot about Volosko!
Look for wolnosci you,
Delicious mushrooms!

Lived in the river one burbot,
Two ruff was friends with him.
Flew to him three ducks,
Four times per day
And taught them to read:

There were
I do, you do.
Between us had an argument.
Who started, forgot
And not friends yet.
Suddenly the game this time
To reconcile will manage us?

As we in the hayloft
Two frogs slept.
Woke up in the morning, ate soup,
And you led ordered!

Bell all calls,
Bell sings us
Clear, thin voice:
Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong!
You go out of range out!

Slash, slash,
Do not go barefoot,
And go ground,
Paws sakutei.
If you will be shod,
Wolves hare will not find,
Do not find you bear...
Come on - you burn!

Past the forest, past the cottages
Swam in the river red ball.
Saw pike.
What is this stuff?
Bang, Bang!
Not to catch.
The ball popped out again.
He went on to sail,
Come on, you led.

On the meadow came the young,
Bears, younglings.
On green meadow
Come and you, friend.

Legs, legs ran along the track,
Meadow, forest jumping over bumps,
Came to the meadow, lost boot.

Cock chopped wood,
Pies baked owl.
With a stump for zaichick,
Krenzelok with Medoc for bears.
And you, my friend, with what you want pie?

Fueled Seagull kettle.
Invited eight gulls.
Flew all the tea!
How many seagulls? Answer me!

Bees in the field flew,
Sound and buzzed.
Got bees on flowers.
We play - lead you!


One, two, three, four!
Live mouse in the apartment,
Tea drinking,
Cup beat,
Three money paid!
Who doesn't want to pay,
That and drive!

One, two, three, four,
Who does not sleep in our apartment?
Everything needed sleep,
Who does not sleep, he will come forth!

Once the guys went to the river,
Two oars carried in the hands.
They meet three sheep
And four Turkey.
All the guys were scared
Paddles threw it into the bushes.
Got scared, ran away,
But to find them you should!

If our Stepan
Watched the cat cream.
And when it was lunch,
Cat sitting - no sour cream.
Help me to Stepan,
Look for him sour cream.

Early, early we get up.
Loud janitor's name.
Watchman, watchman, quickly
Come out to feed the animals.

Jump pobegaychik,
We call them
Don't go.
Were here
And don't have them here.
Where are the bunnies?
You go to their look.

Skok-Pocock, Skok-pokok!
Bunny jumped on the stump.
In the drum it loud beats,
Leapfrog's play calling.

Among white doves
Jump little Sparrow.
Grey shirt,
Otklikalsya, Sparrow,
Vyleta here, take it easy!

Tick-Trak, tick-truck,
Under the bridge lived an old cancer.
Red cat came to the bridge,
Cancer grabbed the cat by the tail.
- Meow-meow, help!
With tail cancer unhook!
All run and you run
VAS'ka the cat help.

Tilly-Tilly, Tilly-BOM,
Hit the pine sicista forehead.
Pity me saucisse,
Is honey cone.
Quickly run into the forest,
Make seince wrap!

The linear bridge
I was caught in the Neva China,
Hidden behind the window,
Ate his cat.
Helped two cats,
Here and there now China!
You don't believe the other?
Get out of the circle!

Gulls live at the pier,
Their river wave rocked.
One, two, three, four, five,
Help them count.

Chiki Chiki, Chiki-chalk,
Night songs sang cricket,
We went to look for him,
Lit lanterns,
Looked under custom,
Under fluffy lopushok.
Where there hid cricket?
Look for it, buddy!

There was a goat on the bridge
And wagged his tail,
Hooked over the railing,
Right in the river hit.
Believeth not is he,
You go out of range out!

According to the materials of the collection of Maria Litvinova "Russian folk games"

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