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AndSIC, masik, wine trough, Prince, king, cups, spoons, médoc, sweetness.

BERU the berry, black Smorodina, the priest in the glass, the mother in the sleeve, gray bear honey on the blade; been, bear, pobegi for me.

Gori, firewood, hot, come Ñ, upon the written sled itself on the Mare, the wife of a cow, the kids on teletech, Ryabykh, piebald dogs.

Andvan moron, milk chatted, but he did not have blurted out the most, his wife gave, wife shed, the bull gave birth, bull whistled for chickens tracol, chickens fly, head break, Ivan picks up.

Katylosia Apple around the garden, who will raise, that there will be.

Kova, Nova than savvy? Gold broken, pwdpolicy, median finger, hands over the stove.

To>rauska, crust, slice.</p>
<p><img src=uska Yes Vaska went to Vyatka, bought two hats on the four corners where the angle, this angle, the center of the brush head hlist (Durham hair in a card game).

Klogistics, Kul, Baba, not vikoli eyes, come in Kut, where the girls weave you a penny to give, or lobe tuft or crest on the forehead.

LEtela owl red village, village owl on four stake.

OnDian, drugan, Trojan, cericon, Padan, frankincense, suchman, duckman, Laverda, diksa.

OnDino, pepino, dickery, den, dine, spools, spatalos, Rybkin, dibdin, Klek.

P, era, era, chukha, ruha, heel, honeycomb, willow, oak, poppy Cres.

P>Arvaniti, truganini, rolled kolebanii, five fires half of the wood was brother-in-law, carved skull, skull bald - he went out, went out.</p>
<p><img src=Rel, burned aspen wood, flew over the sea, beyond the sea Church, in the Church of the icon painting Kulikova: šišel, went out, went out.

PAZ, two fell down the mountain; three, four - hitched; five, six - beat wool; seven, eight - hay mowing; nine, ten or money to weigh.

WithVinca walks in forest, nibbling quinoa grass: she vomits, do not take under birch puts.

WithECU, cut twenty wiseco fifteen, be my fifteen all full (cut with a knife on the sliver fifteen notches).

WithECU, cut twenty wiseco fifteen, all in full to a single spot.

WithECU, cut twenty wiseco fifteen seconds, crossed fifteen of dosek.

WithECU, cut twenty wiseco fifteen, I will honor all fifteen there.

WithKazka, saying, chained daughter-in-law to Stelco, to stalk, to lime lotoski, dog burrow.

WithKazka, saying, chained daughter-in-law to the trunk by the handle, leg, blue dress.

The point a little, why was not long? Boyar bore, couchman, luhman, whey, cottage cheese.

Halecca petite, médoc sweet than horse feeds? Sweet Pitom, under the hoof - shoo!

His it you? - Seçkin, zaichkin, gray sheep lamb.

Hiririki, migereko, Sarandi, barandov on the bridge, on the bridge, Lykovo bridge, šišel, went out, went out.

HIKI, Chica, cichocki, one goes on a stick, the other on the cart, clicks nuts.

Hiriki, migereko, Bush, Nast, lipovo bridge, Swan crylate, jocic, Krycek.

Hicer, Acer, shoditsa on der: who does not pulls, (Belovezhskaya Pushcha) for hair pulling, plaits, for vlasici, for a single thread; do not learn to sin, learn to pray the God and Christ to worship (Durham hair for wrongdoing).

IBlocco of catalase around the garden, who raised, the Governor, the Governor, a Governor's son: šišel, went out, went out.

Irka not bright, the sheep no sheep, old sheep not kids, then cross, then the cross, and there to never climbed (in the game, saying, hit the ball in the head).

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