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Boris Zakhoder


From the window I see
Marvelous Country,
Where I live counting-out.
Everyone there sat a number of times,
Who ever played
Hide-and-seek or tag...

Wonderful place!. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Sam Hare White meets you,
As if you adores.
Tirelessly, for the hundredth time
He repeats his story -
And now you are there as at home!
All so familiar, so familiar:

And mnogotomnyi Oak Forest
(Although here he rustles century,
But he looks just like new)
And the Bridge, the Road and the River -
Here rode the Greek across the River
And put his hand into the river Greek.

Here was a Dog across the Bridge -
Four paws, five - tail!

Here is the famous Dumplings
(They ate Aneke and Benecke Foundation);

I remember Qaadi-Mady
The cow was carrying a bucket of water...

But the Golden Porch,
Hot sun-drenched
And day and night.
And on it,
Navegables, sitting side by side,
Sit together as a family,
Kings, Shoemakers, Tailors...
And you who will be? Choose!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Wonderland! Wonderful place!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Here - Aty-Baty, Aty-Baty! -
Not on war but on the Bazaar
Walk good Soldiers
And buy a samovar,

Here behind the glass doors
Gay Ass Pies.
He does not sell pies,
And guys giving...

And happiness is a gift given here!
And the grief - if sometimes
Dare to come here -
For a long time not here remains:
Here and the mountain doesn't matter!

Here is a fun glitter of tears,
Here are crying so that at least dance!
Here is the smallest basket
Anything for the soul!

Yes, everything - literally everything!
And something not seen the light!
And unless there is no death -
It does not take children...

(Here, sometimes it is played,
Since there is not something here
Just pretend to die,
Truly live!)

Here and not something else happens:
On the sky the month comes up,
And behind them rises the Moon...
Here the Boy the Girl - servant!

Here willfulness in high esteem,
But strictly dominates the law,
And - if there are no errors in the account -
Obediently all go out...

And I have been here once...

And, obeying account years
I have also gone out guys
And I, alas, no return.

My entrance is closed forever,
Although each court
So carefree and free
Here runs the kids,

Though there are no borders, no fences,
Although here at hand,
And may have been b happy
Me here again to see...

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