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Ana, Deus, Ricky, paki,
Dormy poop konstantaki,
The the Deus Deus canadaus wham!

Anti, Dante, trendy, Malindi,
Panty, anti, shivery, vivary.
CMC, manzuk, re, faith,
Chukha, ruha, heel, honeycomb,
A knock on the cross.
Ran the boy in the forest
Killed checkbox, killed two,
Swirled in my head.

Aty-Baty choom-choom,
Acereda ataman,
Bumper ataras,
On the mountain the evening hours.
Pigs in bath danced -
All Kabushiki broke.
Hunky-breaks the pitcher.

Rock, paper scissors,
Pencil, fire, water,
And a bottle of lemonade
And iron hand.
Karmana-barmana, CC-e-FA.

EOS, boron,
Timi, Ter,
Accom, beckom,
Crooked nose,
Of bloom.

The pan, LRC, Zack, ZIL,
Black bots gave.
GOP, LRC, kalinzu,
On the bone, the Troubadour.

The firstborn, progency -
Killed Golubinci
On the malt on youth,
On God's dew,
On Popova band.

Grindi - Andi,
I Kuma, Kuma - kuvendi.
Cook - Mac, cook Mac,
Take one fist.

Privalka, druguse,
Troshkov, valiska,
Tagun, Ladon,
Tokan, Rohan,
Dicing, throw.

Razi-Dasi, trisi-Risi,
Heel-Lata, Suni Muni,
Dubi, clubs, Bang!

- Tbdy-rbdi, Tinka -
Where is our pig?
- Tbdy-rbdi-toolki:
Ate pig wolves!
- Tbdy-rbdi-tenkou -
You would stick!
- Tbdy-rbdi-Tucci:
With wolf bad jokes!
- Tbdy-rbdi-Tyshko -
Come on, chicken!"

There was a crocodile,
The pipe is smoked.
The tube fell
And wrote:
Eni-Bane, Ricky still,
Turbo-urbanization, interraci,
Deo-deo, Krasnogo, Bang!

EKI, Becky, coffee, crackers,
EKI, Becky, Bai.
The train number twenty-nine,
Flying birds,
Watch the birds,
Fly lady
In a dark blue cap.

Ene, Bains,
Leakey, paki,
Cool, bubble, bubble, bubble,
The destitute-zvuki,
Aus-beus, click madeus, Boxing.

Eni, Beni, slave,
Quinter, Pinter, toad.
Eni, Beni, RES,
Quinter, Pinter, ill!

Ene-Bains, Ricky still,
Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble,

Eni benny Rees,
Quinter Pinter ill,
Eni Beni speckled,
Quinter Pinter toad.

Eni-Bani Rica-packs,
May will be released - maybe not,
In General the full Internet.

Dalba, Erba
Daewoo. Daewoo.
Daewoo. Daewoo. Bang!

Rite-Dr. Fathi.
Dorba, dorba
Del. Del.
Cat. Del.
Dr. Fathi!

Eniki-beniki, eating dumplings,
Eniki-beniki BA!

Aniki-banicki, eating dumplings,
Aniki, banicki, CLEC,
Went up on deck fatty sailor.
From sailor captain,
Got two hundred grams.

Eniki-beniki C cales,
Eniki-beniki BA!

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