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A, B, C, D, E, F, G -
Rides toad on the hedgehog.
3, I, K, L, M, N, O -
Bunny, you look me in the window.
C, H, W, W, E, S, I -
And pike - scales.

A and B were sitting on the tube,
And fell, B. gone,
What is left in the pipe?

Ah, devushka-owl,
You big head!
You sat on the tree,
Head you trochanter -
In the grass swallace,
In the pit of pokatilsja!

Drum, drum,
You should really barabani.
One, two, three, four, five
Get the guys to play.

Sheep in the meadow walking,
Lamb horns lost.
Was a party hungry wolf,
Lamb he teeth click!

Made Radosav.
Gave two grandchildren -
Two pugnacious of younglings,
And grandchildren have not gorged,
Roaring saucers knock!

Ran through the swamp rabbit,
He was looking for a job,
Yes the work is not found,
Himself wept and went.

Running through the yard puppy
Sees a piece of cake,
Under the porch, climbed up and ate,
He dozed off and sniffed.
But we won't sleep
We all want to play.

The bomb explodes,
The game begins.
In the beginning of the game:
One, two, three,
The fire fell!

In the garage parked cars
Volga, Seagull, Lada,
From what I take the keys?

In the taxi sat Dachshund,
- And what for dachshunds Dachshund?
- Equal and fees and cats
What NESDIS, then pay!

In the quiet river berth
Fish fish met.
- Hello!
- Hello!
- How are you?
Fishing I was,
I bit the fisherman,
Uncle Pete crank.
- Where is your fisherman?
He was caught?
No, he went Dodger
Broke down.

In the woods
On the edge
Two cuckoo:
Bring me the flour,
I for treats
Will napco cookies.
You go, bring the flour!

In this herd of a hundred heads
Goats, sheep and cows.
Who's watching their health,
He will be very healthy.

The wind is blowing in our faces
Shaking the tree.
The breeze all hush, hush,
Trees higher and higher,
The wind died down completely -
And we will play all!

The wind flew over the sea,
Wind songbirds considered.
Thought every one!
And then took off.
Our turn to read!
One, two, three, four, five!

Wolves roam,
Food're looking for.
We initially they will catch,
And then let's play.

Here sits opposite beetle
You can see the aggressive he's from Sluck.
Give him the way,
That did not get angry for a very long time.

Will get up, get up with the roosters,
's going to come out with the shepherds.
I'm going to the East,
I'll look at the sunrise.
One, two, three
The beginning of the game!

Met a hedgehog goby
And licked his flank.
He licked his flank -
Stung his tongue.
Hedge kid yourself laughing:
In the mouth, thou shalt not take,
That will get!

Snow fell on the field,
Ran the kids.
One, two, three, four, five
Will run and jump,
We will be in the snow to play.

High head
I threw his ball easily.
But dropped my ball from heaven,
Set in a dark forest.
I'm going to find him.

Released sainika to walk,
Started a grass it pinching.
Once shipol, two shipol.
The third time it did not work -
The meeting with the wolf happened.
Sainika from the wolf ran away,
Wolf saucisse not caught up.

Came out a month out of the fog,
I'll be a captain.
Early in the morning
I the team will gather.
You don't screw nose,
Will you be a sailor.

Left mouse once
Show the time.
Mouse pulled the weights.
Then there was a terrible ringing -
Ran the mouse over.

Talking to dawn,
Gathered on the mountain
Dove, goose and jackdaw
That's the whole rhyme.

Gori, Gori clear
To go out,
Stand the hem,
Look on the field.
Go there trumpeters
Yes eat cakes.

Two firemen ran
And the button clicked:

The do-re-mi-FA-so-La-si,
Village cat taxi
And kittens pouncing
And free rolled.

House, two-storey house,
Top cat is important.

Dora, Dora, Tomato.
We are in the garden caught the thief,
They began to think and wonder
How would the thief be punished.
We linked arms and legs
And put on the road.
The thief went,went, went
And the basket was found.
In this little basket
There is lipstick and perfume,
Ribbon , lace, boots...
Anything for the soul.

Dora, Dora, tomato,
We are in the garden caught the thief.
They began to think and wonder
How can the thief be punished.
We linked arms and legs
And put on the road.
The thief went, went, went
And the basket was found.
In this little basket
There are drawings and pictures.
One, two, three,
Who want - dari!

Uncle Vanya look
We let the bubbles.
Blue, red, blue
Choose anything!

I'm going to grandmother, grandfather
The horse
In a red cap.
On a flat track
On one leg,
In the old lapolice.
The ruts, bumps,
Straight ahead
And then suddenly - in a hole Buch!

Hedgehog in the woods,
Walked, walked, walked,
Under Bush
The fungus is found.
Walked around fungus:
- Here is finding good!
He brought the fungus home
Came out nice mushroom soup!

Rode the cat in the barrel,
Sold flowers.
Blue, red, blue
Choose anything.

Drove the boy from Kazan,
In one hundred and fifty rubles sledge,
Fifty rubles arc;
Boy - girl servant.

Rode a man on the road,
Broke the wheel on the verge of...
How much of nails?
Long do not think,
Speak quickly.

Rode the forest Fox,
Broke three wheels.
We need to sit down to tell fortunes,
How much money to give.

Rode the Fox through the woods,
Broke four wheel -
All went on the rampage.
How much money should be given,
So we can play?

There were two neighbor
Two neighbor-eater.
Cannibal cannibal
Invites for lunch.
The Ogre replied, " No,
Will not go to you, neighbor!
For lunch to get not bad,
But does
Not in the form of food!

There were the grandfather and the grandmother,
Eat porridge with milk.
Grandfather on Baba got angry -
And belly with his fist!
And from the belly two watermelons
Rolled in house Union.
In the house-the Union said:
“Your aunt must be in kindergarten!”

There were a hundred guys,
All went to kindergarten.
All sat down for lunch
And ate a hundred meatballs,
And then went to bed.
Begin again to count!

There were three herrings:
Kul, Mulia and the Head.
Kul, Mulia slept together,
And the Head was sleeping one.

Behind the iron pillars,
On the hill to the mansion.
On the door hangs castle.
You get a key go
And lock atomki.

Over the seas, over mountains,
Behind the iron pillars,
On the hill mansion,
On the door hangs castle,
You get a key go
And lock atomki.

For glass doors
Standing Bear with pies.
"Hello, bear-friend,
How much pie?
- Pies do not sell,
Their children I have already given!

For glass doors
Sitting ass pies.
Tell me, popochka friend,
How much pie?

Sicista - chicken
On the field fled,
In the garden ran,
Carrot found
The cabbage was found,
Sitting, eating,
Go away - the owner is!

Sea walked,
The keys dropped.
The Golden keys,
Dear things.

- The white hare,
Where were running? -
In oak forest! -
- What did you do there?
- Bast was humping!
Where to put?
Under the deck.
- Who stole?
- Rodion!

The seeds in his pocket who find ready?
The cake was baked pastry twenty-five thrushes.
Pulled out the cake bird týr-Liu-Liu,
Dreamed whether this dish to the king?
The king was in the office, led to the revenue account.
Queen in the hall eating a sandwich.
Behind the Palace maid hung linen,
Thrush back and immediately clutch his nose.

From under slides slides
Blue dress.
On the side of the green bow,
Loves me a musician.
The young musician,
To call his valodinka.

From under the stove
Two plates - clap!
Went pop.

From snowdrift in the breeze
Weaved silver lace
And it resulted in the taiga
Belogrivoe snowstorm!

As for our
The yard
Standing Cup
With cheese;
Two teterya,
Picked it up -
Flew away.
Picked it up -
In the meadow

One summer on the Onega
Som went to the cart.
Instead of the horse - Karas,
He brought the cart in the mud.
The city of the dead, asking for help,
And scolds carp!

Rolling orange
To the city of Berlin,
Lessons not taught
And the two got.

Catalase Torba
With great hump.
In this Torba
Bread, rye, oats, wheat.
Who do you want to share?
Speak soon,
Don't delay good people!

Catalase Torba
High hump;
In this sack:
Bread, wheat,
With whom I want,
So podilia.

Catalase Apple in the garden
And fell right into the water:
It bulky not be considered,
Should Apple be saved!

Pussy, pussy,
Here's a big bowl.
The bowl of this milk,
But you can drink it in secret!

Thin legs,
Dance on the track...
Close the night,
Fly right away.

We sat on the balcony
Drank tea, drinking water,
Turkish said:
CABI, charabi
Charabi, CABI-CABI.
We got a mouthful of water
And told everyone stand still,
And who will be the first to die,
He will receive a lump in his forehead!

Sat on the balcony,
Tea drinking,
Turkish said:
- Cobi, acobi,
Celebici, cobi,
Celebici, cobi,
Ends the game!
We got a mouthful of water
And said to all:
- Stand still!

Horse zealous
Galloping field,
Skips the field.
Who is the horse that will catch,
Us tag plays.

Cat Kadenko
Eat little by little.
If you do not want
Then don't eat!

Who for me is the hero!
Without me - he is a pig.

Who in winter white,
In the summer of grey?
Guess who -
He plays with us.
One, two, three
Perhaps, it's you!

Cuba, Cuba, Kubaka,
Very deep pit,
In this pit lived mouse
One mouse peel eaten,
The world was tired.

The fence wove,
Children led.
The children were,
Before the end came.
Before the end came,
Back went.

Forest glade,
Went out for a walk Jan -
She's not lost,
Play asked.

Flew the cuckoo past the garden,
Picked it up all the seedlings
And shouted: "ku-Ku-Mac,
Open one fist!"

Flying-flying rocket
Blue color
And it sits Gagarin,
Simple Soviet man.

Summer swallow flies,
Chicks small trains:
- Do not be lazy, children,
Learn to fly in the summer.
But as the summer otletet,
Us to fly over the sea.

Fox walked through the forest,
A loud voice cried,
Fox some badges of rank had been flogged,
Fox lapotko wove -
My husband, two, yourself three
And the kids in baptistam!

Fox in the forest went on,
Fox some badges of rank had been flogged,
Fox lapotko wove:
My husband, two,
Yourself three
And the kids
On baptistam!

Cannibal, cannibal,
How Many People
It will be years?
One, two, three
Eater, catch!
Do not overtake
Eat the frog
At lunch!

The may evening
K the rodents
The pancakes came
Three layers,
Three clohessy.
How many chickens
In the hut?

Little squirrel
For tree riding,
Delicious nuts
Purse hides:
Whining kiddies
Gives radishes,
Obedient children -
Nut bowl!

Little boy
He sat down on the Cup,
In the tune plays,
The king amused.
The king on nursery rhymes,
Our nuts.

Mother goose sat,
Three guseok hatched.
This yellow, all fluffy.
This is Golden
This yellow, greyish.
You see, guys?
Get the fuck out!

Misha - Northern bear,
Came Peter to see.
At the station in the first room
Misha guests ordered
Sandwiches and pie,
With cream cheese.

We are now cooked ear,
Salt CCS forgot -
Not salted carp...
Run salt bring!

The world -
We are the best kids.
We parents listen to,
Teachers are not afflicted,
Study on "the five".
One, two, three, four, five,
And now we are going to play.

On the mountain oaks,
Under the mountain growing mushrooms:
White - old; to take did not.
Boletus and listless, and small...
Lactarius on the sun side
In the pound go, buddy.

On the oak hollow
In the hollow of the heat
The hollows outside
Frost and cold.
In the hollow of the family lives,
Squirrel eating nuts.
Squirrels have five squirrels -
One, two, three, four, five.
The young mother listen,
Nuts with gribiche eat.
One, two, three, four, five
Now we will begin to play.

On the fence sat a jackdaw.
Begins the rhyme:
one, two, three, four, five!
Will all the guys to consider:
Yulia, Misha, Light, Kohl,
Petya Ira, Vitya, Olu...
If I read you get tired,
For a moment longer.
Will you be quiet, will have a rest
And again will be considered.

On the Golden porch sat:
The king, the Prince,
The king, the king's son,
Shoemaker, tailor...
Who are you going to be like this?
Speak soon,
Don't delay
Good and honest people!

On the Golden porch sat
Chita, Rita, Jane, Tarzan,
With a little kid.
Chita boiled potatoes,
Tarzan ran for wine,
Chita held up her leg,
Tarzan flew upside down.

On the Golden porch sat
Apple, pear, aunt Valrosa,
Uncle Tom - ear time!

On willow jackdaw,
On the shore pebbles,
Under the pebbles of the stick,
Stick under check.
One, two, three
Go gather pebbles.
Three, four, five
It is time for us all to escape.

On the meadow came the young,
Bears, younglings.
On green meadow
Come and you, friend.

In the garden potatoes,
Cabbage a little bit,
Zucchini, beets,
Carrot, radish, cucumber,
Grow peppers, lettuce,
Parsnip and tomato.
And we bag take
And polphonic will fill.
And who with us will go
That will take!

On the box there is a bottle,
And the bottle of lemonade.
Who'll take the bottle,
The victory will be happy.

On the river caught cancer.
Because cancer had a fight.
This Lesha-bully
Again into the river threw cancer.
Cancer walks under water...
Turn your back on me!

Over the mountain the sun rose
From the sky the Apple fell,
On azure II meadows
He rolled right up to us!
Rolled, rolled,
In the river from the bridge fell,
Who saw not gremli,
Soon his catch!
Who caught the fellow,
Because the counting end!

Above the flower buzzing bee.
But in the rye sits quail.
The cherry - Sparrow.
Catch him, who are braver!

Above the flower buzzing bee,
Sitting in the rye quail.
The cherry is Starling,
Who will catch - well done!

Begins the rhyme:
The birch of the village jackdaw,
Two crows, sparrows,
Three magpies, Nightingale.


Cucumber, cucumber!
Don't go to the pond in the Palace
There the mouse lived,
You tail will authrized.

One, two, three
Nose poduri.

One of Cana; the other Cana
Flow Baba RAM
Went to visit,
Broke bones.

Oh, the thief-Sparrow,
Wheat is not clay, not Bay.
Wheat is not yet ripe,
For a very long time it was green,
Do not undertake,
I was not given.

Oh, zorenka-dawn
The dawn of the morning.
Who to Sireniki walk,
The first dance will be included.

The PR and Roni were riding pony.
Legs, legs, legs.
How much? A lot.
To be exact? Eight:
On some horseshoes,
And the other bare.

From zero to zero and
Do not walk without a crutch,
Not to access without horses,
Without twisted cheesecake sweet,
Without the rifle with bayonet,
Without Koshiki with seated,
Without silk knotice,
Without crooked twig,
Without balls and bells
Not to move away from the porch!

First day up the river floated;
Second day - perch were caught;
Third day - taiga wandered;
Fourth day - grouse beat;
The fifth day - the fire was kindled;
Sixth day lying under a pine tree;
The eighth day from the cold weather was shaking;
Ninth day - blueberry ate:
Tenth day - loud songs were sung!

Pearl and Berl started cooking.
Pearl and Berl pie baked in the oven.
Pearl and Berl poems were folded neatly:
Dragged pearl from barley.

Peter went for a walk,
Caught a quail, went to sell.
Asked for fifty dollars,
Got a clip round the ear,
Got a packet of biscuits.

The cock
The cock
Show your
Burning with fire.
How many feathers
One, two, three, four, five...
It is impossible to count!

The track Daria walked,
The tangle of threads found.
The tangle of small,
Thread alenky,
The ball is rolling,
The thread runs.
Tangle-Dahl, Dahl, Dahl, -
Thread share, share, share.
I followed the thread took,
Pulled, tore.

The ditch is rolling
Blue dress,
On the side of the green bow -
Loves a musician.
The young musician,
To call him Molodenkoi.

The path wrong
Jumping Bunny barefoot.
Sinica, don't run -
Here's your boots,
Here is the belt,
Take your time in the woods.
Go to our dance
To amuse the people.

Look at the sky,
The stars are burning,
Cranes cry:
- Goo-goo!
I'll run away!
One, two, no Varone,
And run like fire.

At the mill,
Under vertelney
Pedralva two ruff
Here is the tale of all!

Floated near the shore minnow captured,
Lost the balloon.
Help to find him -
Count to ten.

Cook, student,
Kitten and the kitten.
Had fun playing,
Jumping, jumping
One, two, three, four, five.
We will be re-considered.

Wait, Vanya, to marry,
You have a house falls,
The first hut get,
Then the bride bring.

Under the mountain has grown mushroom,
The fungus saw grandfather Arkhip.
Day sawing,
Two bifaces,
The fungus on earth knocked...
Cried the old lady,
Grandma mushroom in his arms!
Guests to call you asked!

Fueled Seagull kettle,
Invited eight of them:
- Come one, come all to tea!
How many seagulls? Answer me!

Yogurt -
Just lovely,
Songs were sung:
Just kVA,
Yogurt is good!

One, two - head;
Three, four -
The coat was made;
Five, six
Porridge is;
Seven, eight
Spoon wear;
Nine, ten -
The dough kneads!

One, two - tree.
Three, four - out animals.
Five, six - sheets there.

One, two trees,
Three, four - out animals,
Five, six - falling leaf,
Seven, eight birds in the forest,
Nine, ten -
This titmouse raised red licki.

Again, two of our road,
Three, four - on the threshold.
Five, six - searched wool,
Seven, eight - in the house all wear.
Let us all now to play.

Once, two were ducklings.
Three, four went home.
Behind them trailed the fifth,
Ahead fled the sixth,
And the seventh from all behind,
Scared, exclaimed:
- Where are you, where are you?
- No food,
- We next look.

One, two, three, four.
The cat lives with us in the apartment.
Five, six, seven, eight,
For lunch mice he wears.
Nine, ten, five and five,
I have time to count.

One, two, three, four!
Cats literacy taught
Not to read and not to read,
As for the mice to ride!

One, two, three, four,
Who among us lives in the apartment?
Dad, mom, brother, sister,
Cat Murka, two kittens,
My puppy, cricket and I -
Here is my whole family!
One, two, three, four, five,
All will start to count again.

One, two, three, four
My literacy taught:
Not to read, not write,
Only on the floor jumping.
I jumped, I jumped,
Yourself Nosenko broke.
Was Nozhenko ill,
Became mother to spare.
Sorry, scolded
And for the doctor sent.
The doctor rides a bull
With balalaikas in his hand.

One, two, three, four
We sat in the apartment,
Drank tea, ate bread,
Forgot who was sitting.

One, two, three, four
We were at the apartment.
Sugar-Bahar quarter -
Smelled grandfather tobacco.
He went abroad,
Cut the hat, the mitten.

One, two, three, four, five
Surly he meant to frighten.
Three, four, five and six,
You don't believe that he is.
Five and six, and then seven,
Beeches, brothers, no.

One, two, three, four, five
Came a Bunny for a walk.
Suddenly the hunter runs out,
Right in Bunny shoots.
PIF-PAF, Oh-Oh-Oh,
Die my Bunny.
Brought him to the hospital,
He stole it glove.
P reveali it in the cupboard,
He stole it one hundred candy.
Brought it home,
Were he alive.

One, two, three, four, five,
Came a Bunny for a walk,
One, two, three, four, five,
Came a Bunny for a walk,
Suddenly the hunter runs out,
Right in Bunny shoots!
Bang - Bang, Oh-Oh-Oh
Die my Bunny.
Brought him to the hospital,
He refused to be treated,
Brought it home,
Were he alive!

One, two, three, four, five
Came a Bunny for a walk,
Bunny box moved,
But the hunter did not come.

One, two, three, four, five!
Came a Bunny for a walk!
What do we do, how can we be?
You need the Bunny to catch!
One, two, three, four, five!
We will again we consider.

One, two, three, four, five.
Cat learns to read.
Slowly, little by little
Adds to the mouse the cat.
It turns out the answer:
The cat - and Mouse - no!

One, two, three, four, five
Us missiles to launch.
Who the flight was late,
The rocket did not hit.

One, two, three, four, five,
Place the Bunny jumping;
Walks everywhere wolf, wolf,
He teeth - click, click!
And we will hide in the bushes,
Hide, sainika, and you.
You, wolf, wait!

One, two, three, four, five,
Need the sun to rise.
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
The sun is sleeping in the sky month.
Razbiraisya else
Tomorrow a new game.

It is impossible

One, two, three, four, five,
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten
Pours a red month,
And the month of the moon,
Boy - girl servant.
You, the servant, bring the carriage,
And I will sit down and go.
I will go to the masquerade
Choose your outfit:
Blue, red, blue
Select any.

One, two, three, four, five,
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
Floated clear all month,
And the month of the moon,
Boy girl servant.
You, the servant, bring the carriage,
And I get let go.
You, the servant, give me the broom,
I coach podmate.

One, two, three, four, five,
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
Pours a white month
And the month of the moon,
Boy girl servant.
You, the servant, bring the carriage,
And I will sit down and go,
I will go to Leningrad,
To buy the outfit.

One, two, three, four, five,
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
The king ordered to be hanged,
The king hung, hung, hung
And in the trash flew,
And in the trash rat
Gave Birth To Boris.
Boris shouted: "Hurrah!
My rat gave birth!"

One, two, three, four,
Five, six, seven, eight
Goes grandmother
With a long nose,
As for her grandfather.
How many grandfather years?
Speak soon,
Don't delay people!

One, two, went into the forest hares,
Three, four, went home,
And behind them trailed the fifth,
Ahead fled the sixth,
And the seventh from all behind,
Frightened, cried out:
-Where are you, where are you?
"Don't shout!
We just shut up!

Time - tree,
Two - Dubok,
Three - birch nuts
And four is grass,
Five - bee is working again,
Six - prickly hedgehog under the stump.
Seven - mushroom under the oak tree grew.
Eight - kitty,
Nine - birdie,
Ten - flower daisies.

Once the potatoes,
Two potatoes,
Three, four, five,
Six potatoes,
Seven potatoes -
Count again.

I will tell you the fun,
As the pig went to the pharmacy,
Asks ointments on the heel
And putting a quarter.
But the druggist was a fool,
Gave her ointment on a Nickel
Well, putting a quarter!

The pig goes on Bor,
Picking quinoa - grass,
She vomits, do not take,
Under the birch puts.

Grey cat,
Pancakes peck,
His dropped,
Line leg hurt.

Sat two bears
On phony bitch
One was reading a newspaper,
The other was kneading the flour,
Once cuckoo, two ku-ku.
Both fell into the flour.

Sitting cat in kolodochka,
In green in they will venture to cross.
Paw cards grey moustache,
But I'm not afraid!
Tail to and fro twisted,
Mouse grey caught.

Sidor, minor and Kalas
In the woods put a tent.
In the tent, sitting
And eat dumplings.

Hear, hear, hear, hear,
Who stomped and where!
The cat jumped on the roof
And disappeared without a trace!
One - two - three - four - five
I'm going to look for her!

Snow, snowdrift, snowdrifts
All of the same nature.
Will the snow we shoveled,
And then we will start to play.

From the second floor
Flew three knives:
Red, blue, light blue,
Choose anything!

Collected protein bumps,
For raccoon and mouse.
One, two, three, four, five,
Find lump me again.
Three raccoon and three mouse,
Others who bumps?

The sun is in the sky,
Salt on the bread,
Cherry - in the garden
And you're referring to!
I'll find!
I'm going now!

Russula in the clearing
Hide and seek began to play,
One, two, three, four, five
We don't eat raw!

Beneath us,
Under the iron pillars?
There the mouse lived,
They sew hats;
One hat fell
- Mouse - jump - and-run.
Cat Matthew
Ran after her!

The Barbarians
Chickens old!

The Secretary-Maria
In the forest
Ate -
We were told.
And we
Do not eat,
We will give!

Tick-Trak, tick-truck,
Under the bridge lived an old cancer.
Red cat came to the bridge,
Cancer grabbed the cat by the tail.
Meow-meow, help,
With tail cancer unhook!
All run and you run
VAS'ka the cat help.

Quieter, mouse, cat on the roof
And the kittens are even higher.
The cat went for milk,
And kittens tumbling.
The cat came without milk,
And kittens: "ha ha ha".

Topal poplar road,
Recessed hills in the snow -
Next stomp.

Point-to-point, comma,
Minus the funny face.
Stick, ogurecik,
So, that was the man.

Tra-TA-TA! Tra-TA-TA!
Left the cat for cat
For Kota Kotovich -
For Peter Petrovich!
He moustached and striped,
Well, not the cat, but just a treasure!

Three, four, five!
Enough sleep!
The sun has long since stood,
It is time for us to go out and play!

Walks in the yard cock.
Himself with spurs,
Tail with patterns.
Under the window is,
The whole yard is screaming.
Who will hear,
He runs.

Clouds, clouds, clouds, clouds,
Galloping horse, large, mighty.
Through the clouds he jumps,
Who does not believe - come forth!

I have a small family:
Grandpa, grandma, I,
Mother and father.
Here is the rhyme the end.

The Queen of the meadow
Lost man arc
Long lived - not found
Were downcast, gone.

So how did Fox on the trail,
Found the diploma in klopke,
She sat down on a tree stump
And read all day.

Want the cat milk?
Us home far away,
Waiting for us a long, long way.
A left turn,
Across the river you see the bridge?
I got you by the tail!

Cup, spoon,
Popov ladle.
Quieter mouse. -
Pop came out.

Across the river, across the bridge
Gave a bullish tail!

- Hunky-breaks - where are you going?
Chiki-bricks - at the Bazaar!
- Hunky-breaks - why?
Chiki-bricks - for oats!
Chiki-Brik - you to whom?
- Hunky-breaks - I horse!
Chiki-Brik - you what?
Chiki-Brik - woronow!

Don't catch bream
Either now or in a year!

Chalk chalk chalk,
The teeth on the hook.
Who the word says -
That click.

Svinchyk, brencic went out,
On Boyarsky Dvor went,
There boyars sew hats,
On the box they are put.

Went home
From Vani Sanya
And met no one.
Was walking home from the Sledge Vanya
Met Vanya Anyone.
And asked anyone:
- Who are you?
- I - no.
- Where are you?
- I am nowhere.
"Where you from?
- Nowhere.
- Where are you going?
- Nowhere.
- You are my enemy?
- Never.

There was a man past the hospital,
Found new mittens,
Thought, thought, what to do -
Decided on your feet to wear.

Went with payday
At the flea market
Fat uncle Robinson,
And from my
At the flea market
Bought this umbrella.
Umbrella cheap, three-ruble,
But a healthy,
To hide under it
It would be three!

Wool to scratch - arm hurts,
Letter writing - arm hurts,
Water wear - arm hurts,
Porridge cook - hand hurts,
And cereal ready-to - hand.

Was grandmother to come,
Carried container.
In tusovochka
Lay the mushrooms,
Someone mushroom,
Who is two,
And you, my child,
The entire container.

Was fun dog,
And behind it ran geese,
Head cocked,
Followed by the pig,
Hunky-breaks, tell me,
What I'm saying?

Went cuckoo past the garden,
Picked it up all the seedlings.
And shouted: ku-ku, Mak -
Otimai one fist!

Went cuckoo by the network,
And for her small children.
All shouted:"Cocomac!"
Take a fist!

Went cuckoo past the mill,
Her name was small children:
- Ku!

Went swimming turtle
And biting all with fear:
Kush! Kush! Kush! Kush!
Anyone I'm not afraid!

Was Marfusha along the path
And was holding a basket.
In this little basket
There are different colors:
Rose, Lily of the valley, forget-me-nots,
Blue cornflowers.

Was the car a dark forest
For some inte-RES.
You go with the letter es.
And iota star,
There are not trains.
If the train there you go,
MA-chinist will be mad!
Here's the train did not go,
The driver was crazy.

Walked the dog over the bridge,
Four paws, five - tail.
If the bridge fails,
Then the dog will fall down.
That she won't drown,
You run to pull!

There was a woman past the market,
And tripped on the basket.
Fell into a pit - wham!
Crushed forty flies.

Were sheep on the road
Wet in a puddle
Steel legs to wipe:
Who handkerchief,
Who cloth,
Who leaky glove!

The Bumble bee, wasp,
Bee buzzer -
That's the whole rhyme.

Pike on my walking,
Pike perch caught.
Well, bass is not a fool -
From the jaws popped out.
So there!

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