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The one who ends the rhyme shootout, out of the circle (account). The account continues, until all the, and will remain one. He, depending on the game, will be driving, withdraws, etc.,


Aty-Baty - were soldiers,
Aty-Baty - at the Bazaar,
Aty-Baty - bought?
Aty-Baty - the samovar.
Aty-Baty - how much?
Aty-Baty - three roubles.
Aty-Baty - who goes?
Aty-Baty - you and me.

Aty-Baty, were soldiers,
Aty-Baty, at the Bazaar.
Aty-Baty, what did you buy?
Aty-Baty, the samovar.
Aty-Baty, he what?
Aty-Baty, gold.
Aty-Baty, how much?
Aty-Baty, three roubles.
Aty-Baty, who goes?
Aty-Baty, it's me.

Aty-Baty, were soldiers,
Aty-Baty, at the Bazaar.
Aty-Baty, what did you buy?
Aty-Baty, the samovar.
Aty-Baty, how much she got?
Aty-Baty, one hundred pounds.
Aty-Baty, go here,
Aty-Baty, quickly.

In the woods
On the edge
Two cuckoo:
Bring me the flour,
I for treats
Will napco cookies.
You go, bring the flour!

Near the school porch
Planted trees:
Faith - willow,
VA - ash,
Thank - plum,
Clava - maple...
Have you tried " stay!
You were too lazy - COME FORTH!

Ran Bunny,
Tore out the grass,
Put on the bench.
Who stole?
And who is to blame,
Come forth!

Comes up all month
One, two, three, four, five,
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten
Comes up all month.
Who before the month comes,
The hide will go!

Left mouse once
To see the time.
One-two-three-four -
The mouse pulled the weights.
Suddenly there was a terrible ringing.
You go out of range out!

Where are you, son?
Who's with you?
Next to her -
Who doesn't sleep -
Come forth!

Two caring woman
Baked vocatum buns.
All around the table, sat down,
Tea drank, ate.
Wanted to play.
You catch! I run away!

Two tear on cherry cherry.
Highly managed to vzlist.
To them on the cherry
Barely audible
Climbs slacker
Cherry is.
We in the morning to work out, -
Hear from a height. -
Don't get in, bummer, cherry,
Odd man out will YOU!

And who will come out - well done!

Dickey Dickey, Dickey-Dong,
Who was the last person has gone out!

Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong
I had a nightmare:
In the meadow walking elephant,
And now you come forth!

Ate Masha porridge,
The porridge did not finish.
"One, two, three" he said
And potatoes eaten.
Who will take three spoons,
That and there you go.

Rode protein on the trolley,
Distributed nuts:
Whom two, who three
You go out of range you!

Rode the carriage dark forest
Of some interest
Integrated, integrated, interest,
Take the letter "es".

Car drove past the forest
Of some interest.
Tilly-Tilly, Tilly-shadow,
Go here for the fence.

Toad jumped, jumped,
Just in the swamp fell.
From the swamp came the grandfather,
Two hundred and eighty years.
Carrying it grass and flowers.
You go out of range of you.

There were irons,
They loved pies.
At dinner everyone was able
Eat one big cake!
Who does not believe?
This is it!
You go out of range out!

Over the seas, over mountains,
For dense forests
On the hill - chamber,
On the door hangs castle.
Who locked the key will find,
The circle there will be.

Over the seas, over mountains,
For forests
Behind the iron pillars
On the hill mansion,
On the door hangs a castle.
You get a key go
And lock atomki.

Tomorrow the sky fly
Blue-the blue whale.
If you believe, stand and wait,
And don't believe - come out!

On the field fled.
In the garden ran,
Carrot found
Sitting, eating,
The owner is.

Hare, white,
Where were running?
In forest green.
- What did you do there?
- Lyk fought.
Where to put?
Under the deck.
- Who stole?
- Rodion.
- Come forth!
Grey Bunny tore out the grass.
Put her on the bench.
Who the grass will take
That and there you go.

Play here!
Do not want!
There you go!

As on the hill, on the hill
Lived twenty-two Egor.
Time - Egor,
Two - Egor,
Three - Egor , etc. to 22

Catalase Apple past the garden,
Past the garden, past the castle,
Who is going to raise, and he will be released.

Catalase Apple
Past the garden,
Past the kitchen garden,
Past the fence.
Who will raise -
That there will come!

Bell all calls,
Bell sings us
A thin voice:
Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong!
You go out of range out!

Mosquito, mosquito, Kamarupa
Biting, ear biting.
Mosquito, mosquito, not biting -
Run faster adiri!

Thin legs,
Dance on the track...
Close the night,
Fly right away!

The zealous horse with a long mane
Galloping through the fields here and there.
Where will gallop he -
You go out of range there.

Ivory workout,
Do not sit at the gate.
We count to five,
As you go!

Twist skipping rope faster
We run fun.
You're jumping their count,
Caught vyleta!

Pupa, blatnica,
Voobrazhala, gossip,
Thread, needle,
Sweetie Belle,
Quick come out!

Swans flew, believed:
One, two, three
Faster come out!

Flew three hundred geese -
Sixty swans,
Twelve eagles,
Yes seven crows.
And you come forth!

Leaf from a branch broke away.
The wind was angry and lost,
Now try, count,
Got away - fly away!

Leaf to leaf,
Flower to flower,
Let us out
One of the doves.

Lyuli, Lyuli, Lyuli,
Came to the yard ghouls.
Sat ghouls on the fence,
Come out to play in the yard.

Tom thumb
Found the Cup.
The glass shattered,
Lemon rolled.
Glass, lemon -
Come forth.

Mother Masha feeding porridge,
Only all is not sweet Mache,
Masha wants to eat jam,
Chocolates and biscuits.
And whosoever shall eat this bread -
You go out of range out!

Yeast put the dough
Become warmer look for a place,
The dough, the dough, come!
Baker, Baker, come out!

On the Golden porch sat:
Bears Game, Tom and Jerry,
Scrooge the MacDonald's and three duckling,
Come out, you will Ponca.

On the nose Philemon
Grew two lemons.
Once the lemon and two lemon,
You go out of range out!

On the garden bench
Is the pin
And under the bench -
Two pins.
One, two, three
You go pick up their!

Begins the rhyme:
The birch of the village jackdaw,
Two crows, sparrows,
Three magpies, Nightingale.
Dove flew,
To leave you ordered.

Our mother, our mother
Should the goat in the box drive -
We need to help her -
Out of the circle to escape!

Does the driver not to enter the mountain.
Snow road, and a lot of cargo;
The steep peaks...
Get off the car!


Thread, needle,
Karas - uberis!

Hoop Cruz,
Hoop Cruz.
Who plays
Will be too.
Who doesn't want
To be a snake,
Come out
From the circle out!

One, two, three
Go you!

Hunter uncle Fedya
Impaled in the forest bear.
Gray wolf hornless
Fright barely took away his legs,
Dropped it to us in the car,
And we amicably:
- Come forth!


Flew Golubinci
On morning dew,
On the green stripe.
Here the apples, nuts,
Médoc, sweetness,
Come out
In the area!

Perliski, drugheski,
Guys boys
Began to play,
Water to choose.
Well you Dodon,
Get out of here!

Percodan, dragodan,
On the deck of the drum,
Swistel, corncrake,
The hedgehog!
Circles, friends,

Sailed on the sea suitcase,
In the suitcase was a sofa,
And in the sofa hidden elephant.
You don't believe? Come forth!

Under the mountain by the river
Live the dwarves-the elderly.
They have a bell hanging,
Gold plated rings:
Dili, Dili, Dili, don
You go out of range out!

The bird flew,
I can't count commanded.
One, two, three - go!

Radio, TV, tape recorder.
Who does not listen to music?
Come forth!

One, two - no worong!
Run like fire!

One, two, three, four, five,
We successively look for:
Ball, Apple, biscuits,
Toothpicks and jam.
We will search everywhere -
And in the sky and in the water,
Under the mountain and under the sofa,
The PE the barn, and under the bath,
But if will not find,
Then you go out.

One, two, three, four, five.
Us friends don't count,
And without another in life tight,
Come out quickly from the circle.

One, two, three, four, five
You Vasatka, come, sit down.
We will continue to consider -
Want to zhmurki we play.

One, two, three, four,
Five, six, seven,
Eight, nine, ten.
White month!
Who before the month comes,
The hide will go!

One, two, three, four, five
I want to play with you.
Come quickly in a circle,
We have fun each.
Six, seven, eight,
The guys we ask:
"Who is faster and more agile,
He will be released soon."

One, two, three, four,
Five, six, seven,
Eight, nine, ten.
White month!
Who before the month comes,
The hide will go!

One, two, three, four, five
Six seven eight nine ten!
Must, must, must sleep!
And do not play tricks!
Who fell asleep he dreams,
Who doesn't sleep - he come forth!

Semyon skinny - not valise!
The cold war era thick - Bereginya!
Savka nimble - becomes!
Sanka weak - stay!
Senka small - not swinging!
Rodion - go forth!

Seven crows sat quietly
Flew to him the elephant
And as you say: "CAW, CAW, CAW!"
You don't believe, come himself.

Grey Bunny tore out the grass.
Put her on the bench.
Who the grass will take
That and there you go.

Siwa, willow,
Oak, maple,
The sludge-South,
He went out!

Sitting duck on nest,
Golden bear eggs.
How many of them there - guess.
One, two, three - run away!

Sweet plum
Very beautiful,
Sour lemon -
Come forth!

A loud knock:
Time - tap, two - tap.
Three, four, five
There was a knock again.
Will aloud you to knock,
Go then to play!

Hurry ships,
Hurry, went:
In Africa, Australia,
India, Italy, China,
In Argentina, Uruguay,
Who is left - vyleta!

Among white doves
Jump little Sparrow,
Sparrow - bird,
Grey shirt,
Otklikalsya, Sparrow,
Vyleta here, take it easy!

Glass, lemon -
Come forth,
A glass of water -
Come out and you!

Soup cones -
For the boys.
From combs -
For the girls.
From Bur
The broth.
Who does not want to
Come forth!

I think, poke, burst into laughter.
You go - I am silent.
Let's count again
Come happy hour.

Quieter, mouse,
Cat on the roof.
Who has not heard,
He came out!

Only the cat will go to sleep
The mouse will come out to walk,
In mink cheese himself will drag.
Cat, cat, sleep more often,
And the mice don't -
You come out from the circle.

Trancy-brynza, bells,
He rossoneris the Udaltsov,
Digi, Digi, Digi, don,
Come out rather out!

Clouds, clouds, clouds, clouds,
Galloping horse, large, mighty.
Through the clouds he jumps,
Who does not believe - come forth!

The Foundry bridge
I was caught in the Neva China,
Hidden behind the window.
Ate his cat,
Helped two cats...
Here and there now China!
You don't believe the other?
Get out of the circle!

Ears, eyes, nose, tail
Turned out to be a good cat,
He counts to five,
Whoever fifth go.

Walking the pig in the Bor,
Tears grass-ant,
She tears up and takes
And basket bags.
This will be released,
There you go!

The Emperor,
The Grand Duke,
The Pharaoh.
And you come out -
You don't even Baron.

Trot trot,
Skok, Pocock,
Go out on the ice,

The turtle and the snail
Ran very swiftly.
Are you for them Postavy
From rhymes vyleta.

Clean the vegetables for the soup.
How many vegetables?
Three potatoes, two carrots,
Luke half of the head,
Yes, parsley root,
Yes cabbage cochecho.
Potesnil here you are, cabbage,
From you in a saucepan thick!
One-two-three, the fire is lit.
The stump, come forth!

Saraga, Baraga,
According to Bush, crust,
In Leba, winch,
Thing, lash,
Sokolik out.

There was a sheep
On the steep mountains.
Tore the grass,
Hid under the bench.
Who will find -
That and there you go.

There was a crocodile,
The pipe smoked,
The tube fell
And wrote:
"You go away!"

There was a crocodile,
The pipe smoked,
The tube fell down and wrote:
"Behind the iron doors
Sitting Teddy Bear with pies".
- Mishka - bear, buddy,
How much pie?
Two a penny and a half,
Come on, fool with a club!

Went out!

Šišel-went out, went out,
On Boyarsky Dvor went,
There boyars sew hats,
On the box they are put.

Was the crow through the field,
Six fungi was carried hem:
Syroejko, Borovik,
Lactarius, honey fungus, mushrooms,
Who has not seen - come forth!

There was a goat on the bridge
And wagged his tail.
Caught on the railing,
Right in the river hit.
Who does not believe, that he
You go out of range out!

Went cuckoo past forest -
Of some interest.
Interest, interest, interest,
Take the letter "es".

Was the car a dark forest
Of some interest,
Take the letter "ES".
The letter "S" does not fit,
Take the letter "a",
The letter "A" is not good,
Take the letter "SHA".

Walked the dog over the bridge,
Four paws, five - tail.
If the bridge fails,
Then the dog will fall down.
That she won't drown,
You run to pull!

Were large ships,
On the way they went
In Africa, in Australia,
In India, in Italy,
In Argentina, in Uruguay,
Who is left - vyleta!

Were horses under motomi
With Golden hooves.
Dzen, value -
Left stump.

Turtle tail curled her
And the hare ran
Were ahead,
Who does not believe is to come!

Hey! Ivan,
Get in the Cup,
Cut a lemon
And come forth!

EKI, Becky, coffee, crackers,
EKI, Becky, Bai.
The train number twenty-nine,
Flying birds,
Watch the birds,
Fly lady
In a dark blue cap.

Eniki-beniki ate dumplings
Eniki-beniki - CLEC!
Left Soviet sailor.

I, first, have naguals,
Secondly, dived into bed,
Thirdly, no matter how I tried, -
Didn't want a single drop to sleep.
And fourthly,
And fourthly,
I had a poodle in shorts:
He told me paw waved, -
I Wake up helped.
"Hey, " shouted, already dawn!
You go
Or not?

The Honey-Sweetness.

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