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The one who ends this rhyme, must be led.


- Stork-stork, stork is a bird,
What do you nights dream?
I marsh edge,
'Anything else?'
Even frogs.
To catch them, not to catch.
That's all you led!

Ahi, Ahi, Ahi, Oh,
Masha sowed peas,
He was born rich,
We will pachisia, you wait!

Running around nipples
Cute girls.
One, two, three
To catch up will you!

Without any just
Spun the merry-go-round,
Count on them children,
We certainly did not have time.
Or ten, or five?
It is necessary to recalculate them!
As we get to ten,
So ten out!

Bells, bells,
Flew Golubinci
On morning dew,
On the green stripe.
Sat on the barn.
Run, catch me!

In our small company
Someone has strongly nauonal.
One, two, three
That's right you will be!

In the field sowed beans,
In the garden grew mushrooms.
One, two, three, four, five
We came here to play.
In the garden trees and bushes,
And find us if you can?

Distance running river forest,
Along it grow bushes.
All in the game I invite,
We play - lead you!

The giant sits in the cave,
They say in the forest, all the animals,
The giant sits in the cave,
Giant hungry looking
He will fit in food,
Animals hid in the bushes -
Then water will be you!

Brooms, brooms,
Garbage sweep the millers,
And we waste to anything,
We vkluchilis in the game.
One, two, three
The game leads you!

Near the house on the site
We decided to play hide and seek.
Soon hide start
And you led name.

Came out a month out of the fog,
He drew a knife from his pocket,
I'll cut, I'll beat
Still you led.

A German came out of the fog,
Pulled his hand out of his pocket.
One, two, three, four, five
You will be led again.

Released Jan
Early in the morning
To water the flowers.
Once the flower, two flowers!
All, and every SIP!
And led will be you!

The dwarf was looking for gold
And cover your lost!
Sat, cried: "How can that be?!"
Come out! You led!

The hedgehog, the Hedgehog, chudacek,
Stitched barbed jacket.
Stood in a circle and well considered-
Us vodichku to choose!

Hedgehog from the needles,
He needles very splittings
Who'll catch him,
The game starts!

There were at grandma
Two merry geese:
One white,
Another grey -
Two merry geese.
One ran, the other jumped -
Two funny goose.
One could not fly,
The other is to walk.
If you don't believe -
Will be led.

For the high mountains
Standing Bear with pies.
"Hello, bear-friend,
How much pie?
Pies are not sold,
They are placed in the mouth,
But the one who will take
The led we will go.

For glass doors
Standing Bear with pies.
"Hello, bear-friend,
How much pie?
- Pie is not for sale,
And led you have to!

Qaadi, supplements, pour water.
The cow to drink, you drive.

As we in the hayloft
Two frogs slept,
Two frogs slept,
The pillow fell asleep,
Woke up in the morning, ate soup,
And you led ordered!

Once the baby crocodile
From parents moved away.
They went off he lost
And fear was confused.
We will help, so be it!
Come on, you drive!"

Kahn, Kahn, captain,
What horses are you soaked?
I no corn, no oats,
Only white roll.
From hoof under hooves,
From the cart right into the mud.
Stand, white Prince!

Rolled the Apple in the dish,
I led will not.

Rolled peas in the dish.
You water,
And I will not.

The goat in the barn,
The crust on the bread,
Who will find them,
The game leads.

Kosi, spit, while the dew.
Dew down, and we go home.
One, two, three, four, five
And you have us to catch up.

Cat, cat Pineapple,
You catch three years us!
You catch three years, us
Without untying eyes!

The cat sat on the window.
Posinola: "still,
At least I don't sit on the roof,
Everyone who is around, I above.
And no one not argue with me!
The one who will say, those leads!"

Stealthily, stealthily,
In the field at the mountain
Left mouse out of the hole.
And her grey cat...
You led is here!

Who ate the plums?
I didn't eat - and remain silent.
Have you not eaten the plums.
And you shut up.
The unripe plum...
And no one ate it.
And who ate it,
Sour, unripe,
Bone swallowed
He has not been taken.

The Swan, the pike, cancer,
Who of us is the fool?
One, two, three
It is true you!

Skis, sleds and skates -
Catch me today you!

Flying swans with liberatemi,
We will play with the guys.
One, two, three - lead you!

Fox walked through the forest,
Fox's voice screamed.
Fox some badges of rank had been flogged,
Fox lapotko wove -
My husband, two, myself, three,
And the kids in baptistam!
Who lapotsky will find,
The led will go.

The lunar Rover, Lunokhod,
On the moon is moving forward.
There for a long time for him to go.
And now you drive!

Poppy-poppy, cornflower,
Leads a yellow flower.
One, two, three
Lead with him and you!

Motherboard, Katerinka and Olya
Then the hut was built.
In the tent, sitting
And eat dumplings.
Dumplings isn't there anymore.
Lead game who is this?

We gay guys,
Love to run and ride,
One, two, three, four, five
You try to catch up with us.

We shared an orange,
A lot of us, and he alone.
This slice is for hedgehog,
This slice - swift,
This slice - of ducks,
This slice is for kittens,
This slice is for beaver,
As for the wolf - skin.
He is angry at us is in trouble!!!
Run who went where!

We eat sweets again,
We eat biscuits - two,
We eat jam - three.
You for us repeat
And the whole game povedi.

We imagine that we whites;
We will play in the burner;
We collected leaf pile,
I led already won!

We gathered in the courtyard,
It was in September.
One, two, three, four, five,
We decided to play.
How much is two plus three?
If you know that water!

We gathered to play.
Well, who do I start?
One, two, three
Start to drive you!

On the mountain geese squawk,
Under the mountain fire burning,
Fueled girl Dusya,
Her game led.

On the road, kruchev feet,
On nails sat yoga.
Thirty days not eat, nor drink,
Still you led.

The green on the Bush,
On the oak on the bridge
The winged swans,
Cranes striped.
Fly - not to catch up.
Rodion, you look!

On willow jackdaw,
On the shore pebbles.
With feet on the sand,
You are our first player.

On the edge, build a house,
Will live there the old dwarf,
Dwarf, gromiha, dwarven children
Treat all the candy
Who is candy there was not,
The spend is horrible.

Over the mountain the sun rose
From the sky the Apple fell,
On azure II meadows
He rolled right up to us!
Rolled, rolled,
In the river from the bridge fell,
Who saw not gremli,
Soon his catch!
Who caught the fellow,
Because the counting end!

Don't go out and fly,
And try-catch!
I'm gold,
But you don't listen, and water!

One of the boots,
Second boots -
Two of a kind.
One over the threshold,
The second threshold,
And in the yard flock.
One, two, three
Flock graze you!

Osip shouts and yells,
Arkhip not far behind.
Osip at the throat takes
Who will periorm?
Osip hoarse, Arkhip Osip,
Arkhip plays, Osip sleeps -
But still you led.


First Dan,
Second Dan,
On the deck
Will be soaring -
From the sea
In the sea,
From the field
In the field,
In the forest,
On the stump,
All day!

The first day I'm on the hunt went,
Second day on the water was wandering
Third day - in the forest visited,
He found nothing, no one caught.
One, two, three, I caught you!

Saw sawed oak,
No one broke a tooth,
And oak standing and worth it.
You go out, you led!

Look at the sky,
The stars are burning.
Cranes cry:
- Goo-goo! I'll run away!
One, two - no worong!
And run like fire!

Rolled the wheel,
Rolled away,
And not in the rye,
And not in the wheat,
And to the
To the capital.
The wheel who will find
The leads.

Came to us tick,
Was on the grass to go.
Who of us led?

Hop Yes Skok,
Hop Yes Skok,
Jumping Bunny -
Grey side.
The forest
On sneack
Under costock sat,
Concealed wanted.
Who'll catch him, and he leads.

A still-life -
On the table a huge cake,
Nine candles in it burn,
Potosi us. Say,
Who blows out all the candles -
The game starts.

One, two - step, two.
Three, four legs wider!
Four, five - we will flee.
Who will overtake the lead.

One, two, three
Led will be you!

One, two, three
Lead you!

One, two, three.
On clearing out,
Dances backwaters,
Who remained,
The bodi.

One, two, three, four,
Live mouse in the apartment.
To them got into the habit itself each
The garden spider is a large spider.
Five, six, seven, eight,
Spider we ask:
"You glutton, do not go!"
Well, Mamie, VOD!

One, two, three, four.
Live mouse in the apartment.
Drank tea, cups, Soaps,
Three money paid.
Who doesn't want to pay,
That and led.

One, two, three, four
Rabbit ears otapiri.
Here he is a gray wolf, wolf,
He teeth click, click!
Razbegaetsya in the bushes!
On you wait, the wolf,
Will hide, then look out!

One, two, three, four, five,
Let's hide and seek we play.
The sky, the stars, meadow, flowers
You come povodi!

One, two, three, four, five
Let's hide and seek we play,
Will I hide, you take the
And me everywhere to look.

One, two, three, four, five
Let's hide and seek we play!
You be proud of wait,
But come, povodi!

One, two, three, four, five,
At number twenty-five
Had fun up ur
And said, "it is time for Us!"
First came the ant,
Second came the Nightingale,
Third came the parrot,
And the fourth: "catch me!"

One, two, three, four, five
Hide and seek we want to play.
You only need to tell us
Who of us will go to look.

One, two, three, four, five
All of the home run out.
Who will not run out -
So choose!

One, two, three, four, five
Came a Bunny for a walk.
Then Raven flew
And you led commanded.

One, two, three, four, five
Took the boys to play,
Stood in a circle and well considered,
Vodichku to choose.
They SPIRA-Spiridon,
He went out of range out!

One, two, three, four, five,
Left mouse to walk -
The garden went, went to the woods,
And the river came.
Bought a little -
Suddenly meets cat
Mouse cat say:
"Stand here with us in a row,
Will we now be considered,
Anyway you look!"

One, two, three, four, five,
We go out to play.
We need water to choose,
Will we then be considered.
Top, top, Tapety,
Water will definitely be you.

One, two, three, four, five.
We decided to play,
But don't know how we be,
No one wanted to drive!
You specify we:
That's right you will be!

One, two, three, four, five,
We gathered to play.
Suddenly the kid runs out,
And to the guys runs up,
And who the goat botnet,
Then water will be the same.

One, two, three, four, five,
We gathered to play.
We flew forty
And you led commanded.

One, two, three, four, five,
Place the rabbit jumping,
Walks everywhere wolf, wolf,
He teeth - click, click!
And we will hide in the bushes,
Hide, sainika, and you.
You, wolf, wait,
As will paracelse - go!

Rodion, come out,
And Watuta sit here!

From the field, from the sea, with distant mountains
The winds we are flying into the yard.
First wind willow bends,
And the second birch oppression.
Who winds will catch up -
The game has.

Villages there under costock,
The fir tree on the penechke, -
He dropped his feet on the sand,
I stuck my nose under the leaf.
Lightly backed ago
And then the whole hid.
And who will find it
Play our lead.

Siwa, willow,
Oak, maple,
The sludge-South,
He went out!

Sat the king on the bench,
Considered their bullocki:
One - two - three,
The Queen will be you!

Sitting at the bowls pussy
Another cat at the window,
And at the gate of the cat awaits them -
He game them lead.

Soup cooked Tobiki,
Helped The Beans.
Resorted cats,
Brought bowls.
Steel cat bowls to wash,
Come on - you led!

Soup cooked chicken,
Helped the ducks,
Ran cat
Brought bowls!
Steel cat bowls to wash,
Come on - you led!

Time to go home,
To feed children,
Calves drink,
Cows milk -
You led!

Came in the tractor!
Steel tillage harrow,
We run, you led!

Tili-BOM, tili-BOM,
Opens the album,
And in the album of your portrait,
You're driving, but we don't.

"Tilly - teli", -
Birds sang.
Rose, woods flew.
Steel bird nests to.
Who does not twist, that led.

Gay boy
The Bazaar went trooped
And bought three watermelon
Dark, light and lumpy.
Who spotted watermelon brought,
He leads by the nose.

The Ivan the Firebird
The air devoured whole wheat.
He was caught, caught
And the Princess gave.
No bird, no pen,
But you led now!

The front one went
No one found.
I'm tired of walking,
All! Now you led!

Duck, duck-angler
Tell me, what's the catch?
I caught five of bleaks.
- How much?
- Five cents.
Us to flee -
You seek.

Good pie
Good pie -
Inside the cottage cheese.
Who chews -
The game has.

There was a sheep on the steep mountains,
Tore out the grass, put on the bench.
Who the grass will take
The led will go!

Was the cat on the bench,
Distributed bullocki.
Was on the bench -
Handing out pennies:
Whom ten, who is five,
Come on, you look!

Went cuckoo by the network,
And for her small children,
The cuckoos are asked to drink,
Come on - you led!

Went Marinka along the path,
Lost there basket.
And in the basket of a loaf of bread,
Who ate - to squinting.

Went Marinka along the path,
Lost there basket,
And in the basket of bread, wheat,
Who will eat - to squinting.

Cheek to cheek,
Two circles,
Two hook.
The cheek-to-point
It turns out the person
As a hard-boiled egg.
Who will break,
The game and guide.

I play hide and seek with you,
I count to five.
Who I get,
Come on, let's drive.

I'm going to buy Dudu,
I'm on the street I will go,
Louder, flute, Doody,
We play, you're the driver!

Was akala,
Was Megalo,
Was vikalo,
Was cocalo,
Was kodukula,
You blinks fell.
Well, hands cover up,
Stand still, don't look!

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