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The mystery of water in nature and its conditions


I drink, I pour.
All I need,
Who am I?

We say: it flows;
We say: she plays;
She always runs forward,
But will not run.

I cloud, and mist,
And the stream and the ocean,
And fly, and run,
And glass can be!

In the seas and rivers inhabits,
But often flies across the sky.
And how bored her to fly,
Falls to the ground again.

Herself to drink do not drink,
And us forces.

Very good-natured,
I am soft, obedient,
But when I want to,
Even the stone will exude.


From the height of the great falling down,
He roars menacingly
And, the rolling stones,
The foam rises.


Width wide,
Deep deep
Day and night
On the coast beats.

From him no water to drink,
Because not delicious
Bitter and salty.
Water everywhere,
And with the drinking problem.
Who knows where this happens?


White wool floats somewhere,
Though catch, no catch -
Not to be hunted.

Wave, waves

Sea walking, walking,
The Bank reaches
Here will be gone.

In calm weather
No us nowhere,
As the wind blows -
Run on water.


Running down the stairs,
The stones ringing.
From afar the song
Know me.

A little tremble in the breeze
Tape the open,
The narrow tip is in the spring,
And wide in the sea.

Flowing, flowing - drained,
Running, running - will not run out.


Two brother through his mother
Each other look.
Two brother each other look,
And to converge can't.


Not water, not land -
The boat will not float away
And your feet will not pass.
No pass, no pass -
Will bypass.
And the water will not drink
With a bluish haze.

Not the sea, not the land,
And the ships cannot swim.

All around this place:
Here the land as if the dough;
Here sedge, tussock, mosses...
There is no support for the feet.


In the middle of the field is the mirror:
Glass blue,
The frame is green.
Young birches
Their in front of him
Correct hairstyle.
And the moon, and the stars -
Everything in it is reflected...
As this mirror is called?


He has no hands, no feet.
From the earth to break through the smog,
Have it in the summer, in the heat,
Ice gives to drink water.

Where the roots twine,
On a forest path,
A small saucer
Hidden in the grass.
Everyone who passes,
Fit - bends
And again on the road
Strength gain.


Under the sedges on sand
Dropped the belt.
And is not to raise,
And running - not to catch.

The mother-river run
And silence can't.
I'm a native son,
And was born in the spring.

Who runs on the mountain slopes,
Whimpering to himself,
And in the dense grass green
Hides the blue tail?


In the morning, the beads began to sparkle,
All grass was woven by a,
And went to look for them by day,
Searching, searching - you will not find.

The evening will be born,
Night live,
In the morning dies.

In the morning, fall is always
Not todinca, not star -
And sparkle in burdock,
On the edges and meadows.



He's always too busy,
He can't in vain to go.
He goes and paints white
All that he sees on the way.

He is fluffy, silver,
White, white,
Clean, clean,
Wool went down.

He flies a white flock
And sparkles on the fly.
He star melts cool
On the palm and in the mouth.

White as chalk,
From heaven came.
Winter lay,
The land ran away.

White blanket
The earth wore.
The sun warmed -
Blanket flowed.

White, Yes, no sugar,
Legs are off and going.

On all sets
Not afraid of anyone.

Blanket white
Not hand made
Not woven and has not cut,
From heaven to earth fell.

Winter warms,
Spring is decaying,
Summer dies
Autumn comes to life.

Lives - lies,
Die - run.

Lay, lay,
Yes the river ran.

White tablecloth
The whole earth was covered.

In the court of the mountain,
And in the hut by the water.

No bucket, no brush,
No hands,
And will obelit all around.


What do the stars end-to-end
On the coat and scarf,
All cross-cutting, cut-out,
And take water in your hand?

Circled asterisk
In the air a little bit,
The village and melted
On my palm.


I lived in the middle of the yard,
Play the kids.
But from the sun's rays
I turned into the stream.


I was not raised
-From the snow blinded.
Instead of the nose deftly
Put carrots,
Eye - embers,
Lips - knots.
Cool, great.
Who am I?


Snow will positite -
I grow up.
On the fire will warm you
I will be gone.


From heaven croup falls.

The yard planner:
With sky peas.

Ate six peas Nina,
She now sore throat.

Scattered peas
Seventy roads:
No one will pick up.


Without boards,
without axes,
Over the river bridge is ready.

The bridge - like blue glass:
Slick, fun, light.

In the hands Thani
Winter in the glass.

The fire does not burn,
Doesn't sink in water.

Winter glass
In the spring flowed.

Fish the winter to heat live:
Roof - thick glass.

The hole

Coat Nova,
And at the hem hole.

In a new wall,
In the round window,
During the day the glass is broken,
And per night is inserted.


What up root grows?

Under our roof
White nail hanging,
The sun will rise,
The nail will fall.

Climbed up on a ledge,
Nose hung down.
On the night of tears hides,
And the sun is crying.

It grows down by the head,
Not in the summer growing, and winter.
And the sun its pressed -
Will cry and she will die.

Hanging outside the window
A bag of ice
It is full of drops
And smells of spring.

I live under the roof,
It is scary to look down.
I could live and above,
If the roof was to be had.


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